Monday, October 3, 2011

Taking 4 boys to the Zoo

We decided to take all 4 of our grandsons to the Oregon Zoo yesterday, it was the last day that the Zoo Train would be running for a while and the two youngest boys *LOVE* trains!  When we arrived we made a bee-line to the train.  The photo below shows all 4 of the boys sitting on a life-size bronze Lion sculpture.  From left, Michael, Gabriel, Hayden & Caleb.. oh.. and Grandpa.
It was a bit misty and drizzly yesterday, but we didn't mind, we kept pretty warm and dry the whole time.  Here is grandpa and Gabe on the train.  The photo I took of the other 3 was too fuzzy to post.  Photographing 4 wiggly boys is a challenge to say the least. :-)
Here are the baby boys seeing the elephants from the backside of their habitat.
After the 35 minute train ride all around the Zoo, we began hiking around trying to find an animal that was not hiding in it's "den".  The Tiger below was barely able to be seen, thank goodness for zoom lens'. :-)
The most active animals we saw were the Giraffes!  On the left is the baby that was born at our Zoo not long ago.  It's mama is following along.
There are little Speke's Gazelles that live in the same habitat with the Giraffes.  
A close up of the mother giraffe.
Mom and baby.
Some interesting berries on some of the bushes.  I must say, this zoo is planted with a lot of varieties of unusual plants.. very green and nice.
We kept hearing drums playing as we walked through the Savanna portion of the Zoo.. I fully expected to come upon some natives performing.. but then we found this fun thatched hut with 3 drums and some bells on the walls.  Of course our 4 boys had fun making their own music.
I am showing a photo of the elephant from our last trip to the zoo.. as our photo from this trip wasn't as good.  We have a wonderful elephant breeding program here and have had 28 elephants born here!
Right before we left I got a photo of the boys in front of this big stuffed bear in front of the gift shop.  Cute!
We only had one casualty -- Gabriel was running to hide from the little boys and Grandpa in one exhibit and ran smack into a glass wall!  He had a knot on his forehead the size of a walnut!  Grandpa was laughing so hard, but I gave Gabe a sympathetic hug.  He's got a hat on to cover his bump in this photo.. and is smiling again.  :-)

Well, I have some things to do and swimming to go to, so I better sign off for now.  Thanks for the visit and thanks for the precious comments... I love you guys!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. What a perfect day. I love a really nice zoo tha has a lot of room for the animals to roam. I bet you and Grandpa were tired after the big day. Hugs to you Teresa,

  2. How fun! Poor little guy with the knot on his head! =( He really needed those hugs, I'm sure.

  3. Your zoo looks like a wonderful place. Don't you just love photographing close-ups of giraffes ? All your photos are beautiful and I especially like the ones of your boys. In that one of Grandpa and Gabe on the train, Grandpa looks just like my next door neighbour !!

  4. What fun...thank you for sharing! Looks like a beautiful day! xoxo

  5. Zoos are a blast! I'm so glad you got to take the boys before it got too cold. It looks and sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time :)

  6. What a cute group of guys you have. A trip to the zoo is always special.

  7. wow! what a fab day out and cute lucky
    Sorry to hear about the bump..hope it goes down soon
    Hugs to all xx

  8. My word! Four boys to the Zoo! You are brave or crazy!!! Or maybe a bit of both. Only one casualty though is brilliant, unless your name is Gabe! I remember my impatient partner racing off into a mirror Maze with the baby in the pushchair! Hilarious to watch from the outside as he thundered around in frustration, bumping into walls. Nothing hurt but his pride! Nobody got lost on you trip either that is a bonus. The two oldest boys look like lovely fellas! bet they were a big help with the littlies. You and Granpa slept well that night I trust? :) x

  9. How lovely to see the grandsons (and grandpa!) enjoy themselves so much! Your zoo looks lovely and spacious. I remember entering a zoo in Russia while I was studying there and coming out crying after seeing the animals cramped up, dirty and sick. Which reminds me, today is World Animal Day! Extra hugs to Lucy the cat and Buddy my favourite blog-dog! :-) xxxx

  10. What a lovely day out to the zoo with your FOUR grandsons! It looks like a wonderful time and lots of fun. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures, Teresa.
    Helen x

  11. Hi Teresa,
    Oh my what an exciting day you all had. That zoo looks amazing, the animals so healthy and beautiful looking. And to think you had 4 grandsons with you, how lovely for you and your husband. I have to agree the two older boys look so sweet and well behaved. And they all have such beautiful smiles. As you can see I love kids too. So happy for you and Hb to still be surrounded by littlies, not forgetting the little girls but thank goodness for the boys. Thinking of you, xoRobin❤

  12. Gosh Teresa, 4 boys for the day...I should think they wore you out, bless them. Great idea to go to the zoo though and you must be thrilled you still have your grandsons so near. Take care,
    Jane x

  13. I'm an old girl and I would love a train ride around the zoo.

  14. Love that place--we took our grandsons there this summer too! FUN:)

  15. Oh Teresa what a great time at the Zoo.Thankyou for sharing

  16. What an awesome zoo! And a train ride too! The stuff little boys dream of :)

  17. Hi Teresa, what a great day out at the zoo. The boys look like they have had a lot of fun. Hope Gabe's bump has gone down! ((hugs)) Joanna


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