Thursday, October 11, 2012

Safe and Sound

We are home.. safe and sound. We really enjoyed our visit with our daughter Amy, her husband Jay and our 2 granddaughters, Jenna and Paige.  Our last day in Ohio, yesterday, we checked out of the hotel at 10 am and drove to spend our 3 last hours with the kids - I snapped this photo as we drove into their driveway.  Their brick home is just beautiful, large and spacious, beautiful wood floors, a large grassy lot with mature trees.   
On Tuesday, Amy picked us up and we went to Hobby Lobby - we don't have them here in Oregon.. and I've heard about their yarn "I Love This Yarn" on my crochet groups like Ravelry and on Facebook and wanted to see the yarn.  It was fun to see that place, and I got some yarn to make the girls some headbands for their crochet teddy's that I made them.
Amy then took us to a historic town, Lebanon, Ohio, to visit and have lunch at the historic Golden Lamb Inn.  I have already posted about our wonderful day there.  We got to Amy's home as Jenna was arriving home. It was her true birthday and the teacher had made this funny hat, and I snapped this cute shot of the girls with her hat on and Paige with the purple broom we got for her at Hobby Lobby.
I bought this fun yarn at HL that was rainbow colored with sequins in it and I made a headband with a flower for Jenna's teddy bear that I crocheted for her and a scarf.  I also made one for Paige's teddy bear.  Here is my precious Jenna holding her bear.
Here is Jenna's bear all decked out in her new accessories. :-)
Paige loves cuddling with me and playing with my iPad - she loves this 3-D Aquarium where you can "feed the fish" and "Peekaboo Barn" and "Doodle Kids".
And then the time came to say goodbye.  That was not easy for me.  2,000 miles is very far to have my daughter, SIL and granddaughters from us.  :-(  And so we boarded our Frontier Airline jet and headed to Denver, then on to Portland, Oregon.  Our son, Shawn, picked us up and brought us home.  Buddy was very happy to see us. :-)
A few weeks ago my blog friend Gracie gave me a stack of magazines - the English version of Country Living - I took 3 of them with me and read two in the hotel room over our stay - and brought 1 with me for the flight home.  As I was turning the pages I was pleased to see an article about a fellow blogger, Emma at Silverpebble blog.  Emma makes the most wonderful silver clay jewelry.  The magazine has a running column and artists and their shed studios.  Thanks, Gracie for the magazine and do check out both blogs - they're wonderful.
We got some good rest last night but we both had to volunteer at Multnomah Falls this afternoon.. we were still very tired but still enjoyed all the visitors.  I went to buy us each a hot mocha from the coffee cart and jaunted up to get some photos.  Not much water coming over the falls!  75 gallons per second during low flow.  During high flow it's 7500 gallons per second!  Fall colors are beginning to show at the falls.

As I turned around from taking these photos I noticed two young men had jumped up on the back of the bench and someone asked them to play.
So they did.  That was fun!
Walking back to get the coffees...
When we were heading home I asked Dayle to hold up my shawl to show you as it's finally finished!  I'll get some better shots of it soon.  Today I started a fun project - an ear warmer headband and I'm going to make a crocheted flower to put on it - using the same yarn as my shawl.  I was inspired by Kris, a fellow blogger at "Simplify".  More on that later.  
When we were driving home from the falls I snapped this photo of the gorge cliffs behind the trees.
Here is a photo of the river with sun shining on it.
I snapped this photo of my Jadeite bowl that I found in Ohio - it was marked $10 with 15% off!  Score!  Now I have 4 of these chili bowls.  It holds about 2 cups of cereal or soup or whatever. 
I want to thank my friends Shirley and John for house-sitting for us - it was just wonderful not having to worry about our menagerie and the farm while we were away.  

I'm catching up on my blog reading and leaving comments, I've missed that while away!  OK, time to relax and watch "Big Bang Theory".  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hi Teresa, glad to see you made it back home safe and sound. I know how hard it was for you to leave.....Me and my mom are that way when we say good-bye to my little sister who lives in Boston, but we just have to think about all the good memories that you shared this trip and hope to see again really soon. Thank goodness we have internet these days or I don't know what we would do!! Your photos are lovely like always and the girls and such dolls! Glad you had a good time! Hugs....Shari.
    p.s. Dayle makes a good model!!!
    Oh...check out my place....I have been supper busy!! Shari

  2. Those crochet bears your made for your grand daughters are just darling! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit! I love the picture of the waterfall where you volunteer. I hope to see it in person one day. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Hi Teresa, welcome home!! I enjoyed hearing about your trip! Your granddaughters have grown so much! I loved the pictures with the birthday hat and the purple broom. Your crochet accessories for the bear were so cute!!!
    I know your trip was fun, and went by way too fast. I had a lump in my throat thinking about you having to say goodbye.
    Your photos of the Falls and the river were so beautiful. Even with such low flow as you say, it is stunning to see.
    Good score on the bowl!!! LOVE the shawl!!! And I can't wait to see your ear warmer!!
    I made my first one on the boat one day up in Big Bear. Gennifer had bought one in town, and I thought, sheesh, I can make that!!! So without even having it with me to see, I made one. Love them!
    Have some rest and talk to you soon.

