Sunday, April 17, 2011

Afternoon with the Girls

Hello my friends! Thanks for stopping by!  For those of you who've been reading my blog for a while you may recognize the flower below and it's significance to me.  For newer readers - the flower is from a Christmas Cactus plant that my mom had and when her Alzheimers got to its worst she stopped caring for her plants and this is the only one we moved with her into the "Memory Care Unit" where she remained until she passed on - just a year ago.  The poor little cactus was dried up to nearly a crisp when I brought it home.  I watered it and put it in my garden window in the kitchen and it's been rewarding me for it's rescue on a regular basis.  When I see these blooms I envision my mother saying hello to me from the next place.. wherever it may be.  :-)
Yesterday afternoon we drove over to visit my daughter and her family.  Amy dressed them in cute little dresses and I took a photo of them each holding 1/2 dozen of our eggs we brought for them.  Sweet, huh?

After visiting for a while we whisked the little granddaughters off to a dinner at Claim Jumper restaurant.  Sweet cheeks below.
Our first grandchild below.. so special to us.  She hasn't been eating much lately so we were so surprised when she gobbled her dinner down and we had to give her more!
Not sure why this face but I think it's adorable.. LOL
After dinner we got them both ice cream sundaes.. do you see the baby has 2 spoons and is eating with both?  I guess she likes ice cream!! :-)
After dinner I asked the girls if they wanted some Easter chocolate and to look at some toys and you should have heard the happy ruckus in the back seat - and off we headed to Target for shopping.  We got them some Lindt gold foil covered bunnies, pink felt bunny baskets and each got to pick out a toy.  Baby got Strawberry Shortcake doll and her sister got something else the name of which escapes me.  Smiles all around!

Below the girls are ready for bed - I brought the monkey skirt project I was working on for the oldest's monkey - I made the baby a monkey recently and added a skirt, so I thought I better make a skirt for the other monkey.  It turned out cute.  The girls are sleepy by now!
Below is a photo I took before we headed to see the girls.  I led an art/craft jury for selecting items for the Vista House Gallery - the jury is held at Rooster Rock State Park and Vista House is the historic building you see on the top of this rock outcropping 733 feet above the Columbia River.  I thought this photo would show how impressive this rock is -- and the new green of the leaves in Spring.

Today we're expecting my brother and his wife to visit - they've been driving all over through several states visiting their kids, grandkids, old friends and now they'll visit us and spend the night - and early next morning brother is taking his wife to the airport to fly to visit her sister in Texas and help them move to the East Coast.  Some tidying and baking will be happening here today! :-)

I hope you are having/had a great weekend and have nice plans for the week ahead.  We are expecting some long awaited nice weather, I do hope you are being blessed with the same.  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. Gorgeous photographs, the oldest looks like such a young lady in these pictures and the littlie looks like she is cute and knows it. :) Sock Monkey skirts look fabulous, I think they deserve a wardrobe full. The Easter shopping trip sounds like what little girls dreams are made of. xxx

  2. Sweet girl, beautiful! Often I look at your blog, really like him! This is interesting!
    I greet you and your family:)))

  3. Your granddaughters are so gorgeous Teresa. You also take such beautiful photographs. We spent some time with our granddaughters today and it is such a wonderful time isn't it? Anne x

  4. Oh, the girls are beautiful. Sounds like such a wonderful day!

  5. That's a beautiful bloom and a really sweet reminder of your mom for you. Those girls are adorable too!

  6. Teresa, I know every moment with the girls is so important now. Glad you had fun, they are beautiful and look like they had a wonderful time. Have a fun visit with your family, and enjoy your cactus,

  7. Hi Teresa ... What a beautiful flower to remind you of your Mum. Thanks for sharing the pics of your cute little grandchildren ... they're so cute and obviously very much loved. Hugs, Dorothy xox

  8. thank you for many smiles and love there. Looks like you might have worn them out.

  9. Gorgeous..lucky you
    Have fun with the cushion
    Hugs Suz x..good to be back lol

  10. "Lindt gold foil covered bunnies", they definitely are THE BEST.

    Wonderful reminder of your mother!

  11. Such a lovely post! Your girls are so lovely and their smile really touches my heart! x

  12. They are very sweet girls Teresa, you obviously had some quality time with them. Enjoy your well overdue sunshine, our weather in the UK is still very dry and although not quite as hot,it is still very pleasant and looks like we will hold onto it for Easter.
    Take care,
    Jane x

  13. Your granddaughters are so cute. I miss mine to death.

    Sounds like a wonderful day, for all of you.

  14. Your granddaughters are adorable. I'm glad you are getting to spend so much time with them!

  15. Your girls are super cute! I lije their happiness... I think your Mom's flower is amazingly beautiful!!!

  16. I love the photo of your grandaughter attacking her ice cream with two spoons.

    Lindt Easter bunnies are my favourite, mmm!


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