Saturday, February 19, 2011

In the Footsteps of Lewis & Clark

Hi there, thanks for dropping by!  Today I went to Rooster Rock State Park to do some volunteer work for the Friends of Vista House.  I took the photo below from the freeway.  Rooster Rock was noted in Lewis & Clarks journal, they camped there on November 2, 1805. 
Below is a shot of it from the North side from within the park, the harbor there has a small marina and a  waterway the winds from the Columbia River into it's small lagoon.
Below is a shot of the gorge from the park looking East, see the big rock? That's Beacon Rock upriver, it's awesome, right below Bonneville Dam.  See the snow in the mountains?  It's still cold here!
Here is the interpretive placard about their visit to the area, hope you can read it.  If not, you can click on the image for a bigger view of it.  Between 12 and 15 thousand years ago the Missoula Floods eroded away the softer outer material leaving visible the harder rock.
Another gorge shot looking East from the Corbett exit overpass.
I have been waiting for a sunny day to get a shot of the Snowdrops in the warm sun - opened up.  Aren't they sweet?
Later we're going to pick up Chinese food and take it over for dinner and visiting at our son's house with he and his wife and 2 toddler boys.  Should be fun!

Thanks for coming to visit.. hope you're having Spring visit at your house! ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. Beautiful photos you've shared today Teresa. Hope your weekend is wonderful.

  2. lovely scenery. The mountains in the background are breathtaking.

  3. I loved seeing your photos of such wonderful scenery, and the bright snowdrops in the sunshine are gorgeous. Have a lovely time!
    Helen x

  4. The area you live and volunteer in is absolutely gorgeous. I hope to visit this area one day!

    Ahhh spring is coming. I can feel it. Flowers, birds, bees, blue skies, and sunshing. Seems like a distant memory.

  5. Lovely pictures. You are so blessed to live in such a beautiful area. Thank you for sharing it with all of us, and thanks again for the chart. I am trying to be a good girl and hold off a couple more days...but it is so hard!

  6. Aahhhh...... Rooster Rock! I used to go there as a teenager and swim in the Columbia River! What memories! In the summer, you could walk almost all the way across the river to the Washington side (on the sandbars) but had to be careful not to step off into deep holes. Oh the stupidity of youth! Marilyn


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