Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gorge Tour #2 & New Goodies!

Yesterday I led my 2nd tour of the Gorge this month - for the Friends of Multnomah Falls volunteer group.  I'm the president of the FOMF and they hadn't had a bus tour for several years, so I wanted to bring it back.  It's a wonderful way to add personal experience training to those of us who staff the information counter at the Falls.  We boarded the bus at 9 am and headed into the gorge.  Our first stop was the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center at Stevenson, Washington.  We crossed the Columbia River at Cascade Locks on the "Bridge of the Gods". Below we're being greeted by the Executive Director, who also led the tour.  
Below is one of the museum displays of the "First People", our Native American Indians, this beadwork was produced by our local tribes.
Here is a beaded dress.
Below is a magnificent hand hooked wool rug depicting Lewis & Clark, the native peoples, Multnomah Falls, the river and mountains - it's amazingly beautiful.
After an hour in the museum, we boarded the bus and headed up the Washington side of the river on Hwy 14 to Hood River and crossed the Columbia again, and headed to the Historic Columbia Gorge Hotel (where we lunched last time).  Here is a photo of our group being served a wonderful lunch in the lovely dining room.  Simon Benson, a successful lumber baron, built the hotel beside the fabulous cascading waterfall in the 1921.
After a delicious lunch and some time for relaxing and visiting with each other, we headed out the back of the hotel for a tour of the grounds.  I showed this waterfall week before last, but it was a cloudy day, I hope you enjoy the photos this time as it was a sunny day.
Below I coordinated a group photo and the hotel staffer took this photo with my camera. :-)  36 of us were on the tour.
Here is a shot looking down over the waterfall as it cascades down 208 feet - do you see the train tracks at the bottom?  A train went by while we were there, that was fun.
Below is a shot from the wooden bridge over the falls, showing the river (which is brown with all the run-off from the recent heavy rains) and you can see Washington State across the river.
We enjoyed a lovely stroll around the path on the grounds along the creek and then we headed back to the front of the hotel where our tour bus awaited us.
We headed to Panorama Point, driving through the historic downtown Hood River.  The town went through a boom after the windsurfers discovered the constant winds that blow through the gorge.  Now it's a destination for tourists, windsurfers and locals who enjoy the new shops, restaurants and galleries - and brew pubs!  Sorry to say, we did not get a good view of Mt. Hood as the clouds were NOT cooperating and obscured the top portion.  Here is the bottom.. LOL and the beautiful Hood River Valley dotted with old farms and pear and apple orchards.
I turned and shot this photo looking west over the pear orchards below.
When we got home, there were THREE packages sitting by the back door.. below is my order from KnitPicks.. one skein of Chroma one-ply rainbow colored wool blend, and a dozen skeins of "Dishie" cotton.  It's beautiful yarn!
And I got 3 books from Ree Drummond, the "Pioneer Women".  If you haven't visited her blog, you must go there and read her, she's a *HOOT*.  (after you finish reading mine, of course. LOL)
Last and certainly not least... I ordered a Kath Kidston bag and I just LOVE it.  It's going to be so nice for Spring and Summer!  (right now it's stuffed with my new yarn)
Thanks for stopping by to visit.  I must tell you - blogging has really been a wonderful thing for me - as making new friends all over the world has really enriched my life.  For those of you who almost always comment on my posts, **LOVE YOU**, Joanna, Helen, Shanti, Hookin' it, Lily, Melissa, Anne, Julie, Lucy, Betsy, Laura Jane, Meredith, Jane, Regula, Suz, Stitchy, Yael, Denise, Kate, Dorothy, Pammy Sue, Vikki, Erica and MORE.. thank you for taking the time to leave a sweet note.  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. Love your pictures as always. It's great that you brought the tour back. Your Kath Kidston bag is just lovely.

    I should have more time to keep up with blogs and commenting now that Duane is finally home.

