Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's Talk Turkey & Crochet Hotpad

As the weather cools and the leaves turn, I appreciate the warmth and coziness of our little farm house in the countryside even more.  My little maple tree that I planted near the top of our "creek" is turning from it's dark red to a bright red.  The yellow weeping Birch leaves carpet the ground and deck.  
Dayle was having trouble getting the pellet stove going for the year.. he took it all apart, tightened all the wires, cleaned the inside and glass and fiddled and fretted, it still wouldn't work.. so I say.. "Honey, do you think it's the dead bird in the chimney?"  He goes.. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT BEFORE???  :-)  So, he cleans the chimney and finds a dead bird in there.. and VOILA!  It works now.  He'd forgotten that a bird had gotten stuck in the chimney pipe last Spring and finally passed away.  Poor bird.
Our wild and crazy landscape.  
Let's go in now and warm up.  While I was gone swimming yesterday hubby put away all my Halloween decor and brought out a few turkeys.  So, I tidied up the dining table and arranged my little flock of turkeys and pumpkins.  Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving in a few weeks, it's a favorite holiday of mine - to remember to be thankful for what we have and for our country where we are free.  Oh, and the lavish dinner doesn't hurt. :-)
My Scarecrow that I made is always smiling and he makes me smile. 
The glass turkey is something I found last year at an antique store, it opens up - I think it's a candy dish.. and would look good with some candy corn in it, don't you think? 
The 2 Majolica turkeys are glazed ceramic ones I got at a home decor store.  They had one that was almost life-sized, but it was way more money and so I settled for 2 little ones.  I also have a pair of little orange glass turkey candleholders. 
Hubby put a light in the chicken coop to encourage the chickens to lay eggs on through the winter.  It's on a timer so it comes on at dusk and stays on just a few hours longer.  Buffy has been laying eggs almost every day since!  He brought in the mail and this egg yesterday.  I got some neat things in the mail! 
I got a catalog from Tiffany -- I'd ordered a few little charms from them, so now I'm on their mailing list.  Think I need this little bit of bling on their cover?  LOL!!   
And THIS!  It's a print by Rima Staines from Dartmoor, UK.  If you haven't visited her blog, you need to, she's amazing.  Click HERE.  I just had to buy a piece of her artwork and this one spoke to me as I'm completely in love with the vintage shepherd's wagons pictured in this print.
Lastly, a pair of hot pads that my son Shawn requested.  I crocheted both of these while we were at their house yesterday.  These are great as they come out doubled and I used cotton so they can be washed.  The first one came out small, so I did a bigger one.  If you make one, make the beginning chain a lot longer than you think you'll need as they come out a lot smaller when done.  I found it interesting that the first one came out striped and the second one came out with color blocks.  

Crocheted Cotton Hot Pad/Pot Holder

2 ounce ball worsted weight crochet cotton
size H crochet hook
(NOTE: You'll want to sc in the back loops to get the ridged design)

Begin by working 37 chain stitches.
Work 3 single crochet (sc) in 2nd chain from hook.
Sc in every chain until one chain remains.
3 sc in last chain.
Work 1 sc into the other side of each chain stitch.
Work 1 sc into first sc and continue working 1 sc into each stitch for 18 or 19 rounds, until the two ends of the top round meet when folded towards each other.
Stop crocheting at a point half way between two ends. Work 15 chain stitches for loop and join with slip stitch into same sc as last stitched worked. Cut yarn, leaving a tail about 1 yard long, and draw tail through loop. Using the long tail, whip stitch both sides of single crochet to each other forming a flat square. Secure end, weave into the inside of the hot pad, clip tail and you're done!

We are heading off to collect my copper bucket pendant today and do our Costco shopping.  I hope your day will be wonderful.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Love the Hot Pad. I've made them by the dozens for friends and family.

  2. Wonderful post as always Teresa, I love catching up with you.

    Im very impressed by your thanksgiving decor, I think that its a lovely idea for a holiday and wish we did it here in the UK. Perhaps I should just do it anyway - would be good to have a thanksgiving meal and just take a little time to be grateful for all we have.

    Candy corn looks good in anything (I love it but it is so hard to get hold of a brand suitable for vegetarians like me here in the UK) but would look especially fab in your turkey candy dish!

    The weather is getting very cold here, some areas had snow at the weekend, and we have had quite a few frosts already. Time for cosy crafting by the fire I think!

    Have a great week, Helenxx

  3. I love your first photo Teresa, gorgeous colours for autumn. Glad the hens are laying well, what fun to have your own eggs. Keep snug,
    Jane x

  4. LOVE all the fall colors! I can just feel how cozy it must be at your place right now.... and I'm feeling the urge to break out my yarn and knitting needles :) and make my own version!


  5. Mrs. Teresa your glass pumpkins look wonderful on your Thanksgiving table. You have found some of the most awesome stuff to decorate your table for the seasons/holidays.

    I love the hot pad idea! Thanks for posting the pattern.

  6. You sure you do not want to turn your place in to a mini hotel? I am sure your hubby would enjoy catering for guests? xxx

  7. Hi Teresa! What a great husband you have to put away your old decorations and get out the new!!! Love your turkey table and all of the fall colors. Fresh eggs. Yum!


  8. It always a treat to see a season change at your house. Crazy as it may be,and even though I was here last year too. It is all still new looking and fun. And besides you are the best cook I know. I just adore stopping by to have a meal and enjoy your words of wisdom.

  9. What a great pattern idea, thank you so much for posting it, I've got lots of cotton which would be perfect for the project. I love all your pumpkins so much, they look great all together like that.

  10. Glad the hens are doing so well! Nothing like fresh eggs.

  11. Teresa...I would love to just take a peak at your garden..... your flowers are always so pretty!!!! Love your turkey candy dish...my mom has the same piece, candy corn would look great in there but would not last long in this house...I eat them like crazy and so happy your happy hens are laying eggs, maybe now you can mark off eggs off the grocery list!!! love, Shari

  12. The colors in your yard are so beautiful!! That maple tree is stunning! Love your little turkeys!! Your home looks oh so cozy!
    Love the hot pads too!

  13. Lovely Fall colors in the yard. Have you tried changing the girls "scratch' in their feed? we always found it to help them lay more when we spruced up their diet a bit.
    And the potholders?....My favorite pattern. I keep a stash of them on hand for last minute gifts with matching dishcloths. Have you tried the pattern in HDC yet? It's my favorite stitch for the best thickness and works up a little faster too. Happy Fall!
    Ren In Az

  14. Lovely decorations, Teresa! Ooh, a few months ago I bought one of Rima's artprints too, "Anja in the Horse Chestnut". I framed it and gave it a very special place, I absolutely love Rima's art! Have a lovely day :-) xxxx

  15. I always love to see your 'themed' table arrangements and remember this time last year - the colors are awesome. While on colors, are both those hotpads done with the same yarn? Fascinating how they turned out so different. The egg is HUGE - are you sure a hen laid that ????? :) xoxox

  16. Love all your Thanksgiving decorations, and the updates about what you have been up to. I am still trying to get over being up so late last night watching the election.

  17. Beautiful autumn colors both inside and out. I've held off on decorating till we are done stripping carpet and installing laminate flooring, so it is nice to see Thanksgiving decor on other's blogs--especially scarecrows because I adore them!

  18. While I feel sorry for the trapped bird, your story about him inspired me to laugh out loud :) I'm glad you were able to figure out why the stove wasn't working. I like making those potholders, too, but did not have a written pattern for them. Thanks for posting! xx from Gracie


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