Monday, May 7, 2012

Family Birthday Celebration

We had a fun weekend, how about you?  We had our 2 oldest grandsons here overnight and then I made a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting from scratch for the birthday boys, our 2 sons.  Then we headed to our son Shawn's house for a birthday party for several family members. Our daughter-in-law Beth made homemade Lasagna for us all. Both sons, DILs, 4 grandsons and my sister Denise were there.  
I baked the cake at home and made the frosting, and we took both over there so the cake could cool well before I frosted it.  So... right before dinner was served I was frosting the cake and the 3 and 4 year old grandsons were right there watching and very excited about *cake*. After I got it all smoothed out... as quick as a wink Caleb the 3 year old stuck his whole hand in the frosting on the cake and grabbed a handful!!!  Someone snatched him up and I was able to finish frosting the cake.  :-)  He enjoyed licking every bit of frosting off his hand before someone washed him up.  Now there is a family memory to savor.
I took this photo of the cake, I wish I could share it with you.  The cake has cinnamon and the frosting has Bourbon Vanilla in it.  It was yummy!
We had such a nice time watching the kids enjoy their gifts and visiting.
The boys. 
My sister Denise joined us - she'd asked if she could come sometime as she hadn't seen the boys in a while.  She gave me this adorable little hobnail vase she'd found in an antique store recently.  It's sooOOoo cute!  This morning I went out and picked a bouquet of Lily-of-the-Valley that is starting to bloom.  They look perfect in this vase!
A close-up. 
I took my 2 new vases out on the deck for a "photo shoot".  We're having a fabulous run of sunny and warm weather!  Hubby is out mowing right now and I'm heading off to the pool for my swim.   

You can even see a goldfish in the middle of the lilacs in this shot. :-) 
Have you noticed the doily in these shots?  My sister-in-law D'Ann gave this to me after they returned from a mission in Mexico for a year and a half - they were gifted with several of these on their departure from a grateful Mexican seamstress.  I love the ribbon embellishment and the lavender crocheted lace edging. 
Do you have any fun plans for the week?  I hope your garden is giving you flowers and wonderful aromas.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I love the candles on the cake. I also think the Angry birds hat is so cool. Wonderful photographs again...I am jealous of your camera phone! :)

  2. Hi Teresa, Love the looks of that cake and I love the frosting professional! I adore carrot cake and the vanilla bourbon sounds so tasty. I can feel the fun you had in this post. So nice that you have so much fun with your family. The vases are so pretty and the flowers are superb. I think lily of the valley is probably my favorite, the look and smell. Enjpy your week and your swims.

  3. That cake looks so delicious. I love carrot cake! Looks like an all around fun family event. Aren't families grand (most of the time)? ;-D
    I love your vase and flowers. Thanks for the post.

  4. Ohh I wish you'd gotten a picture of the cake post-rescue from Caleb!! Sounds like something I would do even as an adult...

    Lovely lilacs, did you notice how well they matched your doily or was it all well planned? Looks very nice! x

  5. Our lilacs aren't blooming yet, but we are enjoying the sunshine and had a fun baby shower for my oldest daughter's family yesterday. Driving on Orient Dr. to Sandy the views of the nurseries, and Mt. Hood are stunning today. The photos of your lovely flowers, and vases and koi and family fun are joyous! So glad you can go swimming, too! <3

  6. Well, I do believe that had I been standing there watching you frost that cake, I may have lost control a little, and stuck my hand in too!!! Sort of an "oopsie daisey" kind of a thing!!! It could happen!
    Looked amazingly delicious!
    Love seeing the boys with the familiar toys that are so loved around here! Love the hobnail vase your sister got you, and the one your daughter got you! The lilacs are gorgeous, as are the lily of the valley. Isn't it fun seeing everything coming to life!! The doily from Mexico is beautiful, and even more special that it has meaning.
    XO Kris

  7. Great looking cake AND lilacs! Sounds like a fun time was had!

  8. Hi Teresa .. I noticed that lovely doily a few posts back and thought it was beautiful. Reminded me of work my mother used to do. She was a keen embroiderer in her early years. That cake looks delish - no wonder Caleb couldn't wait !! Always enjoy looking at your glorious pictures - you should take up professional photography !!

  9. Beautiful pictures as usual. You have surely been blessed with an eye for photography. Love everything about this post?

  10. Yum! Your carrot cake and frosting sound heavenly (even after downing a good portion of my hubby's chocolate candies)!
    Love lilacs--and they smell so delicious as you pass by them. Your lily of the valley is also beautiful; really you are tempting me to add more bulbs this coming year!
    I loved the sunshine Sunday--made a trip UP-hill to see three snow capped mountains in all their glory plus trees and some wildflowers...if only our sunshine would continue!
    Glad you had such a special family time; it looks like you have a wonderful place for entertaining AND enjoying the simple things of life too:) I think your deck would be a wonderful place for breakfast or tea or almost anything!

  11. Gosh your flowers are so gorgeous. Ours are getting puny as it is starting to get really warm. The boys look so happy.
    Hugs to you,

  12. That cake looks so yummy! And that doily? LOVE that! Just gorgeous!

  13. Hello Teresa it looks as though you had a fabulous family time. The cake looks delicious. Love the vases. I recently made lily of the valley as part of a sugar decoration for a cake. We have had some sunny days but rain is forecast again. The doily is beautiful. You have some really lovely things and your photos are as always wonderful. Anne x


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