Saturday, October 1, 2011

This, That & Everything

I've snapped some photos over the last 3 days and this post will be a bit of a mishmash... but what-EVAH, :-)  The photo below is our back door and the sun was shining in illuminating my Autumn wreath and I thought it was pretty.  

Come on in! Nice to see you! :-)
Below is a shot of hubby cutting the pasture on the hillside behind the house.  He's wearing his new straw woven hat made in Africa that we got at the fiber festival.
Last evening we went out to dinner at Tad's Chicken'n Dumplins which is just down the Sandy River from us, less than a 10 minute drive from our house.  It's a very old restaurant and very beloved not only with those in our rural community, but people come from all over the Portland Metro area to dine here.  Here is the view from our table of the sun going down over the river.  Hubby had their Fried Chicken and I had grilled salmon.  Simply divine.  :-)
Here's their classic neon sign.. the funny thing is half the neon burned out YEARS ago, and so everyone calls it the "Chic Dump".  Also funny is that they never fixed this side of the sign for old times sake, the other side is fully illuminated.  Don't you love it?
Our new koi, Tiger, is doing well.
We have a few hydrangea flowers that managed to make it after hubby's chop job. :-)

Below is the deck in the sunshine... see hubby's red banana?  He wintered our last one over for 3 years but this year it finally bit the dust.  Here's the new baby red banana.
My good blog friend, Kate from The Garden Bell has been having fun with Pinterest and I noticed that she liked cobalt blue glass.. so I photographed my special art glass punch bowl for her.  I was looking on eBay for a punch bowl and found this one... it's got several Indians on horseback chasing buffalo all around it in a hunt.  I had to have it.  Isn't it neat?  Do any of you know anything about this bowl?
Below is one of the Indians shot from the inside of the bowl.
One of the buffalo running for it's life.
This afternoon, Kristi, our DIL who is married to our youngest son Travis, called and said that Caleb wanted to see "Papa and Gamma"... so she brought them out for a nice visit.  Here is 3 yr old Hayden on the left and 2 yr old Caleb.. I'm holding this fun toy that they can put balls in and the they roll down a spiral and land on the bottom.  They had a lot of fun, soon Caleb was up on my lap and shrieking with joy at the balls spinning around.
They they wanted to go outside even if it was misting.. and here they are at the top of the creek of our waterfall and Hayden has his arms around Grandpa's Chinese warrior - a copy of one from the terracotta warriors that they found in China.  If you don't know about this amazing archaeological discovery, you should google it! :-)
We fed the fish and all 5 of them came out for dinner.
Caleb saying "CHEEEEEEEEESE" and playing on the deck.
Autumn weather is in full force here.  Cloudy and misty.  But we're watching Antique Roadshow on Oregon Public Broadcasting in front of our cozy fire.  Ain't life grand?

I'll leave you with that cute little boy face smiling and hope that you're having a happy weekend.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. I'm not sure the bush I planted this spring will last through the winter; time will tell. Looks like you are getting lots of sun, we've had a lot of rain so far this fall. Enjoy your weekend. :-)

  2. Love the story of the Chick Dump! You said do you see hubby's red banana, and I thought you said red bandana. I spent a good while looking for the red bandana!!!
    Glad you got some grandson time in. Good for the soul! Love that you are having nice cool weather! It is upper 90's here today. Ugh!!!

  3. Nice to have family around to just pop in. Liking that blue bowl, nice find. Have a great weekend.

  4. Hi Teresa, thanks for visiting my blog. You know when you read a blog post & it just makes you happy? This blog post makes me happy. Autumn is my fave season & I think you live in one of the prettiest places in the world, esp in the autumn. I love the first photo!! xx

  5. I really wish we could have an banana Teresa but there is no space to over winter it.Your's looks fun..I will watch it grow with interest. We are still really in summer, 30oc yesterday and more to come today...yipee. I also love that cobalt blue dish, what a great could take it to an Antique Roadshow ....?! Enjoy your Sunday,
    Jane x

  6. Again I feel like I just want to come over and stay for a while in your cozy, loving home. Beautiful pictures Teresa,

  7. Lovely photographs the Autumn wreath shot is beautiful, so are the fish. The Blue bowl is great too. In fact oh just all of them again. I love your posts. Nice to see two happy faces having fun. :) The Chic Dump sounds great.

  8. Your photos are always so lovely...what great ways to celebrate Autumn...happy weekend.

  9. I love your pictures as always. Wish I could sit on your deck and knit for awhile. Your grandsons are as cute as they can be.

  10. Beautiful photos Teresa. The one of the wreath is just gorgeous- so love the colours and I also thought the blue bowl gorgeous as well. My two year old granddaughter Phoeb class grandpa papa and me mama - so sweet. Your grandsons are just lovely. Anne x

  11. What a sweet post of your little grandsons Teresa. . I love the Cheeeeeeeeese photo and the amazed one. They sure are cute boys. Your koi fish is so pretty, I love to watch those fish and always have. I love pictures of them, drawings and basically anything koi.
    I think I would want to visit that restaurant just for its neon sign. LOL
    Hope you had a great weekend. xoRobin❤

  12. Beautiful shots and such great light in them. I have to say that I adore that chicken-n-dumplings sign.

  13. Hi Teresa, what lovely sunny pictures. Our heatwave has ended and it is a blustery wet evening here so its nice to see our sunny photos. Your blue bowl is beautiful. Looks like the boys have had good fun. Hope you have a good week Joanna xx

  14. Howdy, Have you found anything out about that bowl? My grandma has one and wants to know more about it. She bought it about 10 years ago at a yard sale. Please email me with any info. thank you so much

  15. Hi Teresa, I was also wondering if you have found anything out about the punch bowl. I have the exact same one. I have had it for many many years too. You can email me at

    thanks so much, hope to hear from you


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