Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chocolate EGGS!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know we have a flock of 4 chickens.  We got them later in the summer and they were all youngish - 2 to 3 months old. They usually begin to lay eggs at around 6 months.  Our first to lay was Buffy, the Buff Orpington.  Then we began to get 2 eggs a day - Shelby was SUPPOSED to be an Ameracauna who lays pretty pastel green eggs.. but we'd bought her from a backyard chicken seller off of Craigslist and we were duped.. as she is laying brown eggs.  We have no idea what breed she is, but she is very brightly plumed and we'll keep her anyway.  Yesterday Dayle came in the back door with a mischievous look on his face.. and walked over to me and opened his hand to show me 2 light brown eggs and one DARK BROWN one!  Our black hen, Hershey, the Cuckoo Maran, was to lay dark brown eggs and there it was!!!   Then when he went back out, he found another dark brown egg in the run on a pile of grass hay.  Woo hoo!  Now the last one yet to lay is our Wyandotte, Lacey.  I think we're having good laying luck in the winter since Dayle hung a lamp in their coop and set it to come on at dusk and stay on for 3 hours, this fooling the chickens into thinking it's summer with the longer days.  We did this because they would likely have not started laying until Spring.  Aren't these gorgeous?
Guess who was intrigued by the smell of fresh eggs?  You can see how much darker the Maran egg is from the normal brown ones.
We put them at the top of the egg "merry-go-round" that we got.  For the life of me I can't remember the name of this or where I got it.  Edited to ADD - This is called an "Egg Skelter" and you can get them HERE.
Then the mail lady came and brought me this package from England!  It was a wonderful felt brooch that was made by one of my favorite bloggers, Hen - here is her blog and Etsy store.
I can't wait to wear this.. today.. more later on that. 
Yesterday our youngest son, Travis, invited us for dinner.  Our DIL Beth got a new little white kitten and they named her Snowy.  I took my silver bell necklace off and played with her with it, is there anything cuter than a kitten?
I tried to get the boys to pose for a photo.. I wonder if there is a way to get a clear shot of 4 wiggly boys?  LOL!  Travis made Mac & Cheese using corn elbow macaroni - gluten free - and I was amazed how good corn macaroni was!  I'll have to find out the brand name.
Our hyacinth is beginning to open.  I wonder how to get it to stand up straight? 
I am off for a lunch meeting with Taci and Gracie - I ordered 2 lbs. of French roast coffee from Taci's husband and we made a lunch appt. today before I head to the dentist for an appointment with the hygienist.  How cool is it that my coffee was specially roasted for us last evening?  OK.. time to scoot.  Thanks for visiting!  I hope you are making the most of winter!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Okay here I am jealous again that you three are meeting for lunch, sigh I really never knew I had this jealously in me! Love the eggs, do the different hens eggs taste different? Just wondering.
    Hugs to you Teresa, have fun.

  2. Wow, brown eggs! So cool! I want some chickens now too. :)

  3. Beautiful, beautiful eggs! How wonderful to have your very own farm grown eggs:) Argh--time to do housework...
    PS: You might have to make a small stake and use that to straighten out your hyacinth. Also (and I am sure you already know this) make sure you rotate it frequently so it doesn't bend towards the light. Have a great day Teresa--enjoy your latest arrival!

  4. Those eggs look delicious!

    Hope you had a great meet-up with Taci and Gracie.

    Fresh ground coffee would go very nice with one of those eggs, with perhaps some hot buttered toast maybe?


  5. Oh what a 'delicious' post. Yummy brown eggs , freshly ground coffee and meeting friends for lunch. Have fun. Love Anne x

  6. Your egg merry-go-round is so cool! I want one. If I can't have chickens, at least I could have a cool egg dispenser like yours! I've never seen anything like that anywhere.

