Sunday, July 24, 2011

Diggin' Dog, Twilight Lantern & our 1927 Chevrolet

Ahhh.. summer.  We're having some warm and sunny days.  This is a shot of the pasture on the hillside behind the farmhouse.. I just love the color of the meadow grass and the Daisies sprinkled about.. rather like a painting.
I re-potted a fuchsia yesterday and tidied up the deck a bit and let Buddy, the Cairn Terrier, have some time in the yard.  Unfortunately, his favorite thing is digging down into a mole hole to try to catch a mole.  He's actually caught a few, a mouse and several snakes... he gets them and shakes the daylights out of them.  Not one of his catches have survived.  Oh.. and recently a frog on the edge of the pond.. poor thing.
Above.. he's resting and panting...  below he's going at it again - you can actually see the dirt flying if you look closely. :-)
The photo below cracks me up...  he's WAYYYY down into that hole.
Hubby was a bit displeased that I let him dig a 2 foot trench.. and told me I'm going to have to fill it up.  :-)
I saw the Rose Campion backlit by sunshine from under the tree and tried to capture how they glowed like stained glass.. I'm not sure you can get the idea of how it looked as this photo doesn't quite show, but it was pretty.
It was twilight last night and I wanted to show you how Dayle's father's lantern lights up, while still showing the surroundings in the last light... so pretty at this time of day.
Today hubby and my son pulled our 2 Sunfish sailboats out of the barn for hubby to clean them up for an upcoming camping trip -- and so I was able to get a photo of our 1927 Chevrolet we bought many years ago with the idea of getting it fixed up and running.  It's so cute!
The interior still looks pretty good!
I'd love to have this all fixed up and be able to drive it in the 4th of July parade. :-)
Quite the hood ornament, huh?

I guess I'll go back outside and fill up that hole.. or talk my grandsons into helping me fill it up.  LOL

Hope you all had a great weekend - and a wonderful week ahead.  Welcome, new friends!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Love a terrier! Digging is essential! I also adore your water feature with the lantern, so nice. And that car! You always have great surprises!

  2. I love the pictues of your furry boy digging that hole. Love the evening photos, my favorite timeof day. Thanks for the lovely comments as usual you know just what to say. Have a wonderful week, Teresa.

  3. The picture of your lantern at twilight quite took my breath away! Absolutely beautiful! Best of luck with your old Chevy as well. My dad would love to get his hands on something like that! I'm sure it will look very handsome once it's all ready for the parade next year :)

  4. What a cute little dog .... and such a busy fellow too. I'd be horrified if our dog found a snake !!!!! Aren't you afraid they might bite him? Hmmm .. I wonder if its only Aussie snakes that can do so much harm? That lantern is gorgeous and the whole area takes on a magical look.

  5. Hi Farmchick.. it was fun to see the car again as it's usually behind our boat trailer stacked with Sunfish sailboats!

    Hi Meredith, I got such a kick out of watching him digging the hole, but boy it's deep and long! LOL

    Lacey, I'm so glad you enjoyed the twilight lantern, it was tricky to take the photo with enough light to see everything else, but dark enough for the light to shine. I only wish we could afford to have the Chevy fixed up, but it would cost a fortune. The kids are trying to convince us to sell it. :-(

    Dorothy - he is cute and busy for sure! The only snakes we have on this farm are harmless and little - Garter Snakes. There are rattlesnakes in Oregon, but on the drier side of Oregon. We were quite worried about him when we took him camping in Oklahoma as they have lots of rattlesnakes there!

  6. Buddy, face of an angel mind of a Killing Machine! lol. I cannot understand why Daddy didn't admire the trench? That car reminds me of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! You could have some adventures in that :) It would keep the men in your life quiet too...

  7. Hi Teresa! You might have noticed by now that I am a big Buddy fan lol, so I love to see him in action! :D The twilight picture with the lantern is stunning, that part of your garden comes right out of a fairytale. Have a lovely day! xxxx

  8. Oh my! Can't wait to show car guy the Chevy! He's going to have a fit!

  9. LOVE the Chevy!! SO cool:) Such a cute dog you have--our smallest dog once attacked a snake too! The rose campion are beautiful:)

  10. wow, wow, wow...missed this post didn't l what a fabulous must get it fixed up
    Would be a it
    Looking forward to the camper and all the fun to come...exciting stuff
    Hugs x

  11. Love your flower shots... wish they made a fushia-red yarn that striking!!! Hope you're well, XOXO Ursula

  12. Hi Teresa, I'm back from Paris....I had such a ball there! Good to see you have been busy and the sun is shining. That car is too special to keep should really do it up! It would look terrific. Take care,
    Jane x


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