Friday, July 22, 2011

Granddaughters, Painting, Flowers & Love

It was an early start for hubby and I - we drove 40 minutes to our daughters house to pick our 2 granddaughters up so our daughter could get the house ready for the House Inspector to check the house for the buyer. The photo below is from later in the day when we were here at the farm.  Jenna, the 6 year old, loves to pick flowers.. this is a daisy in her "bouquet".
Below are the girls and grandpa in the Ford dealership waiting room - we had to get my Explorer serviced today.
When we got home the girls wanted to paint with a set we got for them not long ago.  We set it up on the deck.
Paige enjoyed painting.
Jenna is the family artist.
More painting.

I went on a bit of a photographic safari around the deck... here is Dayle's "Bonsai" tree.  I finally convinced him to let it grow out a bit, he'd been pinching ALL new growth off for years and the poor little thing looked like it was ready to give up trying.
My violet Astilbe is blooming out.. I adore that plant.  My "jungle" of bamboo, Hosta, Japanese Painted Fern, Hyndrangea & the poor Calla Lily that has never ever bloomed in 8 years.
Grape-y colored Astilbe.
Below is my Autumn Fern.. I adore it, the new fronds are the color of fall leaves.
Below I peered down into the Stargazer Lily .. see the beginning of the bud in the center?
 More jungle...
Hubby wintered over several of our magenta geraniums.. they're doing very well!
One of my new Fuchsia.
Below is the cute little Japanese Pagoda garden lamp that Dayle rescued out of his parents back garden after his Dad passed away.  Dayle plugged it in recently and it's been lighted each night since.. and guess what?  It's the same lightbulb that has been in it for probably 20 years!
Baby girl and two "flowers".  Honey, you can pick all of those you want. :-)
Jenna is my budding artist and floral designer.
She picked these in the field on the hill behind our house... I identified all the flowers I could... Dandelion, Daisy, Clover, Buttercup, purple Ajuga -- now help me out, what is the little daisy-like one and the tiny purple one to the right of the Dandelion?
This one.. the lavender one, it's very tiny.. do you know it's name?
Or this frilly small daisy?
I love the photo above, I have yellow paint on my hands from working with the girls, and this little bouquet of the flower I don't know the name of... Jenna's hand cradled in mine.
And yes, we had sun today.  After the downpour of yesterday.  Thank heavens.  The sun is on the upper pool of our waterfall and pond.  We have 4 waterfalls and the pond at the bottom.  The sound of the water falling is just so soothing and divine.  It's the best thing we ever did.  Do you see the large chunk of Rose Quartz at the bottom left?  We got that while in the Bad Lands.. near Mount Rushmore.  At the rock shop where we found it they had a rock the size of a washing machine!

We're plumb tuckered out now.  I just looked over and Dayle was snoozing while watching TV.  LOL  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Tomorrow I've got to make more jewelry for the gallery at Vista House.. they called and are all out of sterling silver pine cone necklaces!! :-)

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Your garden must be an absolute picture ... gorgeous colours. Grandpa is so wonderful with those dear little girls of yours - needless to say I reckon you are too but someone has to take the photos :)

  2. It looks like those girls had a great time. I adore your jungle! So very beautiful and the water feature is something I would love to have.

  3. stunning fabulous love it all, your family, home and garden all wonderful
    We are both looking forward to seeing the camper...quite excited for your son lol
    Fingers crossed the rains stays off for the wedding at 1
    Hugs XX

  4. Teresa, what an amazingly beautiful garden you have! And what a scrummy bag peeping at the right of the picture in the waiting room! :-) Have a wonderful day xxxx

  5. What a beautiful day you had with your sweet grand daughters! and what a gorgeous area you live in! So much green and such lovely blooms! Picking flowers, painting and spending time outdoors -- what could be better? Have a wonderfully, relaxing weekend. Tammy

  6. Hi, Teresa! I enjoyed seeing all your beautiful greenery AND your girls. You guys are really brave getting out all those paints for them. I did notice you took them outside though. Smart Grandma.

  7. How lovely that you provide lots of interesting things for your grand daughters to do, as well as lots of love! Your days with them look so happpy (though I know what you mean about feeling rather tired at the end of it!) and your garden and flowers are the perfect surroundings. Have a great weekend, Teresa.
    Helen x

  8. I just love the photo of you holding your girls hand, it speaks volumes. I bet your time with them is bittersweet, enjoy those beautiful girls, you are setting up memories that will last them a lifetime.

  9. What budding artists your granddaughters are. I'm pleased it was nice and sunny for you after the rain you had yesterday! Beautiful pictures of your garden. I love your waterfalls - the sound of water trickling has always been a sound I love! Have a great weekend. Love Joanna xx

  10. Hi Teresa, lovely post of love, activities and beauty! Your gardens and waterfalls are so beautiful and peaceful. It so nice to see how much you all enjoy and play in your homestead. I love your loving hands wrapped around Jenna's. And that Paige is a sweet little muffin! xoRobin❤
    ps. I emailed you

  11. Fabulous pictures today my friend. The last few are just the sweetest and are so frameable.... By the way, this Bell would love to be coloring a Tinker Bell.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

  12. Beautiful photographs again, they really are stunning. Two little artists, Tinkerbell is my favourite. I love the hands photograph too. 'A picture paints a thousand words', that photograph belongs in a frame next to a little girl's bed. xxx
    Lots of love :) x

  13. Hi Teresa,
    Nice to meet you!! I read you are in need of some new followers... so here you are a new one from Menorca Island (Spain). I must tell you have a beautiful, perfect garden!!! Wow! This is my dreamt garden. Congratulations
    Hugs xxx

  14. I would love to have a waterfall one day - how amazing!!


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