Friday, September 2, 2011

Day Two with the Girls

Morning came early on the farm.. no, the Rooster wasn't crowing (we just have hens) - the girls got up at 7 am.  So, the morning began.  They have pulled out all the toys in the house and they are spread evenly over the floor.  I just say.. make Grandma a path.  Their mother sent a painting project for us to do with the girls, wasn't that thoughtful? LOL  
At 10:30 am the man who installed our pond and waterfalls arrived to clean it for us and check on a leak we had.  He asked ahead of time if he could bring his kids.. sure!  He arrived with his 2 and 2 friends.. so we had 6 kids around, which was fun and interesting.  That's him down in the pond cleaning it.
His daughter looked longingly at our painting project, so we remembered we had some wooden beads in animal and other shapes and brought them out and invited her to join in the painting party.  Paige was most enthused about how much paint she could use at one time and emptied her 3 paint pots quickly.
I spent most of my time trying to keep paint off myself while Paige was "creating". :-)
Dayle helped Bella with her project and even painted an apple wooden bead himself!
The guys cleaning years of sludge from our pond and stream bed.  After the painting project the girls had so much fun running around the farm and in the woods and they found blackberries which they picked and ate and brought some to grandma too.  :-)
Our resident frog.. which has escaped Buddy's hunting acumen.  The boys cleaning the pond chased this hapless creature around for hours.  After they left we filled the pond and got it running and loaded up the girls to go to town for dinner.  After dinner we took them to Petco and they helped us pick out 2 new Koi for the pond.  Here are the girls with the new fish.
They named this one -- Tiger.  
I named the one below "Flipper" as he was flipping about like crazy in the bag on the way home.
We don't spend a lot on our new fish as the raccoons and Great Blue Heron (which I *used* to like) keep raiding our pond.  We have re-populated the pond with fish 3 times over the last 8 years (since we had it installed) and there are only 3 extremely frightened and elusive goldfish left right now.  These Koi are under 4 inches and were only $5.99.  :-)

The girls are asleep.. I wonder what adventures we'll have tomorrow?
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Phew....I`m exhausted! Wonderful day you all had though and very pretty pics of the pretty girlies. Apparently, if you buy one of those plastic herons and stick it in your pond, it`s supposed to keep the real deal away from your fish! Love your new look too - the header pic is just glorious. Have a great weekend. xxx

  2. I love your posts Teresa .. your style of writing is so interesting and your pics are fabulous. I almost feel as if I've known your family forever.

  3. Hi Teresa,
    What a fun day. I would like to be one of your granddaughters. You really fit a lot in a day. Love the painting....hope you did manage to stay clean. Love the Koi fish, have always admired them. Have a wonderful Saturday, can't wait to hear what you are up to. xoRobin❤

  4. How cute! I love painting with little kids, they are so creative! My 4 year old little boy loves painting! Even my 13 year old daughter does, althought she's only into really bright colors at the moment :)When she was little we'd find smooth oval rocks and turn them onto ladybugs, then put a clear coat of varnish on. They are still around here too in the gardens.

    The pond looks neat! Hope the new koi have a long happy life and the goldfish can come out soon. We have a pond on the property here down the hill and see the herons in it alot. What do you do with the fish during winter? Do they stay in the pond?

  5. What fun and what sweet those fish! Happy long weekend. xoxo

  6. Teresa, I think I might vote you "Best Grandmother". I think I would like you to adopt me, I am way too old to be your daughter but it sure looks like it would be fun. Have a wonderful day with the girls.

  7. Nana, you are ROCKn' another fun day with the girls. They sure must keep you on your toes. Find a Labor of Love to work on this weekend. Or not...

  8. I'm sure you are ready for bed too after such a fun filled day Teresa. I love those fish and I'm interested to see the name of your big pet chain of shops, the one over here is called Pets at Home! The painting looks fun but very sensibly carried out of doors-LOL! Enjoy Sunday with the girls too.
    Jane x

  9. It sounds like you had a fun time with all of your visitors :) Sorry to hear about your hungry locals and your disappearing fish. Hopefully these new ones will stay around a bit longer!

  10. Looks like Paige was busy painting her paper towel. I love the "Blue Heron, I used to like". Made me smile.

  11. What an Arty lot, the painting looks great fun (as long as you are the one that isn't cleaning it up!) I won a Goldfish at the fair when I was younger, throwing darts into playing cards to score over a certain amount. That fish lived to be seventeen years old! His name was 'Kiss'.

  12. What a fabulous fun filled day and awesome names for the new koi! Nana must hve had an incy wincy bit of paint on her ? hehe

  13. Hi Teresa! Loving the new fish :-) Why don't you put a thin net over the pond? If you get a clear one you ccan hardly see it so it shouldn't spoil the look :-)

    It's nice to share your family moments

    x x

  14. I so envy your pond. My father in law has one and it's such a peaceful addition.


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