Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stargazer Lily, Making Jewelry & Thank You Jane!!

We had a stem of Stargazer Lilies coming up in one of our pots on the deck this summer... and it grew and grew and got taller and taller and finally put on flower buds and can you believe it just began to bloom, in October?  When I was heading off to swim today I asked hubby if he'd cut the stem and put it in a vase for us to enjoy inside the house.  Had we left it outside it would have gotten rained on, blown by wind and cold.  So, here is our brave survivor.. isn't it beautiful?  We love this flower, it was in my wedding bouquet.  They smell wonderful, too.  
I've been making jewelry today... for gifts for my Pay-it-Forward contest I had a while ago and also for the gallery at Vista House where my jewelry is sold.  The items in the shop there need to fit the mission statement of this historic building in the Columbia River Gorge.  The pine cones are what make my jewelry fit the mission.  The ones I'm making today are to wear during the holidays - with red Swarovski crystals and green crystal rondelles.  All the metal is sterling silver.  I just put this design in my Etsy store (link on the upper right of my blog page).
Aren't crystals pretty?
And last but certainly not least, I want to thank my British blog friend, Jane from Jane's Journal for the FABOOOOOOOOOOO gift she sent me when I won her blog "Give-Away"!!  She made this beautiful hand-made and personally designed card with a lovely heartfelt message inside.  Isn't it pretty?
In addition to being a talented card maker she is a brilliant jewelry maker!  She and I have so much in common with our arts!  This is a "Bag Charm" she made - it's garden themed with a Ladybug glass bead, a silver butterfly, silver basket of flowers and a faboo handmade glass bead.  I *LOVE* it!!
*T*H*A*N*K* * *Y*O*U*!*!*!* 
I will hang this charm on my Cath Kidston handbag I ordered from the CK website in England.  

Thanks for stopping by to visit.. and again, I adore your comments, that has made me so happy to feel I've made friends around the globe.

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Love the lily AND those earrings. How nice to receive that charm! Gorgeous!

  2. Love the jewelry!!! And LOVE Stargazers!!

  3. I love those lillies too!! Buy them all the time and they smell so sweet too!!You make beautiful earrings and the charm you won is lovely too!!Greetings from India.

  4. Stargazer is my favorite lily. Strange it bloomed in October. Lovely gifts all around.

    Sorry, I just got home from work and my brain is fried.

  5. O wow Teresa your parcel has arrived already...I am SO pleased and also delighted you like your card and bag charm, it was sent with lots of blogging love! Your stargazer bloom is so spectacular and your new earrings look beautiful too. Enjoy your day,it has just starting to turn autumnal here in the UK too,
    Jane x

  6. Lovely lilies and lovely jewelry today too. Congratulations on winning Jane's lovely giveaway. You DO share a creative connection! Have a happy day, Teresa!
    Helen x

  7. Hi Teresa,
    Love your giveaway from Jane. Her cards are so special too. Your earrings are so pretty and the stargazer is magnificent.
    I actually ordered 2 bag charms from Jane, and am awaiting my special parcel!

    Have a sunny bright day, my friend, xoRobin❤

  8. The lilies are gorgeous! I had lilies in my bouquet when I got married as well :) The earrings are adorable.

  9. You have been those sweet earrings. The little pine cones are adorable. Hugs for a great day

  10. Ooh Teresa i have soo loved catching up on your posts i didn't realize i'd missed sooo many oops you are a very talented lady indeedy oh yes!
    Nice to see the boy's keeping you busy hehe I too had stargazers in my bouquet us ladies know a good flower hehe can't wait tosee what bag you chose :0) much love Amanda xx

  11. Hello busy lady! Love your new earrings the pine cones are very appropriate for this time of year :-) You're very lucky winning that beautiful card! What kind of CK bag have you ordered? x

  12. YEA!!! You got the donut maker!!! Tell hubby they are a fun once in a while treat! And the grands will love making these with you!!!
    Have fun with it!
    Did you get my last email?

  13. One of my all time favourite flowers..stunning
    Congratulations on the win too
    Hugs xx

  14. Gosh, the lily is stunning! And to think you grew it and it's so perfect, isn't that marvellous! I do love the pine cones on the earrings Teresa, they're just beautiful! Vanessa xxxx


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