Friday, June 3, 2011

My Blog Friends **ROCK**!!

When I began blogging on a regular basis last Autumn, I never realized what *JOY* I would receive back from the new friends I'd make in "Blogland".  Every comment left after my last post was like a "virtural *HUG*" - thank you all who left a note, you are the very best.  

My "Rose Bud" pink Azalea is starting to open!
My pretty white Rhododendron with dark purple markings.
The plantings by our front yard and house - I know we need to prune them... :-)
The biggest Rhodie we have, some 25 feet tall.. blooming out more... there is an orange yellow bush that's invaded it but they seem to get along okay.
We had such a cold and rainy Spring.. none of the roses in Oregon have bloomed yet!
Love the white Azalea!
And with the purple-blue Iris.. some funny colored Iris are ready to bloom.. will show you late.
None of the Strawberries are fruited out either!
Our "woods" -- the trees are so tall I couldn't get them in the photo.. LOL
Sorry for the fuzzy photo.. but wanted to show you what I got on Amazon.. the lovely book by the lovely Helen Phillips.. I can't wait to make some of the projects!!  Thanks, Helen!!  Helen Phillips

OK, I have to pack my swim bag and head to the pool... our weather has FINALLY gotten nice... YEEHAW!!  More later... love to you all and thanks for visiting me!!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. We love virtual (((Hugs))). More beautiful photographs and flowers. Yeah for sunshine. I would love you Raspberry Freezer Jam Recipe by the way, I am hopeful for a harvest! I have been looking for a book just like that, I have found two lovely fabrics this week in Charity shops and I need something small and easy to make! I don't have a sewing machine and I wouldn't know where to start with one :)

  2. Just had to tell you my word verification was 'Dales' fancy that!

  3. Teresa you bring a lot of joy to your readers with your beautiful photos and glimpses into your life. The photo of your white Rhododendron with the purple markings has to be one of my favourite pictures ever. It is beautiful. Have a great weekend. ((hugs)) Joanna xx

  4. You are so welcome for visiting you, but you don't have to thank me. I love your blog and it is always a treat to read and admirer all that you do! More lovely flowers and shrubs, what mature gardens and trees you have. I guess that is do to the age of your farmhouse. Lucky you! I have Helen's book also, isn't it great!?! Have a great weekend and fun swimming.

  5. You have such a lovely garden!

  6. Wow! Those rhodies are fantastic! as are all your other flora. Thanks for sharing, Teresa. BTW, have you changed your Ravelry password yet - apparently, they`ve been hacked!

  7. I don't know what I'd do without all the beauty you've brought into my life. I garden vicariously through you and always look forward to you lovely comments!

  8. I love blogging too as you get to see so many glimpses of people's lives in other places. I've never been to the USA but your pics make it seem that little bit closer! :-D

  9. I wish you lots of happy blogging days. Thanks for sharing your life and thoughts.

    It seems that the English speaking world is more into blogging. Maybe it's the fact that you present yourself to the world in a blog that keeps "my" people away from blogland. Maybe they don't know how much fun it is. Or they don't know how to post a comment. Anyway, my blog is kind of a monolog.

  10. Hi Teresa .. I've been having problems trying to leave a message on your blog. Have since downloaded and started using Firefox so .. fingers crossed . I'm hoping you get this one. Your garden is absolutely breathtaking - beautiful !!

  11. Dear Teresa It's always a pleasure to visit your lovely blog, both for the pictures and for the words. I love seeing your world! How beautiful your flowers look today, especially the wonderful white azalea. And thank you for buying and mentioning my book - I do hope you enjoy it! Have a lovely weekend - I hope the sun is shining on you!
    Helen x

  12. Hi Teresa, we are having such fun via our blogs and it has been a pleasure getting to know you from all these thousands of miles away! Your garden is looking glorious, such bold, striking colours...summer is here nearly.
    Enjoy your weekend, it's 28oc in my garden at the moment.
    Jane x

  13. Wow, wow and wow again...... what a beautiful garden.
    Carol xx

  14. Gorgeous property. Our rhodies barely make it every year. It blows my mind to see one so huge!

  15. I love visiting you blog because it's always like taking a walk in a beautiful garden with a friend. :) Your pictures always blow me away. I love flowers and yours are so very pretty. :)
    Wishing you a day filled with many stitches of love...and hug, too of course. :)

  16. Thank you SO much for dropping by my blog and saying hi!

    I am 'coveting' (LOL) your beautiful white and purple rhodo--do you happen to know the name? It is beyond beautiful:)Of course your forest setting makes everything gorgeous!!

    BTW--our roses have been blooming since late May and our strawberries (alpine & everbearing) have baby fruit on them, as well as the yellow raspberry, so yours should start soon! Have faith and hope for more sunny, warm days like today:) :)


  17. Beautiful beautiful garden and the book looks cute
    Look forward to seeing what you make
    Enjoy your family outing to the beach...l know there will be some terrific sea scapes to come
    Lovelt weather here taday...for ducks that is lol...and gardens of course
    Hugs x

  18. Hi Teresa

    It's fun being virtual friends, although you do realise that hoards of people are planning to visit you.

    CN x

  19. Ooooh congrats on such a good blogging streak - it is lovely isn't it when you get comments, I can't believe people want to read what I write! So I totally get the excitement :-) I'm really glad I've had time to start commenting on peoples blogs again, I feel dead mean when I don't!

    That book looks really exciting, make sure you share some of your projects with us :-)

  20. Teresa, you totally rock!!!!!
    Hugs to you,

  21. You are such a wonderful photographer Teresa - each post a feast for the eye as well!!!


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