Monday, September 24, 2012

Retail Therapy, 3rd Pumpkin and Caleb

So, you want to know what was in all those boxes the mail lady left on our back porch?  OK!  Well, you know about the museum display that another DAR lady and I install in the VA Hospital in Portland, OR.. right?  I always am looking for a few more things to make it even more interesting.  I noticed in one of the other DAR chapters display there was a patriotic doll.  So, I did a search on eBay and I found this wonderful porcelain doll depicting Betsy Ross!  I sniped the auction (waiting until the last 20-30 seconds before the auction ends) and got her.  I must say, my heart starts beating and I get short of breath before hitting that button, watching the seconds tick down.. :-D
I think she's beautiful and I love her heart shaped sewing basket and the antiqued 13 star flag she's sewing on.  She came with her own pretty antique style chair, too.
Do you think the real Betsy Ross was this attractive?  I doubt it!  
I also had looked many times on eBay and in antique stores for a vintage pair of spectacles such that the signors of the Constitution would have worn - to lay on my replica copy of the document next to the inkwell and quill pen... and I found these ca. 1850s pair for a very reasonable price!  (I photographed these on an open page of my other new eBay purchase).. "The Private World of Tasha Tudor".. oh what a wonderful book!
We have our 3 year old grandson, Caleb, here for 4 days as our son and DIL are on a getaway weekend to relax for a while.  He said... let me put those on.. so here are my spectacles on a very cute face.. :-)
My 3rd and last museum display piece that I found while doing a search on eBay is this very small but very cute bronze cannon with the brass plaque on the side that fits our display perfectly!!  Isn't it cute?
NOW.. the the fun stuff!  While looking for a few more Jadeite Fire King Alice plates I came upon this pair of salt and pepper shakers and they have the SAME flowers on them as the Alice plates.. I got a good deal on them and just love them!
I'm in love with these.. I have to run them through the dishwasher before I fill them. 
I was also the highest bidder on 1 Alice plate, 1 Jane Ray plate (the simpler ones with just the ridged rims) and 1 bowl - at a good price!  I'm now at 3 Alice plates and 3 Jane Ray.  AND.. another auction was for this nesting mixing bowl set of 4.  Oh yes.. all are perfect.  These were not very cheap but hey.. ummmm... errrr.. I wanted them? 
The basket we got at the OFFF festival. 
This is the bouquet of dahlias I bought at the Swan Island Dahlia farm visit.   
I plopped them in a 2 quart Ball jar - vintage blue of course. 
Caleb has been here 26 hours now and he's been an absolute doll!  Buddy has been a bit growly and nippy with these littlest guys as they are a bit aggressive with him.. but things seem to be improving as they get older and I was pleased as punch to see them checking each other out in a positive manner.... :-) 
Caleb received Buddy's seal of approval with some sniffing and licking and Caleb was giggling up a storm.. just simply precious. 
Caleb has been fascinated with my iPad and I knew he'd want to use it so I came up with an alternative -- our old iPod -- so here he is on my lap playing with it.. and now my iPad is safe.. LOL!
Grandpa held the yarn for me while I rolled it into a ball.. he's good that way.  Caleb was fascinated with the procedure.
And I even managed to crochet this 3rd pumpkin with our little guest on my lap too -- so now I have 3!  Which one do you like the best?  I like the variety of the 3 colors. 
Currently most of my Autumn table display has been relocated to higher ground.. can you guess why?  :-) 
We are thinking of taking Caleb to see "Ice Age 4" at the "Hood Theater" and out to dinner.  I hope your week will be wonderful!  Thanks so much for coming to visit!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Okay girlfriend!!! Those pumpkins are AWESOME! I am so stealing that crafty idea for our house! And that kiddo and the pup are GREAT pictures! And finally... that little cannon? Well, the USS Constitution is located near me, in Boston, and with my husband in the military we've been able to visit it numerous times. It's an amazing old wooden ship. Check it out online!