  7. I want one too. You need to think long and hard about where and how we can get one. I'm sure you are going to be adding Kris to this list as well. Sure wish I lived in fresh egg country. What fun. Don't you just love packages from across the pond. Off to check WWF

  8. I am a bit jealous of your fresh eggs! How wonderful is that?! Also, I think I am going to have to buy one of those egg skelter things.....

  9. At least your chickens are laying! Ours haven't given an egg up in quite awhile now :( I do love your twirly egg thing... my husband is always putting the new ones in the front!


  10. Oh I wish I knew you were having lunch today, we were back in Portland by noon! Sucks! Oh well, next time I'm in town. Love the eggs. Wish I lived closer so I could buy some from you. We're heading home tomorrow morning and who knows when I'll be back.

    He kitten is darling and so are your wriggling boys.


  11. I meant to say "shucks"!!!!! Sorry for the typo. That didn't sound like me did it? I hope not anyway. :-)

    1. I am LOL A LOT, Betsy!!! You read my mind...it did not sound like you =)
      Xx from Gracie

  12. hi, Teresa! :) very pleasant to have food of your own production. no doubts then that it's clean and have no chemicals and added flavors..:)
    nice brooch indeed, I'll check out the Hen's blog:)
    your grandchildren are very sweet and active, yea.
    have a nice day!

  13. Hi Teresa! I tried to leave a message while ago, when I was on my ipad, but sometimes it just won't let me. So here I am again!
    YES....Kate is right...I love that egg holder! What a fun thing! And how exciting that you cuckoo is laying now. I had a Cuckoo Moran, but she died. I was so upset. I want another one in the spring.
    I am wondering if we should put a light in the coop. Mine are just finishing their molt, and beginning to lay again, but I am not going to get an egg from each.
    So fun that you and Gracie and Tacie are getting together so often. I so wish I could be there. Loved your England package!!!
    And I always love to see your grandkids! So cute they are!
    Hope you had a great time today!

  14. How wonderful to have your own eggs Teresa....mine have to be laid by the supermarket. .;0) Your DILs new white kitten is stunning, I so love cats as you well know. Enjoy your Wednesday,
    Jane x

  15. The eggs really are beautiful and I think the egg whirligig is very clever! I enjoyed visiting your family through your post and had fun visiting with you and Taci today! By the time I got home after running some errands I had little time to crochet because family matters kept me hopping, but I was able to crochet a little while following the action on NCIS programs. Xx Gracie

  16. Nothing better than your own hen's eggs, I remember those days.
    Such a cute little kitten but yes all kittens are cute and fun.

  17. Your eggs look lovely - well done chooks !! I prefer brown eggs - don't know why as I'm sure they taste the same. Oh what a little cutie is Snowy - such a pretty little girl. xoxox

  18. Turn you flower pot a little everyday. The flower leans into the light and your must have always stayed in that direction without being turned.

  19. Hi Teresa...It must be wonderful to have your own fresh eggs...your chickens must be very happy! Such a cute little kitten too...she really is pretty and I love your new corsage in those bright and cheerful colours...
    Hope you're having a great week,
    Susan x
    P.S Lovely pic of the boys!

  20. Love fresh eggs! Chickens are so much fun to have!
    The Darjeeling Darlings

  21. Oh Teresa, I love the eggs and its amazing the difference in color.
    The oys are so cute and handsome! Just wonderful to have grand kids!
    I'm so happy and onto red that you liked our coffee.. You go so many places and experiment so many different and good foods its an honor for us that you liked our coffee. It's my pleasure to make it for you and just another good excuse to get together!
    Love the pin. It's so pretty.
    Hope you are having a great week. :)

  22. Happy New Year Teresa, I'm rather envious of that lovely felt brooch!

  23. The fresh eggs look lovely, it must be such fun finding them! Love your pretty brooch from Hen too! You did well taking a good picture of your four wriggly grandsons! Love the little white kitten :)
    Helen x

  24. Hi...nothing cuter lol a sucker for a kitten me and those eggs look like a perfect breakfast x


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