Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Sun Returns

A lot has been going on since my post on Wednesday.  When I got home from swimming I began to have pain in my right foot.  It got worse on Thursday and so I called the doctor and they worked me in yesterday.  Gads.. the doctor saw me and diagnosed me with.. gout! Ick!  I then had to have blood drawn and an x-ray on my foot!  We had to pick up some medication on the way home.  I sure hope you never get this affliction, it sure does hurt!  

Today I am taking it easy and am happy to have the sun return after several days of grey rain.  Dayle and our middle kid, Shawn, have taken our 2 older grandsons fishing today, so I'm doubly happy for the sun as they'll have more fun.  I sent my waterproof camera with him, in case he falls in the lake.  LOL!  I hope he gets a few good shots.

Below is a photo of the sun streaming through into the dining room.. it looked so cheery that I thought I'd share it with you.
Below is an Autumn Scare Crow decoration I made years ago with my younger sister, Denise.  We totally made them up as we went, and we made the skeleton with rolled up aluminum foil so we could pose them.  She sewed up the jeans cut out of a pair of old Levis, we sewed on some "patches" and used an old piece of twine to tie them on for a "belt".  She sewed some gingham for the shirt and we sewed on a button.  We cut the bandana and left the edges frayed.  We used unbleached muslim for the head, hands and feet, stuffed them and tied them on with raffia to give the effect of being stuffed with straw like a big scare crow.  We embroidered on a face and made the hat out of a circle of red felt.

Do you use Scare Crows where you live?  They're used here in the USA in garden and fields to scare the crows away so they don't eat all the corn! :-)  Of course they're made human sized to make the crows think the farmer is there.  They've become a symbol of Autumn and harvest time for us here.
I have my stash of Stylecraft yarn sitting next to me and plan to start a ripple afghan this afternoon.  I'll show you my progress when I get some done.  I'm going to use Lucy's pattern here:  Attic24

Thanks for visiting.. I hope you're having a happy weekend.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Youch, you poor thing! I hope you are feeling better soon. I love you scarecrow. I am sure crocheting your ripple should make you feel a lot better really soon.

  2. I hope your foot gets better very soon. I have heard that gout is painful. I hope you are getting some relief. Your little scarecrow is so cute. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I win a crochet one in a giveaway I entered. Tomorrow I'll know. Have fun with your ripple. I've made one using Lucy's pattern too. Do we get a peek at your yarn?

  3. Sorry about the gout. I have a minor affliction with it. If I have beef too many nights in a row, my right toe hurts. Make sure to drink plenty of water to flush out the excess uric acid in your system.

    I wish I could wake up in your house. All your pictures are always so charming.

  4. Ow, my boss suffers with it and I know it hurts a lot.
    Get better soon, enjoy your ripple.

  5. Gout is terribly painful from what I hear. My little brother gets it in his foot also, and he went pot the hospital certain he had broken it!!
    Take care of yourself!! The sun coming in is very pretty ideed!

  6. I hope you are feeling better now. Have fun with your yarn. The scare crows can be seen here in the cherry trees. But often farmers have kind of a canon to chase away the birds. I love the scare crows better because they don't scare ME. I hate the shooting.

  7. How exciting to start a new blankie, and a ripple! I hope your foot gets better soon, I once had an attack of accute inflammatory arthritis in my foot and it was extremely painful, I couldn't even sleep well because at night my foot started throbbing even worse! Relax, put your foot up and ripple away :-)
    p.s. it just occured to me that I know scarecrows only from children's books, I love them, but I haven't actually ever seen one here in Belgium!

  8. Oh Teresa, I have been worried about you since you posted about your foot on my blog. I hear it is very painful, yuck! Hopefully you will be healing and up and about in no time. Can't wait to see your blanket. Have a cup of tea, put your foot up and crochet the day away.

  9. Owch Teresa, gout is very painful. I'm glad your doctor got you sorted quickly and on the correct tabs. Your room looks very beautiful today and it's great to see the sun shining on you. We too have scarecrows in the fields in some places, they are such fun!
    Take care and feel better soon,
    Jane x

  10. Gout is very painful, so I hope it goes away soon for you. Take care!

  11. Hi Teresa, sorry to hear you are suffering - I've heard gout is really painful. Hope you are feeling better soon but what better way of resting than relaxing with your crochet. I started another granny stripe yesterday but a ripple is next on my to do list. Love the scarecrow by the way. Take care ((hugs)) Joanna xx

  12. Ouch! So sorry to hear about the gout. Hope it gets better soon. I always look forward to your beautiful makes, Teresa.Have a good week. x

  13. So sorry about your foot! I hope it heals quickly!

  14. Hi so sorry to hear you have Dad used to get it and l know how painful it can be
    Hope it gets better soon
    hugs xx


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