  4. Thank you for mentioning me, Teresa! I am glad you are enjoying the magazines. The teddywear you made for Jenna's bear is adorable, and the finished shawl is sooooo beautiful! Thanks for posting all the other news and views, too. I'm glad you and Dayle had a good trip and that you are safely home. xxx from Gracie

  5. Hi Teresa, what abwonderful nice to spend time with yr daughter and granddaughters ... I know how difficult it can be as I HV my whole family in Brazil... Thank God for Skype ah?
    Wonderful pictures of Multnomah Falls ( which I love and what a gorgeous... Just gorgeous shawl. I made a table cloth with the same yarn ( even same color) last year. I'll show it to you some time...
    I can't wait to see your new project.

  6. Welcome home Teresa. What a fab time you had with your family. I loved the accessories you made, those bears are very treasured. I am sure that having house sitters must have made everything so much easier for your trip. Time to plan the next one and have something to look forward to. Take care, hugs,
    Jane x

  7. Welcome home! Im sure you had such a wonderful time with your family, it is hard though when you live so far away. We are 3,500 miles from my inlaws - lucky some might say (!!) but when you get on with so well not so lucky.

    The falls are truly magnificent, would so love to visit your part of the world - perhaps one day!

    Hope you get a bit of relaxing time at home today.


  8. Welcome home!! I'm so glad you arrived safe and sound :-) Your shawl is looking great, and I love the accessories you made for the girls' bears! :-) xxxx

  9. So lovely to know you are safely home and enjoying your beautiful surroundings, I've really enjoyed reading about your trip. I'd love to visit Hobby Lobby one day but I have to say that the falls would be higher up my list. X

  10. Welcome home. It must be very hard to leave those beautiful girls and your daughter and SIL - I bet you're already looking forward to your next visit. Amy's house is gorgeous. I love your shawl Teresa - would love to see you modelling it ! xoxox

  11. Your grand daughters are beautiful and they look like they love their little crochet bears :) I absolutely love your shawl and feel very inspired to have a go at one myself, thank you. Glad your journey home was a safe one. x

  12. WELCOME HOME! I know that getting on that plane to come home was so difficult! The girls have grown so much, but it looks like they are adjusting to their new life beautifully. Your shawl is gorgeous!!

  13. The falls is really breathtaking. And your shawl, too! Hard to leave the kiddos, but I'm sure it's also good to be home.

  14. So......didn't you love our beloved H.L. It's a fun place to browse around in. Looks like a great trip over all. Love the headbands for the teddies too. Glad to got to visit the Midwest and see you much missed family. But, welcome back home and I can bet your own beds felt wonderful last night. Great snag on the new chili bowl too. Hey, am I correct in thinking I got you and Kris hooked up. I knew you two were peas in a pod together. Off for a chilly morning ride in 44 degrees. A girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do. Weekend wishes, Kate

  15. Terrific pictures of the falls!! I always love those. Your shawl is just gorgeous. I ended up giving mine to my sister. She had a fit over it so I just gave it to her. I will make another one for sure with one of the other color schemes I got in that yarn...roses or earth tones. Earth tones are more "me." I know it was hard to leave, but I'm so glad you got to see your kids & granddaughters. Their house is really pretty.

  16. We missed you,too. So glad you had such a fantastic time. I am heading to Ohio next weekend to see my son, I miss him sooooooo much. I just want to put my hands on his beautiful face and hug the stuffing out of him.
    Hi to Dayle,

  17. So happy you are both home safely after having such a wonderful time with all your girls! Their home is so beautiful and the little girls look so sweet, pretty and happy. You both are great GP and I know they love and appreciate all you do for them. Relax and enjoy your evening and weekend. xoRobin❤

  18. Welcome home, but always sad to say goodbye.
    Love your shawl and all the wonderful pics.

  19. Just catching up with your posts, Teresa....I love the headbands for the teddies you made. The little girls look so sweet! I enjoyed all your photos, the trip looked so wonderful and you have stored up lots of happy memories of the time spent with your daughter, son in law and grandgirlies.
    Helen x


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