Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Daughter's Birthday!

It was my daughter's birthday yesterday and I wanted it to be very special for her, as she is moving far away this summer and she won't be with us next year.  So, I got her a very special gift, a handmade sterling silver necklace with her daughter's names on it, and a pearl. Check out her designs -  Lisa Leonard  My sisters, her aunts, joined us for a celebratory luncheon at Red Lobster, and also my best friend from 7th grade, Shirley, who was staying with us for a few days and nights.  She's known Shirley like an aunt all her life.
We had a wonderful time, the best waitress ever, wonderful Coconut Shrimp and Key Lime Pie for her birthday dessert - and we sang happy birthday.  Afterwards, we went to Amy's house and let Amy go off shopping by herself for several hours.  She said it was the best birthday ever! :-)

I love my daughter and granddaughters so much.  I also am so glad I have two wonderful sisters and a great friend from my childhood.  I feel blessed.

Thanks for visiting!

((hugs)) Teresa

PS - I want to thank Lucy from Attic24 for the tutorial on how to do a mosaic of photos! :-)


  1. I am glad you all had a fantastic time and your daughter had a great day. Your Mosaic is great what a lovely keepsake. You are being very brave and philosophical about your families move. I am sure it will mean you have many more adventures to share with us.

  2. You gave your daughter a wonderful birthday Teresa, how sad it is she is moving far away but these days our family can be spread over many 1,000s of miles. At least the internet enables us to keep in contact. I wish you all very well.
    I was just about to ask re the lovely mosaic photo and then saw you too got some helpful advice! It's great.
    Take care, Jane x

  3. Beautiful mosaic photo, Teresa, well done! And that necklace is a true treasure ♥

  4. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day!

  5. Teresa,
    What a lovely day for all of you. I think you are a very special Mother, and I know that your daughter really appreciates all you do for her. How wonderful to spend the day with women you love so much.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  6. Teresa❤ so happy you had such fun and what a Special day you planned for your daughter. She is luck and you are a wonderful Mother and grandmother. I feel so sad for you that they are moving away. Thank goodness for the phone and internet! Enjoy the weekend, xoRobin❤

  7. Lovely to hear from you on my blog Theresa, and to discover yours. I'm so glad you all had such a happy day for your daughter's birthday - it looked and sounded wonderful! It must be very hard for you to have them moving so far away - I hope you find lots of nice ways to stay in touch though. Helen x

  8. Hi Teresa, I made your cranberry orange bread today for the church craft circle and it was a big hit. In fact I emailed your blog to a gal who wanted the recipe. Wow, you are one talented lady with your paintings, crochet, jewelery, etc, etc. I found you, of course, through Attic 24. I can waste more time reading about everyones' it is so much fun. Take care. marykay

  9. Lucy, actually I'm not being brave about my daughter's move. I'm very naughty and say things I shouldn't about them leaving. But the whole idea of my 2 precious granddaughters not being nearby is killing me. :-(

    Jane, I hope I will see them more than once every few years. wah.

    Nanita, thanks! I also love the necklace especially since it's handmade.

    melbatoast, it was a very fun lunch and day with my babies.

    Meredith, just hoping for some relaxing time this weekend, you have a great one too!

    Robin.. I'm sad they're moving.. I guess we'll try to remain close via technology. Not as good as a cuddle and a kiss though.

    Helen, I'm glad to meet you too! I'll be visiting your blog often.

    Hi Mary Kay, OHH.. that is so nice that you made the cranberry orange bread -- did it come out good? I forgot to add that ours was a little doughy in the middle, hope yours wasn't!

  10. What an enjoyable get together.


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