Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dahlia's Make Good Neighbors

When I got home from swimming yesterday I glanced over at the field across the country road from us and saw the dahlias in their bright rows so I popped in the house and grabbed my camera and walked across the road to snap a few photos.  There is an old saying that "fences make the best neighbors" - but I think flowers make even BETTER ones! :-) 
The gate was wound shut by blackberry vines so I got all my shots from one spot.  Zoom... The white flowers on the right are everlasting flowers, they dry well. 
I will be keeping my eye out for the farmers to be there and will walk over and buy a bucket of these soon.  The farmers lease the field (which used to house a herd of Angus cows) and are from Laos.  They grow these and sell them in bouquets at Portland area farmer's markets.  

 Dahlias come in so many colors and shapes, I adore them!
There was a big patch of yellow flowers.. not sure what they are. 

Here are the blackberries that were wound around the gate at the fence.  I was embarrassed when I heard the gravel crunch and realized the neighbors in their car were coming down their drive and would see me standing by their gate.. their window was down so I said.. "HI!".. ::smile:: -- and I said.. "I was just taking some photos, I live across the road..."  And they said, oh, sure, go on in and look around if you like.  :-) 
This is our farm from over there! 
Then I walked up to the next gate where the farmers go in and out, it was locked and no one was around, so I snapped these photos of the other field of flowers.
Pretty, pretty. 

Heading back to the house I saw that my Scentimental rose was giving me 4 last blooms of the summer.  It's a very fragrant and beautiful rose.  You can see I adore variegated flowers.  :-)
We invited our 2 oldest grandsons to go to the State Fair with us - they arrive in an hour or so.  This is going to be FUN as they've never been to the Oregon State Fair.. they are in for a surprise!  I hope they like farm animals.. :-)  Yes, I'm taking my camera.. "see" you tomorrow with some fun photos!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I'd say flowers DO make the best neighbors! I wouldn't want to be inside with a view like that.

  2. You got some really pretty shots there. I like to squint my eyes nearly shut and look at the colours. Stunning! Pictures 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, are awesome to do the squinty eye thing with! Those colours would spin a beautiful yarn. :) x

  3. What an amazing set of pictures - these flowers are truly beautiful.


  4. Lord, I don't think I'd leave your front porch with that view across the street! I'd just sit there with my tea, yarn, and hooks and needles...and you for company, of course....perfection!

  5. How lovely! My neighbor weed wacked all my morning glories down and sprayed weed I am thinking even fenses do not make him a good neighbor :(

  6. Beautiful flowers and beautiful photos Teresa. I remeber you showing them to us last year it's great to get another look at them. Love Anne x

  7. Very pretty flowers Teresa and much better than a fence ;-)
    Jane x

  8. It just amazes me the extraordinary beauty that surrounds you. How amazing to see all this right across the street. Thanks for sharing it with all of us, you have brightened my day.
    Hugs to you,

  9. Teresa, the most beautiful and abundant flowers. Such a lovely sight to take in!!!!

  10. Did I totally forget about this field of flowers. Stunning. Do you all have to dig them up every fall like we do here? Or are your winters mild enough? We've been still do dry, we are calling it a summer....bring on the fall please..

  11. What a beautiful view you have! And...I love the picture of your farm too. It looks so serene and cozy. I have to say, if I lived there I don't think I would ever vacation anywhere else.



  12. Another perfect post, Teresa! I was hoping you would feature the dahlias again. Sooooo beautiful. And the rose too! I went to Bella Vista park with my oldest daughter and grands for a play date with friends today, and tomorrow we hope to go to the aquarium at the coast. I am eager to see your state fair pictures and hope you are having a great time with your grands :)
    Gracie xxx

  13. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Nature is so perfect. Have fun with yr gradsons

  14. Gorgeous! simply gorgeous! Shari.

  15. You are so darn lucky! We live in the country too, but across from us is a huge field of soy beans. It was alfalfa for the last 2 years, then corn and once cattle. The cattle got loose and came across into our yard, what a mess they made. I would much rather have had flowers getting loose and planting themselves in my yard, lol. Once again Teresa shows us snippets of Paradise. Man, we are living in the wrong state or what! Enjoy the fair and your grandsons! Happy weekend.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  16. Wow, I loved seeing all these fabulous photos of the dahlia fields....don't they look gorgeous! Have a lovely time with your grandsons!
    Helen x


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