Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Digging For Treasure

I've been working for 2 days and many hours on re-claiming my "office" or craft room.  I wonder if this sense of emergency stemmed from hubby and I watching a marathon of the show "Hoarders".  Do you have those shows where YOU live?  

Here in the USA a television film crew follows a situation where someone who hoards things is intervened at the urging of concerned family members.  The TV crew sends in people who specialize in helping those who are living in these homes filled to the brim with things they can't seem to get rid of.  

After watching that show I decided to work on my problem room.  It's been kind of like digging for treasure!  I've found a silver dollar and lots of cash in old letters and envelopes.  I also found my Niddy Noddy for my spinning.  And even a swift for winding yarn that my mom had for some unknown reason.  

I can also blame my blog friend Suz, from Suz Place as she recently totally organized and fixed up her craft studio and it's so awesome and pretty and organized!  And so.. I've been working on my own space and hopefully someday soon it will be photo-worthy.
Here is the spool holder for my handspun yarn.  It came with my spinning wheel, a Kromski "Polonaise".  
And my big basket holding my spinning supplies - the Niddy Noddy, the swift and some wool ready to spin and then I have 4 colors of alpaca that I plan to spin soon.  The alpaca I have is creamy white, deep rich black, grey and some camel colored tan.  I was thinking what I'd make with these nice natural colors and I thought it would make some really special Japanese Flowers for a scarf.
I had a meeting at Multnomah Falls on Monday and thought I'd show you how lush and green it is this time of year, and how much less the flow of water is after the rain slows down and the snow is mostly melted off the mountain.
I'm especially taken with the canopy of green as I drive home on the Historic Columbia River Highway, here in the gorge, in Oregon.
Another flash of rose beauty, my 4th of July rose continues to bloom these amazing blooms.
I know this doesn't look like much but it's one of my new roses - it had this tiny first bloom on the tiny little plant I have and it bloomed.  So cute!
My new unique geranium cultivar.  It's gorgeous!

And so.. wish me luck on mucking out my craft room... there is way too much stuff in there! LOL

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Oh, lordy.... you can't be doing a craft room like Suz... when you are done with your's will you come help me with mine. I just love her stuff. We've been following each other for a long long time...I have no clue how I found her, but we have even moved her to. redone her bath, redone her kitchen, picked out wallpaper and the whole nine yards. Isn't she a hoot, just like you mine friend.

  2. Digging out just so you can bury everything again? We all do the same thing!

  3. teresa! The flowerpictures are so nice and colourful! I need some colour because it has been terrible weather here!
    Thankfully I'm off to the south of France next week!

  4. Hi..thanks for the mention lol
    Good luck with the tidy up...can't wait to see the new look..going to be fabulous l'm sure
    Thanks Kate
    Mine needs another tidy up again too lol and the garden...all ways TOO much tidying to do interrupts hooky playtime don't you think?
    Hugs xx good luck with the mucking out hehe

  5. ps the canopy of green just reminds me of a similar road to South Wales...could be the same road so alike lol
    Hugs x

  6. Kate, I could only wish I had a room as big and bright as Suz. Mine is the size of a regular smallish bedroom and it has a big L shaped desk, a large vintage wooden cabinet, a large black safe and an antique pie safe. So, I have challenges! :-) But my hope is to get things stowed and organized so I can use the desk again. And yes, I adore Suz and YOU!

    Pammy Sue.. yes, I'm digging out to hide stuff so it looks neater. :-)

    Saskia, aren't you having a nice summer there in the Nederlands? Poor kid! Sorry you've been ill.

    Suz, actually the look won't be too new, just tidy is all I'm hoping for. I do want to organize my yarn stash in my antique pie safe, it has pierced copper plates in the doors. I do imagine England and Oregon to have simliar looks.

  7. Hello Teresa beautiful photos. My craft room is one end of a long , narrow bedroom. The roof slopes and hence the ceiling of this room on one side. I keep one end as a bedroom as my eldest son and family often come and stay. We have three bedrooms and one of the others is a guest room as well and has Phoebe's travel cot in it for when she comes on Wednesday. I m constantly reorganising trying to find space - I need to stop buying!!
    Love Anne x

  8. What a lovely post. I'm glad we won't see you on an episode of the Hiarders ;-). Enjoy the breathing room you've created. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  9. I watch that show every now and's kind of heart breaking because they really believe they have to have all that stuff. It made me look at my own craft room and I cleaned that puppy to one inch of it's life. I have to admit, I feel much better without all the clutter. Still can't find stuff, but that's just because I forget where I put it (man, I hate getting old!). Anywho...loved your post, the beautiful photos and I love the yarn you are spinnig, it's really pretty.

    Wishing you a lovely day. :)

  10. Mrs. Teresa,
    Your flowers are so beautiful and I just love the pics from the area in which you live! I must visit the area while my hubby and I travel the U.S. when the kiddos are grown.
    Digging out places and finding treasures is awesome. I have no areas to dig out as I am OCD but when we moved a couple of years ago I did find many treasures in our basement. I found some stepping stones in the shape of footprints, an old galvanized tub, and some old blast caps for a black powder gun. There is more stuff under there but we just haven't pulled it out lol.

  11. Teresa, I am so jealous of people who have a craft room. I know jealousy isn't that nice but I am! Good luck organizing,

  12. Your pictures are phenomenal and Multnomah took my breath away and I got a bit teary eyed. You really have an eye for taking pictures. What a beautiful earth we live on. Once a year I go through everything and take things I don't use or need to our local charity. My motto for 10 years now is less is best. Grrrr!!! except for my new found love for yarn. Need to watch it.

  13. No craft room for me and no cash to find! I am not going to bother tidying. In a few years I could be on hoarders they will be climbing over fleece, fibre, yarn, ribbons, buttons, cottons, fabrics, hooks, needles, bobbins etc etc :) x

  14. Enjoy your room! Enjoy the green of the landscape! :-) Both are very appealing.

    When we moved a year and a half ago I lost my wonderful craft studio. I've had a hard time (especially during winter) without a room for myself. However, now my youngest son is moving out, and I will have my space back (for girls ONLY).

  15. Hope you have better luck with your craft room than I've had with mine. It's become a catch all for beads, yarns, magazines, etc. It needs a great deal of work :)

  16. What treasures you have found Teresa. I will look forward to seeing what you spin. The falls do look so lush now, how wonderful they look during the different seasons. Great photos as always. Enjoy your weekend,
    Jane x

  17. Good luck sorting out your craft room, Teresa! The hardest bit is deciding what to keep and what to throw out I always think. Once you clear it out it will be so lovely to use it and to know where all your crafty things are. Finding lost treasures as you have already done makes it all worthwhile! Loved your bright flowers. Hope you're having a great weekend.
    Helen x


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