Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moon, Art Cards & Crochet Progress

I read that last night was going to be a "Hunter's Moon" - and when it got good and dark, I took my camera outside to see what I could see.  And there it was, a big, bright, beautiful full moon!  I zoomed my little Canon PowerShot SX200 with a 12x Optical Zoom all the way out and tried to steady my hand to get a shot.  I didn't think I had much of a photo, but when I downloaded this image and cropped it, I was pretty happy with what I saw!  I also thought it was neat that there was a rainbow hued circle around it.
And then I thought you might want to see the absolutely delicious pot roast dinner that my hubby made.  He is very kind and thoughtful to cook for us especially when I have a painful foot.  It was pointed out that I should probably not be eating beef with my gout, so he's finishing off the leftovers.  But it was really good!
Below is a funny shot of my cat, Lucy, a tortoise point Himalayan -- we watched in amazement last evening as she jumped up on the entertainment center while we watched TV.  I had to get a photo.
And when the mail came yesterday I was quite pleased to see a package from the lovely Vanessa at a favorite blog of mine, "Do You Mind if I Knit".  She is a talented knitter and crocheter, and does the *MOST* amazing paper mache sculptures!  She actually decided to photograph her sculptures and have greeting cards printed to sell - and I ordered a package of them.  She wrapped them in tissue and tied them with a striped string with a darling "Thank You" card that she wrote a sweet message on the other side.  Talk about quality!!  *T*H*A*N*K* * *Y*O*U*!*!*!* Vanessa!!
Here are the five cards I ordered.
My favorite is this adorable ginger kitty with butterflies.
 And below is a close-up of the amazing artistry in her sculptures -- see the eyes?
I do hope you visit her blog.. she's delightful.
And above is the progress on my neat ripple blanket.  I've joined in a "Ripple-Along" with the lovely Lucy at Attic24 and her friend and neighbor, Heather at Little Tin Bird - both in England.  It's fun as they're inviting others to ripple with them and have even started a photo group to share our photos on Flickr!!  You should join in the fun!!

OK, back to my crocheting and TV watching.. tonight is a favorite of ours, Survivor!!  Thanks for stopping in for a visit!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Yummy pot roast! Darling kitty cat! Cute cards! Love the wavy afghan!! And hope your foot is getting better!!!

  2. Just thinking of your health with the beef. Hope you're starting to feel better.

    The moon lit my path on my long and painful walk. Don't know what I will do when there is no moon for the new moon.

    Wish I had time to join the ripple along.

  3. I love how you jump from that FABULOUS shot of the moon to that even more FABULOUS shot of the roast dinner!Well done Hubby! Yes, Vanessa is indeed a true artist, I love her stuff. The last time I did a ripple I was so glad to get to the end but good luck with yours. It looks really pretty. Have a great weekend, Teresa. Rest that foot some more and very soon your Hubby will be a Masterchef!

  4. Love the big white moon picture! and Vanessa's cards are gorgeous aren't they, I have just received my pack too and love them! Enjoy your rippling, and have a very happy day, Teresa. Helen x

  5. I'm a survivor junkie too. The kitty card is my favorite too. She's very talented. Hope you're feeling better!

  6. The moon was gorgeous! I love Vanessa's little sculptures too. They are so sweet! The ripple is coming along nicely. Take it easy on your foot, it's a good excuse to sit and crochet :)

  7. Your pot roast dinner looks great. I'm planning to make the same thing over the weekend. Today I have spaghetti sauce in the crock pot. YUM.

    Beautiful cat! Hope you are feeling better each day. Hugs.

  8. I love your Moon photo, such fun. Vanessa is a gifted artist I enjoy her blog so much she amazes me. Happy hooking on your blanket, I am not up for another blanket right now but I wish you lots of luck,

  9. Wow Teresa what a great photo of the moon, it's a fantastic shot. The ripple is looking lovely. ((hugs)) Joanna xx

  10. That is a gorgeous moon shot there Teresa. Glad to hear that you are being well looked after and are enjoying some restful crochet. Enjoy the weekend,
    Jane x

  11. That dinner looks so good. I have never really liked pot roast since a kid, but this picture it making me want to try it again now as an adult/kid. Maybe, it's the gravy. I love gravy and that my friend is one thing I can make. Gravy, my grandfather taught me that one as a kid. And neither of us needed it one bit.

    Great picture of the moon. And I love how your ripple is turning out. I can't wait to finish my rainbow and start one. But, yesterday I made a 20 row big mistake that had to be frogged. Not happy needless to say. Frogging is an understatement. Back on track today and hope to show and tell a few things soon.

  12. Teresa, Hi, I can't keep up with your posting! You are a blogging machine! AND everything you are doing is so great and wonderful. Love the cards, I must get some too, I have Vanessa's first ones. Your ripple is so pretty and working up F-A-S_T!
    Enjoy, xoRobin❤

  13. Hope you are healing a bit and I adore that blanket. Great colors. Also have to say that the pot roast looks fabulous....

  14. That photo of the moon is remarkable--especially since you got that steady shot without a tripod. Nicely done.

    I'm liking your ripple blanket.


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