Thursday, January 13, 2011

Going GREEN in the Gorge!

Hello my friends, thanks for dropping by.  Ready for some GREEN? :-)  Oregon is infamous for it's rain.  It can go on for days, weeks and months.. but an old woman once told me "Bloom where you are planted" - so I try make the best of it.  I volunteered at the Visitor's Center at Multnomah Falls this afternoon with my younger sister.  The falls were all iced over just a few days ago after a weeklong freezing spell, but then yesterday it warmed up to 50 degrees and by the time I got there today almost all vestiges of the ice was gone, but you can still see bits of it.  (NOTE:  There was a large flock of Trumpeter Swans wintering in the pond by Rooster Rock on my way to the falls that I always wished I had time to stop and photograph. :-)
There was a LOT of water coming over the falls, it was ROARING like crazy!   
Above I zoomed in on the top of the falls 620 up.
Some of the green I was talking about... moss on the rock wall on the way up to the viewing plaza.
Above is the creek rumbling down to join the Columbia River.. see the green lichen on rock wall?  It's actually neon green.. it's so pretty.
See the bird on the wall?  I meant to focus on him but he's fuzzy, I thought it was a neat photo anyway.  He's a Varied Thrush.
Can you imagine the gurgle and swoosh of the creek rushing by?
I must say it's nice in the winter to volunteer when it's pretty quiet there, I get lots done on my crocheting. :-)  I decided to spread my Rainbow Granny Stripe blanket out and get a photo on the information desk in the Visitor's Center.  See the snowdrifts outside the door?

It's nice to warm up by the fire and my husband made Swedish Meatballs for dinner - over wide egg noodles and Lingonberry jam over the top with buttered green beans.  MMMmmm.

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you have a wonderful weekend planned.  

((hugs)) Teresa


  1. Teresa,
    You do live in absolutely beautiful surroundings. Also, your crochet is complimentary to the falls with it's rippling effect...very lovely indeed!

  2. I do love your photos of all that lovely green. It snows and rains quite a bit where I'm from in Rochester. I so miss all that lovely green.

    The damp makes me hurt so much though.

    I do love your granny stripe. So bright and cheerful.

  3. Teresa:
    I LOVE Multnomah Falls. I live in Spokane and our daughter lives in Portland so we drive by quite often. We always stop at the Falls and take a short hike while we're there. It's good to see someone close by online. Who knows, maybe it will be your volunteer day next time we pass through. BTW, I love your blanket!

  4. Clara, glad you like my blanket.. I've been working on it since early summer, it's taking forrrrrrrrrrever! :-)

    Denise, it works out you can enjoy my damp mossy greens and still live where it doesn't bother you! :-)

    Betsy, I volunteer there every 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 1:30 to 5 pm - so if you come by on one of those days, do come in and say hi! Nice to meet you!!

    Hugs, Teresa

  5. I can almost hear the roar of all that water Teresa, it is a beautiful place you volunteer at, great photos. I am sure it is good to see some green again now that the snow has thawed and your blanket is so cheerful too.I'm off to work now (7.45am here) Have a great weekend, Jane x

  6. I bet the falls looked gorgeous when they were iced over! The first winter we lived in Vancouver I thought I would go nuts from all the rain and gray skies, but when spring came everything was SO lush and beautiful, it made it worth having all the rain.

  7. Beautiful photos, makes me want to visit! Loving the granny stripe, so bright and cheery! ♥ Kelly

  8. Teresa,
    Thank you so much for my blogger award. I really appreciate it. I think where you live is so beautiful. The pictures of the Falls are so gorgous and the pictures of your home and surrounding area are beautiful. I love your blanket, it may take you a while to do it but it is wirth it. I love visiting your blog it is like meeting with a good friend.
    Have a great day,

  9. You live in such a beautiful and lush area! Your granny stripe looks like it's getting close to being done, or is that an optical illusion?

  10. Wow! What amazing pics - thank you for sharing - and you get to go there for free?! Lucky you. Your blanket looks beautiful and what a lovely place to sit and work on it.

  11. spectacular photos! both of the falls and the granny stripes xx

  12. Teresa, these photos are wonderful! A beautiful part of the country indeed!


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