Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nice Day on the Farm

Oh my gosh.. no rain today! In fact, we had some sun and warmth! I cleaned off the patio table and hubby and the dog cleaned the filter on the waterfall and pond - I almost got the camera to get a shot of both of their hiney's in the air but thought better of it. :-D  He fixed up a little extra pen for the hens to come out and eat some fresh grass and do some scratching.  Meet the girls...
The dark red is a Rhode Island Red is named Bella, the one with the ruff on her face is an Ameracauna named Betsy Ross and the golden one is a Buff Orpington named Rose Gold.
Below are my Bleeding Hearts and they're just coming out, they'll be arching out and prettier soon - but the flowers are coming out already!
See the shoots below, that is my big Hosta coming up!  Big green leaves on that and then flowers later.
I love Bamboo and have 5 varieties here on the farm.  This is the only one that I'm not sure of the name.  One day I'll give you a tour of all 5 varieties.  The one below is very graceful and thick.  All of mine are called "clumping" bamboo and don't get out of hand.  My favorite is my Black bamboo.
Our eggs today - they are so yummy with dark yellow-orange yolks.  The minty green one is from the Ameracauna - the Buff gives a pinky brown and the darker brown is from the Red.

I have 3 varieties of Lilac that are nearing bloom - classic lavender, dark purple and white.  Can't wait to be able to have big fragrant bouquets in the house!  We also have several large Rhododendrons that will bloom soon.  Isn't Spring the best!?

I hope you're having a nice week - and thanks so much for stopping by!  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. Your girls are lovely! My family have a smallholding, and even though I love the pigs and the rabbits and the cats, the hens are definitely my favourites. :)

    Much love,

  2. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy a lovely day! Your place is beautiful, a little piece of heaven:) The girls are adorable..so nice to meet them :)

  3. Your girls look lovely, I can't wait for mine to grow up and lay their first egg. I am thinking of popping them in their coop to play for a while for the first time today. x

  4. I loved seeing your hens today! And all the flowers coming out too, such a lovely spring-y time both where you are and where we are! I can't wait for lilac time either! Hope you have a happy day!
    Helen x

  5. Hi Teresa... great to see your chickies... wish we would get on the stick and get some already. I've been purposely avoiding our local feed store, where my friend Marion always has buckets of chicks and little baby ducks around this time of year. John said not long ago, that I could have as many as I could take care of, which right now, is none. Still having trouble with the fingers- the PT says it's going to be a slower recovery as I waited a long time to do the surgery. Anyway, thanks for your sweet post on my blog. I've now started another Lucy ripple and have started up a fall-colored Royal Sisters chevron. Yikes! Oh, and have three days to finish a stuffed crocheted bunny for niece Abigail. No wonder my fingers aren't healing!!!! Hugs and much love XOXO Ursula

  6. Your "girls" are beautiful. I have a confession...hanging head low...I am so jealous of your farm. It is gorgeous there and I think I was meant to be a farm girl....maybe I'll get to retire and become one :)

  7. The "girls" are lovely. Thanks for the tour of your garden, it looks so lush and beautiful. Hope the sun is still shining and you are having a lovely day,

  8. I want some chickens too! Yours are so pretty and healthy looking. And the fresh eggs...yum.

    I always know spring has sprung around here when I clean off our back porch. Looks like you will have all kinds of pretty surroundings when all your plants and flowers come in fully. Isn't spring grand? I'm glad you're finally getting a taste of it.

  9. Love your eggs!!! we had ducks when I was little and it was super exciting when they laid eggs... I like your bamboos too!

  10. I love that you have such a wonderful place. It is awesome..thanks for sharing..

  11. How kind your "girls" are to provide you with fresh eggs. Great to see all the flowers blooming too,
    Jane x

  12. Teresa, Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, re finding out the countries...If you scroll to the bottom of my blog page I downloaded and inserted a free 'Flag counter' they are fascinating...click on it and it should link you to the site to enable you to download it for your blog. :)


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