Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chatting and Crocheting the Day Away

What a nice Sunday we had.  Our son came to visit with his youngest son, then his wife arrived later with their older son.  We just hung out, watched some TV, visited and had a great day.  An old friend also came to visit with her 2 grandchildren so she got to meet Shawn's family and he got to meet her grandchildren.  We showed her a video we made of my Mother's life - for her memorial service, after she passed away last March.  We all talked of old times and it was very nice.  
One nice thing if you're a crafter is that it's natural to work on your projects while you visit, today I crocheted 2 layers using natural cotton with red stripes - then crocheted them together.  I was inspired by my blog friend, Clara at "Claras Crochet Room"  We were in need of some hot pads and now I have a new one!  Hubby used it to take dinner out of the oven.
Hubby made a double batch of homemade Macaroni and Cheese with Peas!  I should have taken a photo and showed you, but I will next time and put the recipe up for you.  (Thanks for those of you who expressed your concern for my husband when he was feeling poorly, he is better now.)

I haven't told you but I've been the editor for 2 cookbooks for the Daughters of the American Revolution.  The last one was titled "Family Favorites".  Just imagine all the best recipes from all the DAR ladies over the whole state of Oregon?  

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too, thanks for stopping by for a visit!

((hugs)) Teresa


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  2. (I removed the comment because of so many spelling errors, haven't had my coffee
    I love those kinds of days just visiting and relaxing with family, miss them dearly since we moved away from our family. Adorable hotpad, you have given me a new project to work on. Thanks! ♥

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend, relaxation and good memories. Hope you have a good week ahead!

  4. Teresa,
    You have such lovely family times, times your Grandchildren will remember and cherish. I love the pot holder. I am working on a hexagon bag, I am in love. I think I am obsessed with crochet, I haven't knit in a while but just ordered some yarn so hopfully I will get some knitting mojo back soon.
    Have a wonderful day,

  5. Something about this time of year screams for some homemade Mac and Cheese. I made some last week....yum! Love your hot pad. Also, glad Hubby is feeling better!

  6. Family times are so precious especially when the children are grown. I am glad you had such an lovely Sunday.I can almost taste the mac and cheese...mmmm!

  7. i love macaroni cheese!

    your dish cloth is pretty and i love hearing your descriptions of family life. i had a visit from my son and daughter-in-law and grandson today too.
    we lifted my little (22 month old) grandson up to see my daughters's pet hampster and he said 'cwooote!' which i thought was adorable. he calls me nanny rabbit because we have so many pets, though strangely not a bunny. maybe it's a crafty hint :3

    thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog xx

    i love visiting yours ♥

    wishing you a very lovely week xx


  8. Teresa, I really love how this turned out. Very nice indeed. So kind of you to mention me.

    Your work stands on it's own.


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