Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Yarn, Toys & Wild Violets

Hi there and thanks for stopping by to visit!!  I got a few fun things in the mail over the last few days.  First off is a gorgeous skein of beautifully and artfully hand-dyed yarn by Cath, a blog friend of mine.  While reading her blog recently I saw that she'd opened an online shop for her yarns and so I popped right over and found a lovely skein of yarn and bought it!  It's below and isn't it yummy!!  She names them different things.. this one is called "Outback Sunset".  Now to decide what to make with it! :-)
Now, below is my new toy. LOL  I was reading one of my favorite blogs by Lucy and saw her post called "Childish Things".  I absolutely related to what she was telling us about how it feels to bid for something on eBay and how much fun it is to get new toys... so of course off I went to look at Playmobil toys on Amazon.. and of course I found a Barn, a Chicken House and Girl with Goats and.. I had to buy them for my grandchildren to play with when they visit Grandma & Grandpa's farm.  :-D  I got the chicken house and girl with goats but the barn has not arrived.  I am sure I'll share it with the kids.. I will!
Below is a Star Magnolia that is starting to bloom in the yard.  This flower comes out when there is not even a hint of a leaf on the tree.  See all the buds?
And I'm so pleased as the wild violets are starting to bloom.  I need to pick a bouquet of them but they are SO tiny and VERY hard to pick a whole bouquet.. oh honey!!!  We have literally thousands of these in the yard and pastures.  This is the purple, and then there is a lavender and then the white ones.  The aroma from these little darlings are beyond belief.  
Below are the white ones.. sweet aren't they?
The ones below are the lavender ones.
Lastly I just had to show you what I had for our Anniversary dinner at a wonderful little place called Bumpers Grill & Bar.  A nice sized filet mignon with Bordelaise sauce was served piled with thin and crispy onion rings, fresh sauteed veggies and a "loaded" baked potato.  Hubby had Halibut Fish & Chips.  We went for a early dinner/late lunch as our son asked us to babysit his two little boys that evening.  It was DELISH!!
Thank you all who left such sweet comments wishing us a happy anniversary!  After reading my story one thing I wanted to clarify is that our "marriage vacation" happened when I was near to turning 50 and had a midlife crisis and felt that there was a whole world I wanted to see - so I lived on our sailboat Stargazer in the San Juan islands for a long summer then bought a houseboat on the Columbia River where I lived out a dream of living on a floating home.  The neat thing is hubby and I "dated" the whole time and were never mean to each other and so it was natural that we remarry - and I will tell you that I appreciate him more now that I ever did before.  :-)

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!  Two Baby Boys Birthday tomorrow!!

((hugs)) Teresa


  1. You and hubby are a true love story. Happy anniversary to you. Those wild violets are lovely and would be great for pressing and using in crafts. Do you ever do that? Enjoy your new yarn. I am crafting the days away since Spring Break is here. I love piddling the days away at home. :) Happy day to you! Tammy

  2. Another beautiful post, I was going to photograph the violets on my lawn over the next couple of days and I ordered my Playmobil Chicken coup four days ago, well my youngest sons chicken coup! It hasn't arrived yet! I hope he will be clucking away happily soon. Great minds think alike! :)

  3. Wonderful pics as always. Your Bridal pic brought a lump to my throat for that is how I would have liked to look on my wedding day - straight out of `Hair` or `Jesus Christ Superstar`!You looked beautiful then and are a beautiful person now. But Teresa, you MUST elaborate on your `time-out` - it sounds so interesting and you made it sound so matter-of-fact which I`m sure it wasn`t! So glad you remained friends through it all and that you had a very Happy Ending. x

  4. Teresa, Thanks sfor sharing even more of your story. I am nearing 50 and hope I can make it through okay. Love the pictures of the flowers, they are so beautiful as are you.
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  5. Beautiful violets Teresa. Is their scent strong or do you have to get down on the ground to smell them?

    My magenta flower is a flowering currant.

  6. So pleased the yarn arrived safely Teresa.

    Lovely to hear about your life!

  7. Lovely yarn..can't wait to see you put it to good use :) Wonderful pictures...if only we could smell them as well!

  8. Hi Teresa, Congratulations on your recent anniversary - lovely pic of you and your hubbie in your youth - I love photos like that! I think your home is lovely and what a beautiful part of the world you live in. I look forward to popping in regularly to visit!
    Best wishes from the Uk - Ruth (Sparrows Yard)

  9. Oh my goodness!! LOVE that yarn! It is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!! That steak doesn't look to shabby either:) So glad you had a nice anniversary. Hope your week goes well!

  10. More of your lovely love story! Thank you Teresa, you both are very fortunate to have such a story. I love your toys too!. I have a few for my grandkids too. Love the accessories. Have a nice week. xoRobin❤

  11. Belated Anniversary Greetings Teresa - your story is charming.This weekend I have been celebrating my 60th birthday (April 1st) We went away with some of family from Fri until today and I was so spoiled. Your photos are wonderful wish I could take such beautiful pictures. We too have star magnolias in the garden they are beautiful too. Anne

  12. Beautiful yarn. I'm jealous. And I L.O.V.E. your Playmobile chicken coop. I've been trying to convince my dear husband that I'm in need of a few chickens in my backyard. I've learned that you can have up to 3 chickens inside city limits. He isn't convinced as yet. :-)


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