Monday, December 12, 2011

Merry Christmas.. to me! :-)

I attended the Portland Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution meeting today at the Red Lion Hotel near the Convention Center.  It was fun as everyone was wearing Christmassy things and we had a silent auction and we all brought an ornament to share and sang a carol or two.  It was another brilliantly sunny day and I pulled over alongside the Sandy River on the way home to snap this photo.  The sun sparkling on water is one of my favorite things.  What is yours?
When I arrived home, there were 3 packages and a card awaiting me!  This box below is from Lucy R. in Essex UK - they had a Swap in the "We Love Lucy" group on Ravelry and I sent a box to Lucy and she sent me this.. ohhhh.. fun! 
Talk about fun, to open a box from someone from a different country who has tried to learn about you by visiting your blog and reading about your likes and dislikes.. and to see what they put together for you!  She wrapped everything in this wonderful printed linen - I'll show you more of it soon... 
I opened the card and this absolutely DELIGHTFUL card that you open up and it makes a 3D snow globe.. it's so neat and I've never seen anything like it! :-) 
Lucy had wrapped everything is pretty tissue.. and packed it in pretty red shredded tissue. 
Here is the printed linen.. with scenes from Lucy's home area.  Oh how I'd love to visit there! 
3 adorable Christmas themed stitch markers!   
4 lovely squishy organic cotton skeins.. ohhh.. yum! 
Look at this FAB handpainted glass ornament with a British flag on it.. it will take pride of place on my Christmas tree and I'll think of Lucy each time I see it.  AND it's from Sainsbury's which I've heard of but never seen.
Then.. another fun thing.. a puzzle ball.. can't wait to put this together as I love puzzles! 
She included this fun publication so we can learn about Essex.. and of course I adore anything coastal and light-house-y! :-) 
Also in the box was this fun post card with a map so I can see where things are. 
And I was thrilled with this GREAT little cookbook.. it has recipes from each County in her area - I handed it to hubby and suggested he might try some of these.. LOL!  He read all the titles and we both enjoyed the names of things immensely. 
Such as "Essex Meat Layer Pudding".   
Here is a group shot of everything.. plus the "Wishes" chocolate.. except for 2 things that I didn't get in this photo... 
2 precious and wonderful hand-crocheted stocking ornaments!  What is fun, is these are so very similar to ones I've made, but special to me as Lucy made them!
Lucy.. *T*H*A*N*K* * *Y*O*U*!*!*!* so very much!  I love everything so much!!  I can't wait to hear that you've received the box I sent to you.  *<[]:{D
I also received a vintage cherub ornament from Italy - this one is tiny - that I found on
I also got my 3rd ornament in a swap in the "We Love Lucy II" group on Facebook. This one is from the swap organizer, Dionne L.  - she also included a neat crochet hook with a pretty swirl design down the center!  Thanks, Dionne!
At the DAR meeting today I got this crystal candle holder in the silent auction - it's an Oleg Cassini design. 
And.... a huge bag of baby colored yarn was given to me by the sweet Sandy D.  There must be 20-25 skeins in there.  She bought it to make a baby thing for her granddaughter, who is now a teen and so she needs different colors.  She knows I make a lot of baby gifts. Wasn't that nice???
And lastly, I just had to show you -- my younger sister Denise's son, Shane, is on a 6 week trip touring SE Asia and sent us this photo.  Roar! Scary!  The next day he sent a photo of him riding an elephant!  What a kid! 

And so my friends.. time for me to relax.  This social whirl has made me tired. :-)  Time for me to "blob" and take it easy.  Love and hugs all around.. 
  *M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow! Such beautiful gifts! You are one lucky girl Teresa :) Love those purple yarns!!

    We have a puzzle ball, my 4 year old loves it when it's out. They are so much fun!

    Enjoy all your goodies!!! :)

  2. Teresa, how exciting to receive such a special gift from Lucy! Do you mean of Attic 24? I love her blog, She is the one who inspired me to crochet!!! Such fun! And the other things too...very fun to come home to such gifts! The photo of your nephew is something! Wow!!! Now go relax!!

  3. Wow, that was a really nice package. Lucky you.

    I would love to have my picture with a tiger. That is so cool.

  4. [I laughed when I read the 3 comments above because the first response I had to your great post was WOW!!!] We are unanimous (: I am glad you had such a happy day full of so many wonderful surprises including our sparkling Sandy River. That card is amazing, and I have not seen anything like it either. [My kids got me a 3-D globe puzzle a few years ago which was amazing to put together.] I love lighthouses and yarn and England, too. And if I had any doubt before, I no longer do, after seeing your nephew's have a loving adventurous family! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for life with us. <3

  5. What amazing packages Teresa, I can just imagine the fun you had opening them all and cooing over the contents. Your swap partner is definitely a good one! I'm so enjoying your lovely Christmas posts, they make me smile every time I see one pop up. X

  6. What a wonderful parcel from Lucy - she truly did put a lot of care and love into choosing everything for you from over here. And, the tiger photo is amaaaazing! Di xx

  7. What a lovely parcel you received from Lucy. I've loved reading your last few posts about the children's christmas lunch and also the dinner for your siblings - what a wonderful time you are having and I feel very christmassy after reading them. I've just shown the tiger photo to my husband - wow!! ((hugs)) Joanna xx

  8. What wonderful gifts! I want the kitty cat :)

  9. Lovely Christmas gifts from some very lovely blog friends. So glad you had fun opening all your special presents. Have a wonderful day,

  10. I love your swap package how lovely, the snow globe card is ingenious and the puzzle looks fun, it is all fantastic. You Postie must have his knees buckling delivering to you. Shane is either crazy or brave, I hope never to have a photograph of either of my sons sitting, petting a tiger...Great picture though, what an adventure! :)

  11. That is a gorgeous package Teresa chosen with great care. I had to smile when I saw the tea towel as it is of Colchester in Essex where my daughter lived and worked for the last 2 years until she moved to Southampton this year. I know it SO well and it is very pretty indeed (except for the 1 way system-LOL). Enjoy your early Christmas present, you deserve it.
    Jane x

  12. Such lovely items you were gifted. The card is amazing. Love those cute little stockings. So very nice of the lady to give you all the yarn...I love it when you include something yarny in your posts! :) And wow on that last photo. He's very brave. :)

    Blessings always

  13. Wow! Very nice, all of it! I love the pic of your nephew with the tiger. That is just too cool. :o)

  14. What a box of treasures. I think each and everyone of them is totally cool. But, I think a piece of paper is cool. What fun you are going to have with all that yarn. I can't wait to see what you are gong to make. WOW..a tiger too. You do need to go and rest up after this tour.

    We are finally winding down on the 80yrs tribute. What a project. Hope to be back in the swing of things in a day or so. Just need more than 4 hours sleep tonight.


  15. Teresa, you really scored with your special Christmas gifts. They are all so great and thought out for you. Love the knitting markers and the beautiful purple Rowan yarn. You will look so pretty in that color scheme!
    Kids are not scared of anything, how exciting for them, not me!
    Take care and enjoy these pre christmas days, xoRobin❤

  16. What joy...and so much FUN to open. Looks like you are so enjoying your pre-Christmas days. Hugs.

  17. What a breathtaking collection of wonderful gifts was in that lovely box, Teresa!! No wonder you were thrilled...and what fun to open each one!
    Btw...the sun sparkling on water is one of my most favourite things too...
    Have a happy cheery week (and have fun enjoying your gifts).
    Helen x


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