Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oregon Grape, Mystery Flower & Corn Dishes

Hello there, thanks for stopping by!  We have had 2 nice days.. so I went out to see how our garden was coming along.  Our State Flower is "Oregon Grape" - here it is below in bloom.  The leaves are so much like a Holly - but these stay in shrub size and in Spring have these bright yellow flower clusters.
A close up of the flower clusters.
Then I noticed the arrival of these adorable tiny flowers but I have no idea what they are.  Anyone?  They're about the size of a little finger nail.  So pretty and they're all throughout the grass.  I'm sure that people who pride themselves on their manicured lawns would be horrified at these blooming in the grass, but I just love them.

 Below is our lemon mint (or is it Lemon Verbena?) coming up along with the yellow irises here.
I think you're noticing a theme -- our garden is wild as a March hare!! :-)
Above is our rickety old arbor that needs replaced framing my stand of black bamboo.
The red azalea will burst open soon!
The Trilliums are turning lavender and get quite purple before they're done flowering.
My beloved white lilac that I planted right beside the white azalea, this will be it's best year for flowering as I've only had it in the ground for 4 years or so.  I also have lavender lilacs and dark purple.
I took these photos the other day when the late afternoon light was illuminating the living room.  On the right is my antique oak secretary and on the left is Dayle's mother's beloved china cabinet that her husband surprised her with on an anniversary - it was an antique even then.  I've filled it with my collection of Shawnee King Corn pottery collection.  Have you ever seen this design?  
I have most of the collection, but not the cookie jar or tea cups.  The calico teapot was my grandmother's.  See the little individual casseroles below?  Those are rare.  And the corn "rollers" where you put your ear of corn and roll it in butter?  I have 3 sets of the nesting mixing bowls.  I know, a bit obsessed I am. :-) 

Want to hear the story of why I have so many pieces of corn ware?  Well... my mom had one piece, the large casserole, and she'd tell each of her 3 daughters, hmmm which of you should I give this to?  But she never gave it to any of us!  So, I was visiting her sister in Oklahoma and told my aunt of mom and her teasing us with the one dish - so my Aunt Susie said - we'll fix that! And off she took me to an antique store and right there was a corn casserole.  So, I bought it and brought it home - and that started my obsession and my collection has grown to where it is today. :-)

Above is our mantel... we are sailors and so I've collected some seafaring things such as the old brass ship's lanterns - they really light!  And the print is by "Captain Lars" a nautical artist.  I've enjoyed seeing other blogger's mantels so thought I'd share ours with you.

I hope you've enjoyed visiting the farm today.. can't wait until the lilacs bloom!!  And thanks again for the lovely comments, they just make my day.  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. The tiny blue flowers are called Ehrenpreis in German. We call them Chatzänäugli (cat's eyes) in Switzerland. So I looked up in the dictionaray. The batanical name is Veronica. Does this sound familiar?

    Anyway, they are so lovely and look so fragile, but the grow EVERYWHERE. :-)

  2. Hi Teresa, we see a lot of the King Corn pottery in Ohio (I think it may have been made here or close by anyway), you have a beautiful collection of it. It seems to go up in price every year. I love antiques and your secretary is marvelous! I've been wanting to get one of the 40's mahogany secretaries for a while now and I've been keeping my eyes open. Have a great day. :-)

  3. Teresa, I feel like I was on a lovely garden tour. It is all so beautiful. I love your kind of gardens, because I love wild things popping up and especially if they flower!!! Love your dishes and the story! Have a flowery day and thanks for visiting me too. xoRobin❤

  4. Love all your flowers! I'm afraid I have a black thumb. Plants and flowers quiver when I pass by, but I do love them. I think you are teasing me by showing me that beautiful red barn. I hear it calling my name....

  5. Teresa, I love the tour of your garden and your home. I feel like if I ever came to visit I would be so comfortable, almost like I had been to see you several times. I love your dishes, great story.
    Have a lovely day,

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  7. Hi Teresa. The yellow shrub is Mahonia this side of the pond and the flower Speedwell. Have a great day hope the weather keeps up!

    Hugs CK x

  8. Teresa:

    Thank you for the lovely tour of your home. The antique secretary is especially nice. We're heading to Portland Friday afternoon to spend Easter with our daughter. One of these days I'm going to head that way on a Thursday! I know, I keep saying that and never do. I can't wait to meet you in person sometime.


  9. Hello Teresa! I loved the pictures of your farm, and all the things you have collected. I love all your nautical things - my husband sails during the summer and he would love all those things too! The flower pictures are beautiful, and how lovely to have several diferent shades of lilac bushes waiting to flower - what a pretty sight they'll be. Have a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  10. I am just a teeny bit envious of all the Shawnee King Corn items!
    I have recently acquired a few pieces and, was so excited to get them. They go perfectly with my vintage 1940's dinette set. They sit on the end cap that came with the table and chairs. You know, that shelf that sat at the end of the counter for extra storage.
    A friend of my step mother saw my kitchen and decided that I needed her salt and pepper shakers and the sugar bowl and creamer.
    I was telling my mom about them today and, she says she has a gravy boat in that pattern. Well, we were digging around in her cabinet and at the very back, in a corner there were the sets my step mother's friend gave me AND, not a gravy boat but the large casserole!
    I was so excited! I love my mom. She thinks that if she has something that belonged to her mother or grandmother and, one us wants it, we should take it now, not wait until she is gone. I brought that casserole home with me and added it to the small collection I have started.
    In a way, I think they are kind of cheesy but, you know, I love them. And, I love that my kitchen dining area is turning into a late 40's early 50's room.

    Thanks for sharing your collection!


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