Monday, February 28, 2011

Granny Stripe Blanket Border Sneak Peak

It snowed big fluffy beautiful snowflakes almost all day here - the temps were just barely above freezing so the roads were passable.  So, we headed off this afternoon for a lunch out at our favorite place and had "Cascade Club" sandwiches (crisp bacon, fresh roasted sliced turkey, ham, tomatoes & lettuce on a French roll) and a great garden salad with bleu cheese crumbles.  The sandwich is large so we bring half home so we don't have to cook dinner! :-)  Then we went grocery shopping - and brought home a pot of tulips and a hyacinth that is tightly budded and will bloom in a week or so.  We got a ribeye roast (for the first time) to try and lots of fresh veggies for salads and to put in the roast.  And.. just *HAD* to pick up some Cadbury Caramel Eggs.. :-)  The house will smell good tomorrow with a roast in the oven.
Below is the edging I'm putting on my Granny Stripe blanket - what I'm trying to get it to look like is a row of red tulips with green leaves below with blue sky above.  I have 2 sides done of the last row - am going to finish it up tonight and be done with it!  Tomorrow I'll take some photos of the whole thing.
I hope you had a nice weekend and have a good week ahead of you.  Sending love from Oregon, Teresa


  1. I do to :)) Oh I can smell the roast from here.. Can I come to your place for dinner LOL..
    Your blanket is looking great love the colours..
    We are having our first day of Autumn and there is snow on the mountain in Hobart.. What ever happened to summer??:)) Well there is always next year :))

  2. Beautiful pictues. Love the border. So fresh, new and fun. Great colors.

  3. The snow is so pretty. I love snow like that - pretty, but the roads are ok. Your blanket looks so great...and snugly warm! The knitting is slow, but going. I think I like crochet better because it is so much quicker - instant gratification

  4. I smiled at your reference to Cadbury Teresa, I did not realise the brand reached the USA? Some years ago in Florida my daughter was desperate for some Cadbury's chocolate and everyone looked at us very blankly!! Her fav eggs are Cadbury's creme eggs but I too love the caramel version! Your blanket is looking beautiful, well done you!
    Keep warm out there,
    Jane x

  5. I love the pictures of snow, even if you don't like being in it. The blanket is turning out so beautifully, the colors are amazing they just pop out of your pictures.
    Have a beautiful day Tereasa,
    XO, Meredith

  6. What time is dinner? lol, roast sounds soooo yummy! I love your blanket, what a great idea with the tulips on the border, you are such an artist! Enjoy your snow! I just went out to feed the poor birds who have slowly migrated back up here only to find 21" of snow on the ground. It is supposed to be warmer here this week so hopefully some will melt! I really want to see the grass again! ♥

  7. I love that snowy picture. Your granny stripe is looking marvelous too and what a lovely idea to make the edging look like tulips :)

  8. Just BEAUTIFUL!! The snowy scene has been familiar here too, but you captured a wonderful picture. Your progress on the granny stripe is really coming along nicely! Can't wait to see the finished blankie!

  9. Hello Dear Friend,

    I just can't believe that photo... those huge, white, billowy snowflakes! That's a beauty of a barn, I must say :) We've hardly had a winter here in the New Mexico mountains at all- just horrible cold snaps. As for that BLANKIE... well, I absolutely love it. The border is totally scrummy!!! (that's my new favorite word that I stole from across the pond ;) )Well, I'm sure you've posted all the details on ravelry, so I shall take a looksy over there, but that red and blue are the exact colors I searched everywhere for, for my Antique Rose granny... perhaps I shall frog it all and buy a new batch!?! LOL

    Anyway, my sweet friend, thank you so much for your lovely note. It absolutely made my day.

    Lots of Love,

  10. Snowing there again? Well it looks lovely there in Oregon, feel free to keep it! Our weather is starting to show definite signs of spring and I love it.

  11. Such stunning pictures in this and your last post!Wonderful wintry natural images and I love all your beautiful crochet, you are so clever. And the big red barn picture was wonderful! I have sometimes cross stitched red barns in my samplers - it's great to see a real one on your farm.
    Btw - Thank you for asking if I sell my bunnies -I usually design and make them for book or magazine projects rather than for sale individually - I'm working out new patterns at the moment. Thanks for visiting me. Glad I found your beautiful blog! Helen x

  12. Wonderful photo! Your blanket looks super. I wanted to let you know you won my giveaway Teresa so kindly email me your address and I can send it off to you:)

  13. Ladies, you are all so sweet! The roast was a bust, we're going back to good old pot roasts. The veggies were good though. I spent time today doing some volunteer work for a couple of non-profits and didn't get to my crochet. I just love that you've left such nice comments.

    Hugs from Teresa

  14. We had the same kind of snow here in Spokane yesterday-all day. Big fluffy white flakes that melted as soon as they hit the pavement. It was beautiful, easy driving but pretty.

    My daughter in Portland asked me to make a sweater for my grand-dog since it's been so cold in your part of Oregon. So I mailed her a knitted red sweater yesterday to keep her warm. Now it will probably warm up! I also made a new sweater for our dog this week. You can see a picture of it on my Ravelry projects page under betsyq.

    Talk to you soon and keep warm.

  15. The border on your blanket looks super. I think your snow looks great too!

    CK x

  16. Hi Teresa...thanks for popping by
    love the rainbow
    Colour....a life time study of colour and l'm still learning...but glad it looks as if l know what l'm doing lol
    Hugs Suz x

  17. Hi Teresa,

    I love your border! I can see that the colour match nicely!! That's always a gamble when you order extra. :)

  18. Love that picture of the snow and the barn. You could make calenders with your lovely pictures.

    Your granny stripe looks great with that border.

    Dammit has a carrot to pick with Cadbury. He says bunnies do not cluck like chickens and lay chocolate eggs.

  19. Hi Teresa, love the rainbow colours of your granny stripe. The scenery in your last post is absolutely stunning how lucky you are :-)

    I love the Twilight films and was interested to read that some of the filming was done around you.

    Joanna x

  20. I am still sewing in ends on my Granny Stripe, the baby I am making it for is now 6 weeks old and I am hoping to see her next week. Never again will I leave all the sewing in until the end. I love your Tulip edging, very pretty idea, grass, tulips and sky. Can't wait to start edging, once the pesky ends are all sewn in. I live only about 15 miles from the original Cadbury factory, in Bournville, England. I support the economy and environment by eating as much local produce as I can. :)


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