Monday, October 10, 2011

The Author, Zucchini Bread, Blue Glass & Crochet

I hobbled off this morning to my monthly meeting of the Portland Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution - it was held at the Red Lion near the Portland Convention Center.  I should probably have not gone as my gout has not improved significantly, but there was a special program that I just could not miss.  Molly Gloss, the author of a favorite book I bought many years ago would be our speaker.  I found my book in my antique oak secretary and put it in my CK bag, alongside my ripple crochet, and headed off.  When I arrived at the meeting I waved hello to everyone and found Molly and introduced myself and then without a moments hesitation, asked her to sign my book.  :-)
Her presentation was wonderful!!  She told us how shy she'd been as a youngster and how she never thought that she could be a writer.  She told of how she carved out time to write while raising her small son.  She read a segment of her new book Hearts of Horses - and the roomful of women (36 of us) were spellbound.  If you're interested in a pioneer woman homesteading alone in the Oregon country of 1895, you'd love "Jump Off Creek".  Both books are available on Amazon and Kindle.
I'm a "Westering Woman" now! :-)
I drove home and enjoyed the blustery Autumn weather.. and walked up and enjoyed seeing yellow Birch leaves spread over the deck.  But when I opened the door.. oh my.. a wonderful aroma of roasting beef wafted over me.  Dear hubby had been busy while I was away following the recipe of Pioneer Woman for pot roast.  He browned onions and carrots as we saw her do on her Food Network show and has the roast in the oven.  Mmmm... (Disclaimer:  I know I shouldn't be eating beef, but I started a 2nd type of meds if the 1st type didn't help and they're already working! :-))
And how wonderful is this husband of mine?  I'll tell you how wonderful... he made my favorite Zucchini Bread recipe for my breakfast for me.  And took these photos for me.  How cute is that?

1 Egg
1/2 C oil
1/2 C brown sugar
1/2 C white sugar
1/2 tsp soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/8 tsp baking powder
1 tsp Mapeline
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 1/2 C flour
1 C grated zucchini
1 C chopped nuts (optional)

Mix all together, put in buttered or non-stick sprayed loaf pan.  Bake at 325 degrees for 1 hour.  Easy to double this recipe.
And..... I am the new owner of 8 of these neat little cobalt colored dessert glasses.  I have *no* idea what pattern this is or how old they are.  Anyone?
I took my neat ripple afghan with me to the meeting as I wanted to work on it if I got bored.. LOL.. and I got a row done (the light blue on the right).  Next color will be Stylecraft "Magenta".

(Edited to add:  I am doing Lucy at Attic24 blog's "Neat Ripple" pattern and have joined her "Ripple Along" as she and her friend Heather are doing ripple blankets together.)
I think this will make a neat blanket to put over the back of the leather "guest" chair in our family room.  It should "warm" up the brown leather.  I must say, you do have to count, count, count with this pattern - not as easy as the Granny Stripe as far as in not having to think and count.
I hope you have enjoyed me sharing the smell of roast beef and onions.. and the Fall leaves and things. Thanks for visiting!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. I agree about the counting - you can't switch off and just crochet. Which is what I like to do watching TV - crochet without the brain! Sorry to hear about your gout - my DH suffers from it and it is extremely painful. He has had it for years and it just comes on suddenly for no reason - we have tried to work out dietary triggers and can't find any. Meds are the only thing that one can do - if taken early if you feel an attack coming on, they can reduce the severity of it. Good luck with it and I hope this is your first and last episode.

  2. Ripple afghan is looking good. You've just turned me off Lucy's pattern though if you have to count all the time. I've been thinking of doing a ripple and its been a toss up between Lucy's and the granny type ripple (which I think has just won the toss). What a wonderful DH you have (can't you tell I'm jealous) .. the zucchini bread looks yummy but I need to know what mapeline is as we don't have that over here.

  3. I can smell the beef from here Teresa, what a gem of a Hb you have there. The book sounds really interesting and to have it signed by the author...that is the icing on the cake for you. I am sure getting out made you feel better as well. Enjoy all your autumn sights,smells and sounds!
    Jane x

  4. Those books sounds great I will definitely check them out. Well done for going out, even though you felt under the weather. I love your ripple progress. I have never had Courgette bread and I really must try it :)

  5. Teresa, so glad you are feeling better even if it is a tiny bit, every little bit helps. It sounds like you had an amazing day and to come home to all that wonderful are a lucky girl. Love the blanket, the colors are beautiful and even if you have to count it isn't as boring as my Chocolate yarn sucking blanket, I think I need to make something cheery now.
    Hugs to you,

  6. I was sorry to read that you are unwell, how horrible for you. At least you have a good man to take care off you, and crochet for when you need to take the weight off your poor legs. X

  7. Isn't it wonderful to meet someone you've admired? I'm sure that helped make you feel better..that and coming home to a meal cooked for you! How wonderful is that?! Hope you continue to feel better.

  8. What a cozy post! Your back porch is so lovely. All the leaves make it look extra rustic and fall-ish :) Despite your poor foot is sounds like you had a lovely time at your meeting. Those books do sound interesting. I might have to visit the library soon. And your hubby is so sweet! The fact that he even took pictures for you adds that extra bit of special love. It looks like your blanket is coming along wonderfully! So many ladies whose blogs I follow are starting blankets and I'm really starting to get the fever for it. I'm debating on either the ripple or the granny stripe. Decisions decisions!

  9. Your outing to meet the author sounds great! I thought about doing a ripple but now that I know that YOU have to count, I have a feeling my rows would be like a tidal wave rather than a ripple. Ha! Hope you have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  10. Mrs. Teresa Your hubby is wonderful with those baked goodies!!! Yummy!

    I love books/movies/tv shows about pioneering days. Little House on the Prairie, the Love Saga by Jeanette Oke. I love the simpler (maybe not so simpler) but God fearing family oriented times.

    I adore the blue glass!!! My grandma had some similar but I know nothing about it! Hope you find out soon and let us know!

  11. So.... what time should Scott be there for his hubbie training. Great job my friend. Zuch Brean and Dinner too. You really have trained well. I haven't a clue about the pattern on those glasses, but I do have a clue that I love love that color blue. Is this your first A24 ripple, you will love it when you are done. I have done a few and they do get easier as you go along and see the spots. Thanks again for the PIF. I will include it in my next posting. Didn't want it to get lost in the last of the vacas.

  12. As a nurse, I'll pretend I didn't just read that your eating beef during a gout attack. Drink your water.

    Love that blue dish.

  13. I'm thinking of a ripple for the next baby blanket and yours is looking very pretty already. May just have to give it a go!

  14. Lovely pictures, pretty your home looks. The book does sound interesting and how lovely that you met the author and had it signed! Your blanket is progressing really fast! Hope you are feeling much better now, take care. Helen x

  15. Hi Teresa, your ripple blanket is looking wonderful. I've only done a ripple cushion but did have to concentrate to get it right. A ripple blanket is on my ever increasing list of to dos. Isn't the stylecraft lovely to work with - I'm using that for my granny stripe at the moment. Hope you are feeling better ((hugs)) Joanna xx

  16. Love all the photos Teresa, especially like the blue glass. Your DH is such a sweet man - think mine is as well (smile)
    Sorry to read that you have not been welL hope you soon feel better. Love Anne x


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