Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Copper Bucket & Happiness

Hi there, thanks for coming to visit!  Yesterday hubby and I headed off to run some errands, we went to Clackamas to where I took my Precious Metal Clay class and I got my little copper bucket I made in class - the instructor gave me 6 inches of copper wire so I could make a bail for my pail. :-)  Here is my rustic little bucket with a snippet of berries inside.  Isn't it cute?  :-D
After we got my bucket we headed on to Costco to do some shopping.  As I needed some tiny flowers for my little bucket, we got this lovely fall floral centerpiece in a ceramic pumpkin - as it had just the thing for my little bucket in it, plus we can use it for Thanksgiving, too. :-)
Can you see the little bucket? 
OH.. and I want to give credit to Emma from Silver Pebble blog who inspired me to buy my PMC kit and now to eventually take the class to learn to make things with it.  She is the one who first made a little PMC silver bucket which inspired me to make my copper one.  She has her things in an Etsy shop, so be sure to visit her blog and tell her I sent you! :-) 
Here are both of my precious metal clay projects - the silver bell on the right (which really rings!).  I just love them!  I can just envision picking little posies in the Spring and wearing them all day.  Joy joy joy! 
Jingle jangle.. 
 I think I have too much stuff on my table.. LOL! :-D
Some floral joy... 
Love this yellow chrysanthemum! 
Dark pink carnation. 
AND I just had to show you -- hubby made this lunch for us while I was doing some important business on my computer for an upcoming annual meeting for the Friends of Multnomah Falls on Monday... THESE ARE THE FIRST EGGS we've been able to eat since our new chickens (well, Buffy the chicken) started to lay!  The first ones we gave to our house sitters when we went to Ohio and then we just collected 4 of them up to make a meal.  YUM, they are so good!  The biscuits are cinnamon swirl is why they have funny dark spots on them.  The ham is Black Forest that we got at Costco yesterday. 
The yolk on free range chickens is always nice and dark yellow.. it's great.
And so, thanks for reading my stories.  I am a very happy person today - I have great hopes for our country and look forward to seeing people work together.  I love the United States of America!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Hi Teresa, you are so's so pretty!
    I don't think you have to much on your's all very festive for the Holiday. Now I will go fix me a plate of eggs for you both have made me hungry......looks delish!! love shari!

  2. Ah, Teresa, that little bucket is so cute and I love the bell. Scrumptious looking meal. It's midnight here as I read and I'm wanting eggs!


  3. Your little bucket and bell turned out beautifully, Teresa! We went to Costco today and I invested in a Lumix!! I read through the book and am ready to charge the battery. Did you use the CD that came with it? My youngest son arrived safely from NJ on 11.6. He told me he submitted his absentee ballot before flying out. Good man! I too, look forward to watching people grow more united in enjoying and protecting freedom. xx from Gracie

  4. Teresa, the tiny bucket and little bell are just beautiful! I am especially partial to the copper bucket!!! So sweet!!! I can see it on the porch of your little play house too!!!!
    Your florals are so beautiful on the table! And that lunch, wow! Aren't fresh eggs the very best!!!!!
    XO Kris

  5. I love your bucket and bell Teresa. They look "happy"! I left Clackamas this morning and enjoyed my drive though the gorge and the tumbleweeds and finally the mountains around HOME! I've been gone 6 of the last 7 weeks and I'm ready to be home for awhile. Love your bouquet. I was at the Costco in Clackamas yesterday. I wonder if it was the one you were at and we missed each other!


  6. Wow, Buffy did well !! Your little bucket is so cute - I thought it was bigger until I saw the second photo. Gosh its so tiny. I particularly loved seeing that gorgeous arrangement of flowers and of course your close up shots .... just beautiful. Have a great day. xoxox

  7. The bucket is super cute Teresa, well done! Lovely flowers too,
    Jane x

  8. I love your wee bucket, so sweet next to the larger display :) Your table looks lovely, I love the way you decorate it and change it seasonally. Our chickens seem to have stopped laying, your eggs look delicious. x

  9. Your little bucket is darling. And I wish I come over for eggs one day! How sweet of your husband to cook.

  10. Your little bucket is so cute but I love your bell. For some reason little bells like that always make me smile. You hear someone walk past with a little ring a ding coming from them and they just seem more chipper :)

  11. You truly are a Jill of all trades! Love your little bell and bucket!

  12. I love that little copper bucket! You did a great job!

  13. Man, those eggs look so good! We are egg lovers in this house, and we eat them quite often for dinner. I really love your necklaces too! I bet they do make you happy.


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