Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Afternoon Light, Lil' Boys & Indian Basket

The sun was shining golden in the afternoon which made me grab my camera to record some pretty images.  I especially love this one - I stepped out onto our turn-of-the-century farmhouse front door which we rarely use on the the old front porch... I saw these hay bales in the warm sunshine and zoomed in to see what the image would show me... it showed me summer in Oregon.  The land across the country road from us has been leased to Laotian families that grow flowers to sell at farmer's markets in the Portland area.  Such a lovely crop for us to enjoy watching grow!
I actually saw this beam of bright sunlight on our grandfather clock which captured my eye and had me grab my camera.  It is very rare to have sun shine on the clock!
Being the detective that I am, I then saw the late summer sunlight streaming through our beveled glass window we found on craigslist several years ago for a very good price.  
Again, the sun was slanting through the shrubs, this is our walkway up to the porch.  Unfortunately the Pin Oak roots have buckled the brick walkway.. grumble.  See the stones lining the brick walk?  They were brought to Portland as ballast in ships from England years ago, cobblestones which were then used to pave the downtown streets in Portland.  When they dug those streets up to pave them with new materials, those old cobblestones were then sold to brickmasons.  Dayle found the cobblestones for sale in our local newspaper and bought them for this project.  The mason who put in our brick walkway lined it with those stones.  Cool, huh?
And my 4th of July rose keeps blooming! :-)
Yesterday our son invited us for dinner, we actually picked up Popeye's Chicken for us all.  Then our son asked if we'd watch the boys while he and his wife went to look at a Volkswagen bus for sale.  So we spent a few hours with our 2 very VERY active little boys.  What was really funny is one of them climbed up the back of my chair and crawled over my shoulder and slid down the front of me to the floor and said "SLIDE!"  So, then the other one followed suit, then they took turns crawling over my shoulder and sliding down me.. for at least 2 dozen times going "WHEEEE"!  LOL  The photo below is when we were leaving and they tried to climb in our window.  It's fuzzy because they NEVER stop moving!!  Hehe!
And did you happen to notice our youngest baby below?  Remember his glorious sun bleached curls?  WELL... his dad was outside buzzing his own hair and he turned away long enough for Caleb to pick up the shear and cut the middle of his forelock off.. so daddy decided to finish the job.  It broke his mother's heart.. and his grandma and grandpa's too! :-(
Fuzzy shots of wiggly boys.  :-)
 Another of the roses.

And which brings us to today.  We have a woman help with housework once a month and she has helped us tackle projects that we'd put off.  Today she decided that it was time to remove all the flotsam and jetsam that had collected on our armoires in our master bedroom.  We laid a clean sheet across our bed and took all the things down and dust and only put a few things back.  One of the things collecting dust on my wardrobe was this lovely handmade cedar bark basket made by an Indian man in Vancouver BC.  We took the children to the World's Fair there in 1986, and I found this basket in an art gallery there.
This side shows a "Killer Whale" which is an Orca.  Did you know a "killer whale" is not a whale at all, but a member of the dolphin family?
This side depicts another whale, although I'm not exactly sure which kind.. grey whale or humpback?
On either end is a Puffin.  I just adore baskets, I've made several myself.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed your visit.. swimming tomorrow!  What are you doing for fun this week?
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Hi...that 1st picture..l can feel it, fabulous
    Wriggly little boys hey..a handful lol but fun l'm sure
    Adore seeing around your home and farm and all the wonderful pictures of your lovely family
    Great stained glass window and clock..gorgeous
    Wonderful post as usual Teresa
    Looking forward to the camper pics
    Hugs x

  2. Hi Teresa,
    The hay picture reminded me of the time we spent on the coast a couple of years ago. I had never seen big bales of hay gathered and then spit out from the John Deere ...we must have watched it for a n hour and laughed every time it happened! Just doesn't take much for us!...looking forward to reading your past and present posts...

  3. OK, so I need to come hang out on your front porch with my yarn and hook and enjoy the day. How do you get anything done with all that beauty around you?

  4. I agree with Suz. Love the first picture. If I could only find a field so green these days.

    What a great G.P you two are? Taking care of the little ones and with good old fried chicken no less. Yum.

  5. Love your basket! I would love to learn to make baskets! xx

  6. Lovely wiggly grandsons - still cute even without those gorgeous curls! xx

  7. Lovely photos and news as always Teresa. Your home looks so interesting and the land around it so beautiful. I have been away for a few days again visiting my eldest son and family and spent Monday looking after my two 'wriggly grandsons' - it was the first day of the Summer holidays for them. We did lots of lovely things (hope to put all my news on my blog) and were joined by my younger son and his family Sat/Sun. Anne x

  8. Your 'fuzzy' grandson photos made me smile because they remind me of my grandkids:) I absolutely LOVE your beveled glass window and the fact that you have incorporated bits of history in your historical home!

  9. Oh I do adore your basket too....such sweet images today.

    Thanks for visiting me the other day. We have not moved far...same city...newer home. Forgot how much work moving is.

    xoxoxo Happy weekend

  10. Wow! Your photos are always gorgeous and make me smile! I love enjoying them all, especially the kids! The basket looks great, I also want one! :)
    Great weekend to you!
    Love and hugs, xo


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