  2. Teresa~
    Congratulations on your new purchases online and in person! Loved your dahlia photos--we just passed another dahlia farm yesterday; love those flowers! Loved your photos of the alpacas too--whenever we pass a farm with them, I go a little crazy because I think they're just TOO cute! If we had more land, and a lot more money (LOL), I would definitely want some alpacas, sheep and maybe a miniature horse or Fjord horse.
    The photos of your grandson, Caleb, and Buddy are absolutely charming! LOVED them!
    So glad you've been having fun in our great weather!

  3. Lovely new purchases Teresa. Your grandson is so cute and I especially like the photo of him giggling with buddy. Beautiful dahlias again. Hope you enjoyed the film and dinner. Love Anne x

    PS can't choose a favourite pumpkin - love em all.

  4. Caleb is such a cutie...and that hair!! Enjoy your time with him. I know you will spoil him rotten, Granny. :)

  5. Hi Teresa, I love your little blond curly top visitor!!! He's so cute and what a fantastic smile! Love your retail therapy, nothing like some great purchases to make the heart sing. I'm a fan of shopping too, in fact I need a fix soon! Enjoy your grandson, I'm impressed that you can crochet with Caleb on your lap!!!
    Love the pumpkins, I think I like the gray one best because it looks fuzzy : )

  6. Nothing like a little retail therapy. That hair... Have I told I would die for curls and that hair. For some reason it looks great today in the pictures. Have a good week. WWF is down for now. Will check in later. But, have to get dinner ready before DWTS. So ready for the new season and Fall line up. I need me some new Gibbs....

  7. Caleb is so cute. Nice that you are spending some one-on-one time with him. LOVE the Jadeite finds!

  8. Tasha Tudor!!! More for us to talk about!!! I am so glad you found so many things you were looking for, Teresa!
    And I am happy for all the good memories you are building with Caleb. So precious. Thanks for posting :)
    xx from Gracie

  9. Ohhh the pumpkins.....I like them all, but the white one is especially nice:)

  10. Wow great purchases! Beautiful pic's of Caleb and Buddy ☺
    My grandson mr 11 slept till 10 this morning and now enjoying my older
    little computer.

  11. Your eBay purchases are wonderful. That porcelain doll is something else .. such detail. Caleb and Buddy make excellent photographic models - love the glasses on Caleb. He's a real cute little fellow. I love dahlias - they always look bright and cheery. BTW thanks for helping me with my flowers. xoxox
    ps .. I like the orange pumpkin but all three do look great together.

  12. I bet it feels like Christmas around your house. Package left all the time hear lately! what great finds!! Caleb is soo cute...I love his hair! Your dishes are so lovely...I can really see all the details in them in the photos you took this time, they are beautiful! Hope you all have a wonderful time at the movies! Shari

  13. Oh so much fun stuff! Love the new jadeite pieces!! Your grandson has the prettiest curly hair!!! Shh, don't tell him I used the word pretty though.
    Love the pumpkins too! You are so talented!
    XO Kris

  14. Hi Teresa...Such adorable pics of Caleb and Buddy...I see a wonderful friendship blossoming there!
    Your doll is beautiful and I love the salt and pepper pots...they are lovely finds and your crochet pumpkins are fab!
    Hope you are having a good week,
    Susan x

  15. You found some wonderful things, Teresa! I would so love to read the Tasha Tudor book. I loved the vintage spectacles, especially being worn by that little cutie! Caleb and Buddy look very happy there together :)
    Have a wonderful week.
    Helen x

  16. He sure is a cutie pie, that precious face! Have a wonderful time with him

  17. Love that picture of Caleb with the cute! Also, totally love his taste in t-shirts! And you basket from OFFF is awesome!

  18. The orange one! That's my fave :) You have been spoilt with all those lovely things, lucky you :) Hope you enjoyed your cinema trip x

  19. My goodness the young man is so photogenic. The photographs of him and Buddy are adorable. What a beautiful boy! xxx

  20. Mrs. Teresa your online purchases are fantastic! I am in love with the color of that dinner ware! As for your grandson...He has the most spectacular head of curls I have ever seen! He is adorable.

  21. Loving those curls...he is adorable. Your treasures are amazing...therapy for sure. Happy midweek.

  22. Great post Teresa! Your grandson is soooooo cute. He is just adorable. I like all 3pumpkins, but I have to say white and orange r my fav...Great job! They will be a great fall addition to your decor :)


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