Thursday, March 3, 2011


I don't know if your dining table is like ours, but it's right by the back door where we enter the house and it's a convenient place to put things as you come and go and before you know it, it's a big ol' mess. So, this afternoon after coming home from a meeting of the Portland Women's Forum meeting (where I was nominated for a 3rd year as president.. ) and was looking in there and going.. bleh.  Worse yet is we'd picked up a nice pot of red tulips and a little pot of a pink hyacinth and the flowers weren't being displayed to their full loveliness.  First, put all the stuff away off the table, give the table a nice cleaning, and then find just the right tablecloth in the stacks of them in my china cabinet on the bottom.  I almost picked one covered with sunflowers but settled on one where the border is a rooster and some hens.. along with some chicks.  I also "found" an Easter one.. but will use that later.
Here is a closeup of a red tulip.  I am hankering for an SLR camera that will give me better close-ups, but I'm probably not using my current camera to it's full ability.  I think that's the issue.  Where is that book that came with it? LOL  My current one is a PowerShot SX200 IS with a zoom lens 12xIS - 12x optical zoom.  I'm pretty sure it's "operator error".
I put the fragrant hyacinth in my lantern and sprinkled the rocks and sea glass and shells we picked up the last time we were at the beach.. actually the time before as the last time we found nothing on the beach.
I have a lifelong ****LOVE*** of agates and sea glass and shells... there is even a shell fossil there, see it in the back?
The agates on the other side... and a lovely piece of green sea glass.
Here's my whole "tablescape"... pardon the un-ironed tablecloth.  Do you all iron yours?  I once invited a lady and her whole family to our big 4th of July BBQ here at our farm and do you know what she said when she entered the dining room?  "Your tablecloth is wrinkled! Tacky tacky!"  I thought later that the only one being tacky was the one criticizing the host who'd invited her whole family to our party. :-)
I was looking for something to keep the pot of tulips from falling over and found this vintage sand pail - hubby had found it in the rafters of the garage of his parents house when the "kids" were going through the it and sharing the items before the whole lot was sold at an estate sale.  It goes along with the seaside theme I have going with the agates and sea glass.

I am almost done with the border on my "endless granny stripe blanket".  Things just keep getting in the way of finishing.. but I'm almost there!

I hope you all have a great weekend!  We're having our boys and their families over for Sunday dinner. What are your plans?

Again, I want to thank those of you who leave comments on my blog.. it is the frosting on the cake for me.  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. So pretty! I hope you are doing well and spending lots of time with your family 

  2. Oh, how I love SEA GLASS. I so need to walk a beach on a hunt about now. It's been such a long cold winter here in the middle-lands. And I would love to have a cute little bucket like yours too.

  3. Renee, thanks! Nice to meet you!

    Melissa, yep, trying to spend lots of time with them. Having our boys out for dinner on Sunday.

    Kate, I love it too, I ordered a pair of similar ones off eBay that were drilled and I made a pair of earrings I love!

  4. "Life is too short to stuff a mushroom." a Shirley Conran quote, she was supermom or something wasn't she? I am sure she would add life is too short for Ironing tablecloths! Have a lovely weekend :)

  5. I agree that was tacky, who irons tablecloths anyway? I think your tablescape is lovely! Enjoy your time with your family! ♥

  6. Teresa, I love your table scape. SOooooo many wonderful items on your table and in the room. Love the vintage pail, too. Ignore that comment, so tacky, she was probably jealous, so had to say something negative. That's my take on people like that. Have a fabulous weekend, xoRobin❤

  7. Teresa,
    I love your table, so beautiful and interesting. Sea glass is so beautiful, we don't get it here is Florida, I have only found it on the islands...which is where I would like to be about now.
    Have a beautiful day,

  8. Teresa I am sure all our tables are used this way. Ours has to be kept fairly clear as we eat at it every day! I cannot believe the comment your guest Mum always told us if your can't say something kind don't say anything at all...I think that's a good one. I love that vintage tin bucket, my brother and I had those years ago....I think a retro company has reproduced them over here so you can still even get them now but the real thing is fab!
    Have a great weekend,
    Jane x

  9. Teresa, your vintage sandpail is great! I love those little wierd things like that!

  10. Lucy, I'm glad to hear no one else iron's their tablecloths! :-)

    Kelly, I'm going to have the boys and their families for dinner on Sunday - homemade mac and cheese and grilled ham steaks! :-)

    Robin, thanks and you have a great weekend too!

    Meredith, so odd that you don't have sea glass there, I wonder why? They have it on the New England beaches. hmmmm

    Hi Jane, that is neat that you eat at the table. When our kids were young so did we, but now we're retired and we eat in our recliners watching tv! Naughty us!

    Hi Saskia, nothing better than the real thing as the pail. Some of them are tremendous prices on eBay!

  11. Love the tablescape Teresa. The wrinkles just make it look like sand! LOL I just plain cannot believe the comments some people feel inclined to make. And you were feeding her family! Unbelievable.

    We have a dinner at church tomorrow night but I'm planning on spending some time at my spinning wheel tomorrow. I'm still trying to "relearn" my wheel.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  12. Hi Betsy, thanks! Yep, the tablecloth is kind of sandy colored.. :-)

    I still need to get my spinning wheel down from upstairs and re-string it. The grandkids have played with it and it's quite scary looking. Glad you're spinning!! Hope you have a great weekend too!

  13. Love your flowers and the way you're displaying them.

    My dining room table looks like the apocalypse hit.

    I would iron the tablecloth if I put one on. The wrinkles would just bug me. (just me) I would NOT criticize my hostess for not ironing. She was the one that was tacky.

  14. So nice Teresa. Who wants to iron tablecloths? But, don't we all have those linen ones that get all wrinkly? You know what to do there.....roll them up and pack them away!


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