Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Flowers :-)

When my sweet husband brought me my Valentine's Day bouquet, the roses were buds and the Stargazer Lilies were all tightly furled.  He took this photo for me today - the lilies are opening and emitting a lovely exotic fragrance - aren't they bee-YOU-tee-FULL!?  
I got 3 more flowers done on my wrap.  You know what flowers these make me think of?  Anenomes.  I might google that flower and see if I can get some inspiration when picking my colors.  Right now, the biggest challenge is making the new flower that won't use the same colors in the ones closest to it, and that makes my brain explode! :-)
I received the 3 colors/6 skeins of the border yarn for my rainbow Granny Stripe blanket.  I ordered it from one of the Ravelry ladies who's opened a web shop selling yarn from Europe.  Here name is Saskia, she's from the Netherlands and here is her link Crafty Valley.

SO... I need to stop playing with flowers and get to that.. and I will.. soon.. :-D

Thanks for visiting!!  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. I love Stargazer Lillies. They are so fragrant, always makes me smile.

    Your Japanese flower shawl looks lovely too.

  2. Hi Teresa, Thanks for visiting my nest! The furniture came from an antique store in New Hampshire. It is a sideboard from England. Love your shawl, it is really coming along!!! xoRobin❤

  3. Good morning Teresa, your flowers from your dear Hb are stunning and giving you some great inspiration with your shawl,it is growing nicely!
    Have a creating and peaceful weekend,
    Jane x

  4. Teresa all of your flowers are gorgeous! Love the colors for the real ones and crocheted ones. Have a wonderful week-end!!

  5. All of your flowers are so beautiful... you must be thinking of Spring with all the flowers surrounding you. Did you figure out the flower pattern by yourself from the pictures on blogs? I have been looking at crochet books and can't find a flower close enough, and I can't find the book as it has been back ordered everywhere.
    Have a great day,

  6. Your flowers are beautiful as much as your blog! I'm great to be here and enjoy your pretty posts! Have a lovely weekend! x

  7. Denise, yes our house is filled with the exotic scent of the Stargazer lilies. My favorite flower, I think.. well, I have lots of faves. How's D doing?

    Robin, it's a beautiful antique! Someday I'll take photos of mine and post them. Love old furniture.. wish they could talk!

    Hi Jane, I'm heading off soon to head up a jury to select craft and art items for a gallery in the gorge. I hope to get some photos of Rooster Rock where I'm going.

    melba, hope you have a good weekend! I googled "Anemone" images and came up with some flower ideas.. more later on that.

    Hookin.. thanks! So much fun!

    Meredith, I do believe you're right about the flowers and Spring. I downloaded a chart for the Japanese flower and got help from Rav on how to do it right. Glad you got the chart! :-)

    lovestitch, nice to meet you, I visited your blog and became a follower. :-)

  8. teresa!!! i think you've gotten me hooked on the flower-bug!!!! you're so right... anenomes!!! can't wait to see the ta-dah!!! XOXO ursula


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