Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumn Has Arrived

First, allow me to thank you all who left such kind and thoughtful comments to my last post.  You all made me realize that I have friends from many corners of this green Earth and that makes my heart burst with thankfulness.  I do apologize for bringing my sadness to you, as so many of you told me my post brought you to tears.  

SO... onward and upwards... must soldier on..  the world keeps revolving... and season's change.  We'd had Summery weather for the first half of September so I couldn't bring myself to bring out my Fall decorations.  But then yesterday the clouds moved in and the weather chilled and I needed to cheer myself.  :-)
I know it's early for pumpkins.. but what the heck. :-)
This little group was an acquisition from last year when we took the granddaughters to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival (OFFF) in Oregon City.  Afterwards we spotted a pumpkin patch so we stopped there too and got them each a pumpkin.  In the shop there was this little porcelain group and I had to have them.
Above is a porcelain candleholder I've had for years, it's a scarecrow, so he's appropriate for all Fall, from September, through Halloween and even through Thanksgiving.  He's so cute.
The little witch above holds a candle too, but it covers her face so I leave it off.

This is just one trip to my craft room cabinet where I keep my decorations.  I'm sure this grouping will grow.  I hung the fall leaf wreath on the door too.

So.. again, thanks for your sweet and caring comments.  I hope you're enjoying the season's change.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. So, glad to see you spent the day, peddling about and spreading your fall colors. Isn't it fun to change seasons and sprinkle new colors around our little space of dreamland. We are all so silly actually. Any who, I had to put on a turtleneck this morning, as it was 40 out. Don't tell Pammy, she might still be in a heat wave down there. But, Fall is here. Sorry, about the recap pics today, but I'm busting a clean house in between trying to keep up to date in blogland. Boo-Hoo, I just want to sit here all day and play with everyone.

    But, the vaccum is now calling me....

  2. hello lovely lady
    i always love your changing decor and these autumnal whimsies have certainly brought a seasonal smile to my face :o)
    just thought i'd let you know that although i no longer blog, i still enjoy reading your delightful posts very much indeed.

    warmest hugs xxx

  3. Hi Teresa, Fall, yes I guess it is here. We are getting our first low temps. tonight, boo-boo! BUT it is going to be a really pretty fall I think, and I love crisp apples and pies and apple cider soooooo it will be good. Your place is looking great. Loved seeing your post. Thinking of you, xoRobin❤

  4. Yay for the changing of seasons! It really does bring a smile to one's face. I love your little decorations! I'm (fairly) newly married and out of my parent's house so I'm trying to build up my own little collection of pretty seasonal decorations without breaking the budget. So many pretty options! Glad to hear that you're soldiering onward and looking for the happy things around you :) I'm sure where you live is absolutely beautiful in the fall!
    Best Wishes

  5. Your fall decor is so very cute. I haven't started changing over yet, but am ready to!

  6. Hi Teresa. I thought of you so many times today. Keep busy. And start planning your visits to see the girls!

  7. Such sweet fall decoration, and I love the little houses on your window! :-) xxxx

  8. Yes, autum has arrived. I could smell it while I was apple picking this morning. No decoration so far in my house, but there will be made some changes soon.

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  10. Yes, Autumn in this neck of the woods too. Lots of dew on the car before I go to work in the morning.

    Thinking of you.
    CN x

    P.s. Typo on comment above!

  11. Your Autumn decorations are so cute...I have some Halloween stuff but it is not quite the same...this year I have really noticed the changing of the seasons...I love Autumn, we will be playing conkers soon in our back garden :)

  12. I love autumn. The colors, the cool crisp air. It just takes it a while to get to the south :) Your decorations are adorable! Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Your decorations are really cute Teresa. I love autumn - the crunch of dried leaves on the ground, collecting shiny conkers (found my first one yesterday to start my little collection on my desk at work lol). Autumnal is one of my favorite words! Defintely starting to feel autumnal in the mornings here. Love Joanna xx


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