Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday This & That

I put my Dept 56 Christmas Village on the baby grand piano this afternoon!  Hubby helped and was the electrician for the project.  There is Santa's Workshop, the Elves Bunkhouse, the Reindeer Barn, and a couple other buildings.  In the center is a skating pond and the skaters actually skate around!!  To complete the scene is Santa's sleigh and the reindeer - and the Christmas tree I decorated.  I need to practice playing my carols on the piano.  

We're trying to get the house ready for two Christmas luncheons to be held here next week. Fun fun!!
Above is the soaring tree at Multnomah Falls in the dining room.  We always have lunch there before we volunteer in the Visitor's Center.  We had the lunch special yesterday and OH MY... it was a grilled chicken breast on a toasted ciabata bun with pineapple salsa with Swiss cheese melted over it.  YUMMM!!  Now I want to try making that at home.
This is a better photo of Santa on the train trip last Sunday.  He's holding our youngest grandchild, Caleb, and our youngest son's wife Kristi is on the right.  Day after tomorrow we'll be taking the whole family to another Christmas party for the kids at our boating club and Santa will be arriving on a little red tug boat! :-)  

Tomorrow I'll be drawing a name for my Give-Away for my hand crocheted Scandinavian Heart ornament.  Be sure and leave a comment so you'll be eligible to win!!

Thanks for dropping in to visit and I hope you're having a wonderful holiday time!!

((hugs)) Teresa


  1. I love your village. I had a skater rink like that with a teddy bear skater long ago.

    I read that sandwich description to D and he wants to make one. We do live in salsa heaven here.

  2. That lunch sounds scrummy..let us know about the pineapple salsa..I'm assuming the cheese would be gruyere...its making me hungry!!

  3. I love your Christmas village!

  4. Your house is looking very cozy, I think I would love to visit and have a cup of tea. As for my Christmas catus I do water it, I think it just really loves the spot it is in. Have a wonderful weekend,
    XO Meredith

  5. Wow, one busy lady, your family are so lucky to have you in their lives.

  6. Love the village. We have one also. I'll have to post a picture for you. You look to be having a wonderful Christmas season!

  7. Did you have any wire on the ground? I love this idea, but I would have to have wire on the ground leading to the power source.


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