  2. Aww! You're so sweet :) That bead work is amazing! I love all of your new items. Let me know how the books are. Ree is definitely a hoot. Don't know if I'll be around, so I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I do like to read your posts and see your wonderful pictures. Where you live seems so 'open' and natural, in a completely different way to the countryside in the UK where I live (4 miles from where Constable painted The Haywain).

  4. Yea! You got some Chroma! Isn't it gorgeous? You will love it. I will be anxious to hear how the Washie yarn is. I hate the way Sugar & Cream and Peaches & Cream feels. Let us know if it's easier to crochet with.

    And yes...I'm afraid I've gained a daughter-in-law that is a drama queen! She's 23 going on 12. Ugh! The world is still all about HER. She's going to get a big surprise when that baby arrives! Hee-hee. I'm just sitting back to watch.

    Love & Hugs

  5. Wow, aren't you just the luckiest girl. A beautiful day, wonderful friends, beautiful sights to see and then new yarn!!!!! I mean what more could you ask for. I am looking forward to your new projects and as always wish you awonderful day,

  6. I'm back again. You've done it now. I'm heading to knitpicks for the 'dishie'. You will be in love with the Chroma before you know it.

  7. Oh what a beautiful spot that is. Love your books...I did not realize that Ree had a children's book out!!!

    Oh and your CK bag is stunning. Happy weekend.

  8. All I can think: I have to go shopping yarns and a bad. ;-) However, I got me lovely ear rings yesterday.

    Love your blog!

  9. Gorgeous post Teresa!! Your landscape is very different from mine, soooo beautiful to see real snowy topped mountains in the distance!!!
    The knitpicks yarn looks wonderful, those are exactly my sort of colours...looking forward to seeing what you do with it, any plans??
    Sending lots of love to you

  10. Oh my goodness Teresa I have exactly that same CK bag!!!How funny, we do lots of the same things don't we! Good choice I think it is the best colourway and a really useful little bag. I will be taking it on my stamping masterclass tomorrow, I can't wait. Your tour looked fatastic, if I ever end up in your part of the States I shall be there. Museum, waterfall, hotel etc all just beautiful. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your weekend,
    Jane x

  11. I loved this post, Teresa. Your pictures are so wonderful, and you write so well - I almost felt I was there too! What a beautiful, amazing and historic place. I loved your wool, and your CK bag too!! And thank you for the thank you as well:) Have a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  12. I really think I should pop over for a tour! I might just pinch your new bag too. I just spotted your flag counter for the first time, cool isn't it, it is like stamp collecting. I always enjoy your blog and I enjoy our two way communication. Blog Buddies Rock! x

  13. Such a lovely and interesting post Teresa - the photos are stunning - I would so love to visit your part of the world. The yarn looks gorgeous- wonder what you are going to make. I love CK and a similar bag is on my wish list. Had some bits and pieces including a gorgeous jug for my birthday. Anne x

  14. I believe Ree's three books are on my list to purchase in the near future. I found her through one of the blogs I read (could have been yours) and have been going back through and reading her posts. I'm back to November of 2010. I love reading her...I've laughed, cried, smiled...she's so funny. Have a wonderful Oregon weekend! :o) xoxo

  15. My mouth always falls open when I see the beautiful pictures you take of the area. Such a truly lovely place. The yarn is so pretty with all the spring like colors, and the Chroma looks yummy! I can't wait to see what you make with it.

    Blessings to you and yours always :)

  16. Hi Teresa, I wonder if your ears were burning or whatever the saying is, because I was thinking of you so much the last 6 days when we were in Vancouver,BC. I'm sure you probably know that place inside out! We have a fabulous first time. Love the tour I just took on your post. You are truly a great tour guide!! I also love your new yarn. The chroma yarn is pretty. LAST but not least CK bag is awesome. It came fairly quickly. Have a great weekend, I hope you get to relax, if that's what you would like. xoRobin❤


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