Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just Desserts... :-)

I went to my younger sister's house for dinner on Monday, our brother was in town with his wife and sister-in-law, so our older sister (brother's twin) and her husband joined us, too.  Since our parents are gone, it's important that we make time to be with each other and keep the family close.  Sister Denise BBQed chicken breasts, baked a salmon, made an orzo with sun-dried tomato sauce on it, and a bowl of fresh fruit.  I brought a salad with shrimp for the top and our brother brought bread.  It was so nice to set around a table with my family.  When it came time for dessert, sister Roberta presented this home-made Pineapple Upside Down cake.. it was so good!  
Then my brother's wife, D'Ann presented us with her homemade Flan!
And she also brought a 2nd Flan.. made with coconut milk.. oh yum they were good!
Last night I made dinner for hubby and I.. I grilled 2 filet mignon on our Le Creuset enameled cast iron grill pan, baked two potatoes and steamed a generous amount of fresh asparagus.  Oh my it was good.

Tomorrow I'm going on a cruise on a Sternwheeler with my Friends of Multnomah Falls volunteers and also with the Friends of Vista House volunteers.  I can't wait to show you photos from that!!  More later.  Thanks for coming to visit!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Well....that just added 10 lbs. I need to loss for that bikini. Thanks alot....giggle-giggle... Have a great day tomorrow and I can't wait to see all the pics.

  2. Yummy, indeed! Any leftovers?

  3. Why is everyone making me hungry today:) I've never tried flan, you make everything look so good!

  4. Looks like someone is a good cook!
    Hope you're feeling a bit more energised today...l couldn't switch off yesterday so with half closed eyes l made a few goodies lol...feel more like myself again today though
    Hugs xx

  5. Teresa, you are making me very hungry this morning. Sounds like you had a yummy day,

  6. Teresa those desserts are all amazing!!!! I'm a real dessert person myself.......yummy! But I can gain weight easily because I am so short.
    boo whoooooo xoRobin❤

  7. OK...I'm trying to loose weight and this is just not helping. It looks so amazing. I can feel my hips and thighs growing as I type. Yum!

  8. Teresa,

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog. They always make me smile!

    With this post here you are making my mouth water. I have a sweet tooth. Those desserts look delicious!!

    I think I'm going to do a recipe or two from the book I got from my swap partner (dairymaid on rav), they are all chocolate recipes. I'll have to post the results good or bad!

    Sam <3

  9. Those desserts are making my mouth water! Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow, looking forward to seeing the pictures. Love Joanna xx

  10. Sorry I haven't been around much. Those deserts look amazing. Inspires me to make both. We get fresh pineapple for a $1.00 here.

  11. I missed this wonderful food entry somehow! That pineapple upside-down cake looks perfect and yummy. I bet it was good. The flan looks great too. They are made a little different than we do it in the South. I've always seen it in little custard cups. Those look like they have some kind of cake surrounding the flan part. looks devine. I should not be hungry for these things this early!

  12. Will your sister share her Pineapple Upside-Down Cake recipe? I'd love to have it.


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