Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A 100 Year Old Oregon Farm Garden

Oh happy Spring!  Thanks for stepping into my garden for a visit.  Let's sit on the deck next to the waterfall and pond and enjoy the birdsong and the sound of falling water, shall we?  Would you like a cup of tea? How about a warm cookie fresh from the oven? :-)   First I must tell you that I took almost all of these photos with my iPhone - using the fabuloso "Hipstamatic" App - and a new version just came out, the 210 and it came with a new lens - the Watts Lens and the "Big Up" film. You'll notice the borders are artistic, taped, emulsion-y, FUN.  VERY artsy and I **LOVE* it!  I hope you do too.  
Above is my regular, garden variety, lavender Lilac.  Below is my dark purple French Lilac.
Below - our Apple tree has blossomed!!
Now come on.. this close up below was taken with my iPhone.. OMG.. I love this!
Each photo comes with a different border, the one below is so fun, it's like looking through a strip of negatives!  This is a further view of the Apple tree and blossoms.
Below is my beloved White Lilac... finally it's given me several blossoms, I planted this like 3 years ago, and I bought it from this amazing lilac test garden up in Washington called "Hulda Klager's Lilac Garden".
And below... I planted a white Bleeding Heart many years ago in our front entry and every year beyond all odds it pushes it's way up through everything else that is vying for the ground-space and blooms.  Poor little thing!  But so pretty!!
Below is one of the first Lily-of-the-Valley to open up in bloom in my huge patch of them.  More of them later.  HEAVENLY fragrance!!
Sorry - another shot of my Bleeding Heart.. hope you aren't sick of seeing it.  :-)
Below is an artsy shot of my red Maple, the pond and waterfalls, my Art Noveau lady garden statuary - and of course, one of my Gnomes.  You'll see them peeking out here and there.
Below I had to show you.. as I was driving along the Historic Columbia River Highway the other day, this was coming towards me, so I *had* to pull over and get a shot of it. :-)
Dayle took this pretty photo of the apple blossoms against the sky.
Need a warm up on your tea?  Another cookie?   Ahhhh.. such a nice day.

Thanks for visiting and especially thank you for the lovely comments on my last posts.  I just love hearing from you all!  Have a lovely week, ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. Hi Teresa, I've just made a cup of tea and sat down with the computer and here you are asking if I would like a cookie with it, oooooh yes please! What a beautiful garden you have and what fab photos taken with your iphone.
    Have a great week. Joanna xx

  2. What stunning photos of your beautiful garden - very impressive results with your iphone - and love the artsy borders too! The lilacs are so beautiful, I can't wait to see some here. I loved all your pictures, and the cosy cuppa and cookie went down a treat!
    Helen x

  3. Love, love love the Lilac!!!

  4. Gorgeous pics! The lilacs were my favs. xoxo

  5. Absolutely beautiful images, that's some iphone you have there, and a really lovely garden, I'm not sure which would be the nicest.........the aroma of baking cookies or the scent of all that lilac.

    lily x

  6. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I want the tea and the cookies and a chair next to your waterfall. It's all so perfectly GORGEOUS!!! What a happy place. Thanks for the invite :)

  7. Such beautiful photographs, how I would like to sit in your garden it is beautiful. Isn't modern technology amazing. Anne x

  8. Hi Teresa: I've just spent a nice half hour catching up on your blog and trying to place myself into your photos so I could "smell" all of the flowers! I've been in Nebraska since April 28th visiting my dear mother-in-law who has no internet access. I've missed all of my blogging friends tremendously. We had snow on Mt. Spokane yesterday! I'm still afraid to plant my garden or flowers because of low temperatures so I'm really enjoying seeing of yours.

    Blessings to you!

  9. Hi Teresa. I do visit your blog, often! Lovely photos and you live in a wonderful area. Also, do you know that you are a no-reply blogger? I usually reply by email to all my comments, but I can't to you! Theres a great tutorial here for how to check and change your settings: http://www.pleasant-home.com/2010/12/so-exciting-less-no-reply-bloggers.html

  10. Your new phone takes wonderful photos Teresa, I love them. Your garden is so pretty and HUGE! It's bed time here so no time for a cup of tea but I will another time.
    Jane x

  11. Teresa, your garden is amazing...but I have to say Lilacs are my very favorite flower, I love them sooooooo much, and miss them sooooo much as we can't grow them in Florida. Thanks for sharing, I can almost smell them.

  12. Wish you a wonderful day in your garden!

  13. Joanna, I'm so glad you brought your own tea for your visit, I just wish I could really give you a cookie! :-)

    Helen, do you have lilacs in your garden? Which varieties? I love your garden.

    Shanti, have you seen lilacs near you?

    Hookin' it.. glad you enjoyed the pictures!

    Lily, I have the iPhone 3GS - not even the newer iPhone 4G, which has a higher resolution. The 5 is supposed to come out in Sept. Can't wait!

    Melissa - if you're ever in Oregon, we'll crochet by the pond. :-)

    Anne, you bet that modern technology is wonderful. I enjoy the gardens around the world, and my blog friends around the world can "sit" and enjoy mine too. :-)

    Betsy, wow, that was a long vacation from the internet! Welcome back!

    Laura - I followed the instructions for changing my settings, can you experiment and let me know if it works?

    Jane, actually the iPhone I have is almost 2 years old, I can't wait until the iPhone 5 comes out! :-)

    Meredith, did you have lilacs before you moved to Florida?

    Regula.. thank you!!

  14. Teresa! These pictures are incredible!!!

  15. Those pictures are just breath taking. Wow. Your flowers are so beautiful. What a wonderful place you have. :)

    psst...I'll take the cookie now please. :)

  16. Teresa, Your garden is gorgeous!

  17. Teresa, your garden is so very beautiful and your photos are little masterpieces! I was most pleased with the lilac, because those we don't have here and I miss them! (Some can be found only in the upper north of the country, where it is less hot).
    A very enjoyable blog you have!

  18. How lovely. Just the color and spring combo I need to cheer me up on a gloomy chilly day.

  19. Such lovely pictures. The ones of the lilacs, apple blossoms and lily of the valley make me tear up, missing home.

  20. Hello Teresa,
    Your garden is to die for! It must take a lot of hard work. I love lilac, it's over already here this year as we've had such a hot Spring so it has been so nice to see yours. Thank you for leaving such kind comments on my blog.
    Hen x

  21. Beautiful photos! I think I could smell those lilacs through the monitor.

  22. Hi Teresa,
    I just sent an email before I caught up on your blog.
    are you sure you are not working for your state Tourism dept????
    I don't think any advertising agency could do a better advertisment for your lovely state.
    Your blooms are just as spectacular as your scenery.
    Thank you for sharing,
    Monica xx


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