Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rainy Day in Oregon...

I must say, the weather matches my mood.  I've been sad ever since last week as we watched, late at night, the live coverage of the earthquake and tsunami happening in Japan.  The images of this tragedy have not been far from my mind since then and when I wake up at night I think of how warm and safe I am in my bed and how so many people in Japan are displaced from their homes, how it's cold there, how they have no electricity, and food and fresh water are scarce if not completely missing.  I'm so sorry and sad for those people who are suffering now and for those who lost their lives and for those who survived but lost their loved ones, their homes and all the treasures of their lives that we take for granted, photos, pets and everything.  ::sigh::  
And through this I have kept myself busy with life and family and crocheting too.  Above are 3 of my flowers that I'm making using Drops Alpaca.  Goodness this is soft and makes a sweet blossom - I intend to use them for a shawl/scarf/collar.. something.
And today it's pouring down rain and we just saw a flash of lightening and heard the loudest, longest blast of thunder I've ever heard here.  I am getting the feeling that Mother Nature is displeased.
Looking out our family room window towards the barn... wet.. rain.. dark.. 
The pellet stove is humming away keeping us warm and cheered.
Yesterday a package arrived, I won a "Give-Away" from the sweet, generous and lovely Clara from Clara's Crochet Room.  It's a WONDERFUL denim bag pieced together and it's lined with pretty fabric - don't you adore the way the jean's pockets make the pockets on the outside? She also tucked some fabric and buttons inside.  Thank you so much, Clara - you are a lovely person and I'm so glad we're friends.
Speaking of give-aways - as soon as I get 100 followers I am going to have a give-away too.  I will be giving the gift of a pair of my earrings - you can see them on my Etsy shop.

We'll be donating funds to the relief effort in Japan and I hope you are all able to help in some way too. Let's all just take some time today to look about, count our blessings, appreciate what we have and send good thoughts to our brothers and sisters over the sea.  

Thank you for visiting and I treasure you all.  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. ~Beautiful post, Teresa, my sentiments have been exactly the same as yours this week. It`s been pouring down here for the last three days - unfortunately, the view from my window is quite a bit different from yours!

  2. I love the view of the barn from your family room.
    We've been having more snow recently, I prefer it to rain (so long as I don't have to drive if it's lying deep)
    Won't be long till Spring...

  3. Here here Theresa, it is such a disaster and hard to believe how anyone out there must feel at the moment. My thoughts are also with the people of Japan.
    On a lighter note we have been having to opposite weather to you, lovely getting warmer almost spring days.
    Nearly 100 followers, wow that is a real achievement, well done. I really enjoy your blog and am pleased to have you as a blogger friend over there across the pond!
    Jane x

  4. Teresa, I think I am feeling the same. I almost can't watch it all, but then feel bad when I am not thinking about it. My nephew married a lovely young woman from Japan. All her friens and family are there. Her family is okay for now, but with radiation, who knows? So, sad. I think your house looks so cozy. I love a rainy day when I can stay inside and nest. I love your flowers, the colors are so beautiful. It is interesting to see how they are different than mine as I am using cotton. I bought my yarn for my next shawl, alpaca, so I am excitied to get that going soon.

    Have a lovely day, your post was lovey,

  5. Hi Teresa, various times a day I check updated news from Japan, and each time it seems to get more devastating... I pray radiation problems will be solved as soon as possible so that the healing process can start.
    Your flowers look so utterly scrummy and soft! Ooh, and I just figured out how to follow your blog, so officially you have now one more follower! :)
    Have a beautiful day

  6. Clara is so wonderful, I got a goodie package from her awhile back. Your rain actually looks very soothing and nice, I like a good rainy day if I don't have to go out in it. Looking forward to your giveaway!

  7. That was a really rainy day Teresa!!! I'm used to those back in Mex, but here is pretty much light rain...
    Lucky you! you're a giveaway winner ha! I'll send your pack today! it has been raining here and I haven't feel like going out just to go to the Post office... I'm sure you understand... but today is a shinny day and I'm on my way out!

  8. I feel exactly the same as you Teresa, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it, literally checking the news on my phone every hour and hoping that nothing more goes wrong at the nuclear plants - it's such a disaster :-( I've also made a donation of what I can but it never feels enough does it :-(

    On a brighter note your flowers look wonderful and I'm looking forward to seeing how your scarf goes :-)

  9. Your flowers look so soft and beautiful, it's going to be amazing as it grows.
    Goodness me at the weather though!!
    Lovely visiting with you Teresa ♥

  10. Hello Teresa I feel much the same as you re Japan and have felt so blessed today that I have my home and family and today could hug, cuddle and paly with my little granddaughter Phoebe, she is 16 months now and we look after her on Wednesdays. Your flowers are beautiful. In the magazine I have weekly thre i a pattern for a simple crochet square to make up into a spread for a bed. I had been thinking about doing something similar ( my crochet skills are far less advanced than my knitting skills) I might attempt it. I love the look of your home and that view of the barn is wonderful. Love reading about life in another part of the world. Blessings to you and yours Anne

  11. Helo Theresa,
    thankyou for visiting my blog..and leaving me a comment :))
    I love the little house in your pic is it your craft room?
    It all looks so peaceful :))
    The pellet fire looks so warm and comforting just right for crocheting LOL..
    Hope you can have a crafty day :))
    blessings Pat in tas :))

  12. Thank you Teresa for this post, so full of reminders and appreciation! Love your flowers and fire going. Such a nice setting despite the rainy weather. Wow, almost 100 followers, that's wonderful. I'm at 35 but looking follow to many more friends! I hope❤ Blessings to you, xoRobin❤

  13. So glad you liked your parcel, Teresa. I love your photos of your home inside and out, even if it is raining. Yes, the disaster in Japan is so horrific - I just hope the world can learn from this tragedy and that the people of Japan will be able to recover.

  14. What wonderful views you have from your house. Ok, not great weather I grant you but that barn! It looks so idyllic to me. Love the blanket too. x


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