Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flowers are Blooming at the Farm

Hi there!  Just a quick little post - I have been inspired by some of my favorite bloggers, Lucy at Attic24 and Elizabeth at By Elizabeth Cat to make these fun flowers.  They're from a Japanese book to be found at Pomadour24 and the book is here Motif Book Vol 4.
The top one was my first one, I love it, but you don't need to change colors for the second row.  I hadn't quite figured out how to read the chart and was doing it wrong, but it was still pretty, but I was adding an extra step.  I finally had that *AHA* moment today and figured out the correct way, which is the flower on the right.  You have to really study them close to see the difference.

I realize that this is pretty bright, but that's okay.. I'm going to keep going and make my very first shawl!!  You can also use the motif to make a scarf, table doily, even curtains!  One lady is making the most lovely pastel baby girl baby cot cover.  I'll keep showing the piece as it grows.  Fun!! :-)

Thanks for popping by to visit!!  Hugs, Teresa


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous! I've enjoyed seeing everyone' different projects with them. Love the colors!

  2. Beautiful, I love the colors! Can't wait to see a finished shawl.

  3. These are perfect. I think I might have to make a visit to my yarn shop and jump on the band wagon. Did you buy the pattern or download it?
    Have a wonderful day,

  4. Beautiful! I've been enjoying seeing all the new motif shawls on the Ravelry group. Yours is lovely Teresa. I've just picked up my granny square blanket today after almost 2 weeks. I had to stop to knit 2 sweaters for my grandbabies and crochet the spiderman blanket. Now I can work on MY blanket!

  5. I'd better get crackn' on these beauties. Aren't they just too cool. Gotta love both A24 and Lizzie Cat... By the way, my favorite lens is on my camera most days. Macro 100m.

  6. Thanks for the mention Teresa....it's another fab project Lucy has started off again
    There will be lots popping up over the next few weeks in both versions l'm sure
    Suz x

  7. Hi again and thanks l'm your follower too.
    Love colour...still learning after a life time of colour study lol
    Those flowers really are addictive! Working on a huge one with them layered one inside the other for a cushion!...fingers crossed
    Hugs Suz x

  8. Aha, more Japanese flowers! They are lovely aren't they.

    Just for clarification, the shawl I made my Mum is crocheted not knitted so you could easily make one. I'd like to be able to knit but am enjoying learning how to crochet at the moment, and as you say it's a lot less scary when things go wrong!

  9. Beautiful flowers. I love that they seem to be quite a bit motif so should make up into something quite quickly.

  10. Lovely flowers! Have you seen the book I bought some time ago? It has more of these incredible patterns!
    I wrote about it on my blog!

  11. Teresa that is really pretty. Good job, where did you get the pattern? I love your bright colors. Could you write it on my blog?
    Thanks Teresa,
    xoRobin ❤

  12. Hi Teresa...what a pleasure ot visit with you, your blog is a delight!!
    Beautiful flowers, it's going to be fabulous in those colorurs!!! I'm tempted to make another (thinner) one in finer yarn for the summer in bright colours, I've found some fabulous cotton/bamboo yarn that would be perfect.
    Right need to hop off now and get down to some hooky, lots of love to you

  13. Beautiful work Teresa, very clever the way the flowers are joined too. I look forward to seeing your flowers "grow".
    Jane x

  14. melbatoast.. I did another one today.. kinda neat that you can do one a day if that's all you have time for. Are you going to do some?

    Julie, thanks, it might take a while as I got the border yarn for my granny stripe blanket so I'm going to get started on finishing that one. :-)

    Meredith, I actually downloaded the pattern and now the lady who put the chart up on the net took it down after she heard of all the "copyright" discussions on Rav!

    Betsy, do your grand-babies live nearby? Hope so!

    Kate - what camera is it? I am now desiring a zoom lens. :-)

    Suz, can't wait to see the cushion design you're working on!

    Anne, oh I'm glad it's crochet.. now I might try it! LOL

    Rachael, yes they're pretty big flowers, mostly cover your hand!

    Saskia, yes I saw your blog today and you're gone wild and made lots of flowers.. gorgeous! I got the yarn I ordered from you! YAY!

    Robin, I downloaded a chart.. but you can order the book which I hope to do soon.. right now they're back-ordered!

    Lucy, thanks for visiting my blog.. I learned from the best.. :-)
    I've been ogling that bamboo yarn.. yummy!
    Love to you too!!

    Jane, I'll tell you that joining as you go is the best thing ever!

    I love all of you who take the time to comment!! ((HUGS))

  15. Thanks Teresa, They are really lovely. I have found some patterns. Happy Crocheting. Have a wonderful day. xoRobin❤

  16. These flowers are looking SO gorgeous!!! Love them!!!


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