Monday, June 13, 2011

First Rose & Farm Pix

A few years ago my daughter asked me if I'd like to go to visit a rose grower down the Willamette Valley from Portland.  She'd gone there and was very impressed with the roses as they are all fragrant and "real" roses, not roses grafted onto "root stock".  I so enjoyed going there and bought one rose - a climber called "4th of July".. this is that rose below, we planted it by the deck and it's doing well there. It's named that as it blooms near the 4th of July and it's striped, kind of like the American flag, or possibly looking like fireworks.  This is the first rose on the farm to bloom.. it smells great, isn't it pretty?
My friend told me about a local man who helps in the garden and we hired him for a few days this week and he really helped hubby out!!  Here he is holding the ladder for hubby in the bed of the pickup so he can cut a few branches off the Douglas fir that was pressing down on my Star Magnolia tree.  I had to cover my eyes as hubby balanced on the ladder holding a running chain saw above his head as he cut branches that fell down on the truck with a bang! Eek!
I was taking the photos from the old time front porch on our house and shot this photo Southwest - the helper cleaned out my flower bed in the front entry garden.  So nice!
Here is another rose..
The pink rose bud Azalea is at it's peak now.  SO pretty and bright!
Here is the front of the house.. I had asked the helper to prune out some of the Rhododendrons in the planting to the right.. it looks a LOT better.  After the large lavender Rhodie on the left of the porch blooms, it's getting pruned WAY down.  He also planted a row of "Lamb's Ears" in front of the porch for me that were given to us by a friend when she was removing them from her garden.  I think they'll look nice here.
Before this area was thinned, you could not see through there at all and we had a "volunteer" big leaf maple taking over, plus an old Fig tree that had lost it's use here.  After the Rhodie on the left is done blooming.. it's going to be pruned way down.
The pink azalea and the white one.. and hubby.. :-)
And lastly.. I put a grouping of candles in my lantern and lit them as the evening was darkening.  Funny thing.. I had visited a favorite blog of mine.. Mias Landliv from Norway and saw her lantern that she pictures often (it's there on her coffee table)... so I left a message on her blog and she kindly emailed back and told me where she got hers!  Mine has a different finish, but the same shape.  I finally found mine on eBay.  :-)
And so.. I just wanted to say hello.. and tell you I'm happy you came to visit.  I loved your comments about our trip to the zoo.  Today I met my daughter, granddaughter, 2 sisters and my sisters DIL for lunch and my 6 yr old GD sent us 2 drawings she'd made for us.  One of the beach and one of the zoo.  They are soOOoo cute!!

OK.. toodles for now.. I'm off soon to go to dinner at my younger sisters house, our brother and his wife are in town for a visit!!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. WOWza- I have never ever in my life seen a rose so sweet. Nor in the color either. It's fabulous. And so is your charming cottage. I know Mias too, but have missed that lantern till now. And you know what, now I want one too. Glad to see and hear you had another fun day with the fam.

  2. Really a gorgeous rose. So nice you found someone to help in the garden.

  3. Your home is adorable my friend..and that rose.. pure delight! HUGS

  4. This rose is fantastic Teresa and so is your beautiful garden - you live in a wonderful home. I can see all the love that went into it. It is great to see how important your family is to you!
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Beautiful rose!! I think I've been to the rose grower you are referring to--they have beautiful roses and a garden there!
    I love all your gardens!

  6. Thats an amazing rose! My parents have a rose garden so I will have to see if I can get one for them in this country!

  7. Teresa, that was is amazing. Love all the work done on the farm, it looks fantastic,
    Have a wonderful day,

  8. Your home is so quaint and pretty! (I don't think I've ever used the word "quaint" before!) I have never ever seen a rose like that. How gorgeous! Your yard is just full of neat plants and flowers. Loved seeing these pics.

  9. By now I'm sure you know that I am completely in love with your farm. I'm thinking a hammock under those trees could possibly be a perfect place to enjoy a nice glass of lemonade and a good book.

  10. Absolutely stunning...fab pics again kep 'em coming xx

  11. Hi Teresa, wonderful pictures, what a beautiful rose. I love your garden. Your lantern looks lovely. Have a good week Joanna xx

  12. Hi Teresa,
    What beautiful roses and your garden looks stunning. It's great when someone magically comes and gives a hand, isn't it? Your lantern looks lovely too. Thanks ever so for your sweet comment.
    Hen x

  13. Mrs. Teresa,
    Yay I can finally comment! I am using google chrome. Anywho..I LOVE that rose! I want one so bad. When I saw it I automatically thought of fireworks. Soooo beautiful.

  14. I do like your lantern. I've had a few lanterns and I love them, but seems like the glass always gets broken quickly around here:) Lovely pictures!

  15. Such beautiful flowers! I love the rose...I have never seen one like that, so very pretty. :) Your house looks just so lovely with all the trees and flowers....what a wonderful home. :) Blessings always

  16. Your home is lovely inside and out. Wish I could come visit. :-)


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