Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gourmet, Girls, Gorge, Cannon & Monkey!

What an eventful few days!  Yesterday my sister Denise hosted the "Girl's Lunch" at her home.  She prepared a dish she'd discovered on a visit to New Orleans, Louisiana - Shrimp & Cheesy Grits.  It was delicious, shrimp, bacon, green onions and she made roasted asparagus to go with it. YUM!
 My youngest granddaughter Paige.. they got peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. :-)
Jenna has a few missing teeth! Isn't that a cute smile!?
We had such a nice time, before we knew it we'd spent 5 hours visiting!  Off I headed home - hubby had been busy, he had a pork roast in the slow cooker all day and made BBQ pulled pork sandwiches.. and his OWN homemade rolls to serve it on!  Plus he'd made a jello salad with whipped cream, cottage cheese, and fresh fruit.  He's a keeper, isn't he? :-)

On Thursday evening he was reading Craigslist and showed me this cannon.. now I know this is odd, but he's been wanting a cannon for years and it was a very good price, so we called the seller and got the directions and off we went to look.  The seller had worked on the movie "Glory" in the UK and had won this in a drawing.  He also did Civil War reenacting.  Isn't it kind of neat?
Below is a sock monkey I'm making for Paige, her sister has one.  I need to make one more for my youngest grandson, Caleb.. his brother Hayden has one I'd made and his mom said that Caleb had "adopted" his brother's monkey so I'd better get another made soon.  I still have eyelashes to embroider, and a mouth and nose.. and a red felt heart sewed on so that Paige will know that her grandmother loves her.  When I showed it to her yesterday she hugged it and said.. "I want to sleep with it!".  Awwww
I've got a "Give-Away" going for one of my pairs of earrings... please read the post below and leave a comment if you want to be in the drawing.  My granddaughters will be here for a visit on Wednesday and I'll have them draw a name.  So, leave a comment before Wednesday of next week!
Today I volunteered for Vista House at a meeting at Rooster Rock State Park, on the way back to popped off the freeway at a turnout viewpoint and took this shot of Rooster Rock on the left and Vista House at Crown Point State Park up on the bluff 733 feet above the Columbia River.  The trees are getting the tiniest hint of green, in a few weeks I'll try to get a shot when everything is leafed out.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.  Love and hugs from Corbett, Oregon... Teresa


  1. Your hubby is sure a keeper... I'm always envy of your girls date!

  2. Teresa .. you lead a very interesting life and obviously live in a beautiful part of the world. That canon is so cute - what a find !! I think your sock monkey is gorgeous but I'm sure your grand-daughter doesn't need a sock monkey to know that her grandmother loves her !! I've tried leaving a comment on your blog before and for some reason it just won't go through so I hope I have better luck this time.

  3. What great pictures! I love the food. The shrimp dish looks delicious and the pork sandwiches...oh, my! I love, love, love pork sandwiches. Yes, I think your dear hubby is a keeper.

    Such a darling sock monkey. I crochet all of my grandbabies teddy bears with their initials on them when they're born. And, my grandson's name is Caleb too! We have so much in common.

    Today I went to the Log Cabin Spin-in in Post Falls, ID. You would have loved it! I've spun an entire bobbin of 1 ply so far and I'm remembering why I love to spin.


    Betsy in Spokane

  4. I can see a very kind face in that rock, it is very clear to me, looking skyward. (No I havn't been drinking!) I love your post it has a bit of everything. The food looks great, the sock monkey looks stuffed full of fun and love, the canon looks imposing! Did you buy it as an intruder deterrent? My six year old lost his first tooth this week and is very proud of his gap. Cute x :)

  5. What an interesting variety of subjects here Teresa...the food made me feel hungry especially the home baked rolls, what a fab Hb you have! I love sock monkeys they are very cute and your grandkids are very lucky to have such a talented Grandma. Happy spring!
    Jane x

  6. Wonder-, wonderful landscape.

  7. What a fabulous post - a bit of everything and that first dish of food...just yummy!

  8. A very interesting post Teresa, you do such a lot. Sadly although I have two sisters and a brother I don't really see much of them. The food looks yummy. My 5year old grandson Harry has his first two (at the front) wobbly teeth. At the moment I am knitting a rabbit for Phoebe my youngest granddaughter and a doll for her sister Ella who is three. I did make Ella a rabbit for her first Easter and had intended to do one for Phoebe last year but life got in the way. The monkey is fabulous and the area you live in is stunning. I have been away this weekend in Witney, Oxfordshire visiting a very dear friend, we met in school as 7year olds and have kept in touch. ( We will both be celebrating our 60th birthdays soon) Take care Anne x

  9. Fantastic Food! Good job I don`t live with you Teresa, I`m piling on the pounds just looking at those pics! Sock Monkeys are fab too - I`ve already commented about them on Ravelry (Celtic Creative, that`s me too!). You and The Hubble need to come to Edinburgh, there`s a most fantastic cannon for you to have a look at up at the Castle.

  10. Golly that prawn( they're way too big to be shrimp this side of the Atlantic) and bacon dish looks fab. Our local asparagus will be ready in a few weeks - delicious.

    Our rhododendrons and lilac are a way off too, but the aconites, grape hyacinths, periwinkle and narcissi are in bloom.

  11. Wow, what a beautiful area you live in. How uplifting!

  12. Fabulous post Teresa! Your hubby is definitely a keeper if he can cook like that, looks delicious! Your sock monkey is adorable! ♥

  13. You are the sweetest.... and by the way, you just made me sooooooooooo hungry. That pulled pork looks delish. I adore you sock monkey too, what a cutie.

  14. I really enjoyed your post, Teresa. I love the way you describe the delicious food you and your family have - it always makes me hungry! The sock monkey is very cute - I've never made one but am now thinking I just might. Have a wonderful week in your beautiful part of the world.
    Helen x

  15. Hi Teresa, Loving your sock monkey and clothes too! Your grandkids are so precious. It's the best to be a grandmother and You are one of the best. Your meal looked amazing and yes your husband is a keeper. You are both very lucky to have each other. Happy day and week to you all! xoRobin❤

  16. I do love visiting your delicious kitchen. I'm vegetarian, but would still enjoy the roasted asparagus, those gorgeous rolls, cottage cheese, fruits and peanut butter and jelly, yum yum :o)

    the sock monkey is too cute for words! your lovely grandchildren are lucky to have such a fun grandma.

    many thanks for your visits and kind words

    warmest hugs and love

    millie xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  17. The first plateful of food looks absolutely delicious - wish I could reach into the screen and help myself!

  18. Teresa, you really are blessed with such a lovely family, life and surroundings.


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