Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Day of Rest

After such a fun and event-filled 4th of July - we took yesterday to rest.  We did leave to pick up my anniversary ring from the jeweler, there were two broken prongs on one of the little diamonds, so I had him "tube" set all 6 of the little ones as they'd lost prong tips way too often.  Hubby got me a nice diamond to celebrate our 25th anniversary in 1995 - it's in it's 2nd setting now. Then we went for lunch, having a salad with shrimp and avocado on it.  YUM!  Then a few groceries and home.  Today we're having a quiet morning, but that will end in 45 minutes when our 4 year old grandson will arrive to spend a few days with us while our son and his wife have a beach getaway.  Can you believe that I've had these sunflowers on the table for a week and looks as fresh as.. well.. a daisy!! :-)
Our weather is really absolute perfection!  Cool nights and mornings, then the clouds burn off and we have sunny skies with puffy clouds and warm temps.  LOVE it!!
I went out for a lookabout and some photos and our orange begonia continues to flourish. 
I didn't show you the centerpiece we got for the 4th of July - but it's the most adorable miniature rose - red and white striped - set in a cute little red watering can with red netting around the pot and a little flag stuck in the dirt!  This little rose is only the size of the tip of your thumb.. I see you looking!
Our hydrangea does not look like there will be many flowers.. a case of over pruning by hubby?  :-)  But this young bloom looks shy and caught my eye. 
My art nouveau lady garden statue continues to please my eye - and the hardy fuchsia has finally gotten to be the size that I'd hoped for.  It struggled along for many years with just one or two shoots with a few flowers. 
Another garden survivor is my Japanese Painted Fern.  The ground-cover has tried to choke it out year after year, but it perseveres.   
I have gained much respect over the years for the magnificent and hardy Hosta.  They come shooting up in Spring - remain gorgeous all Summer - present us with pretty flowers - and don't blink an eye at ground cover!  We planted two more a while back, the one on the right is one of them.  I vow to get more varieties!
Our hardy fuchsias are doing well, the flowers remind me of ballerinas! 
My new orange geranium, I need to put it in a bigger pot. 
My new pot of Lantana and moss roses.  The boys threw a basketball right in the center of it the other day and I go... OH!!!  But it seems to have survived.  :-) 
The Lantana is a fantastic flower!  It does well in warm climes and I know it won't last through the Oregon Winter, but I can enjoy it all Summer.  I love the little square florets, then they unfold colored bright yellow, then as the sun makes an impression on them and they slowly turn to orange, then red.  So they are so interesting to view!  Magic! 
Here is a shot of the buds, the flowers are they begin to open, and the final pinkie orange flower.  There are other varieties that are different colors... I need some. :-) 
I just googled the Lantana and they come in all yellow, white and a purple variety.  Of them all, this one is the most colorful an exciting to me.  Caleb arrives soon, Hayden is spending the night with Kristi's parents, then they are bringing him here in the morning so that he can go with us to Kahneeta - a wonderful hot springs in a desert canyon on the other side of Mt. Hood - they have a fantastic pool!  Thanks for visiting and have a fantastic week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Everything is looking so lush and healthy in your garden. I'm a huge fan of the art nouveau style, your garden lady is just so pretty. I'm glad you had a chance to rest, you deserve it with all the fun times you've been making for everyone lately. :)

  2. Wow Teresa!!! Beautiful flowers. I love to tour your yard with you. One of these days it will be in person. :-) I didn't know there was a hit spring so close to you. That would be a great day trip. Have fun with the boys.

  3. Such beautiful flower my dear friend. I love all the different flowers you have. All so beautiful. I'm glad you took a day to rest and hope you enjoy your time with he our grandson.

  4. Hi Teresa,Love your fuchsia!!!Their flowers are just so beautiful!!!Flower fairies with ballerina dresses!!!Enjoy your time with the boys!!!I know Grandpa will!!!

  5. So glad you are cramming in some rest amidst all your activities, Teresa :-) You would have loved to see my friend Paula's back yard a few years ago. It was full of the orange-yellow lantana and was so beautiful. She gave me some starts, but I was not able to get them to survive. I want to get some hostas, too, and love the wonderful combinations of plants you have showed us. Thanks so much, and I hope you have a wonderful time at the hot-springs-pool!!!
    xx, Gracie

  6. Hello Teresa your plants/flowers are looking gorgeeous!! Love yr lady. Have spent time with grandchildren this weekend think I need a rest today! Have fun with yr grandson. Hugs Anne x

  7. Hello again Teresa just read your lovely comment on my blog. Just to answer yr question. Both my sons, their wives and our four grandchildren were there. My younger son doesn't like his or his wife & my granddaughters photos on the interent :-(. You can just see Phoebe with Harry & Sam. I didnt take as many as I'd intended either. Oh DH was there as well! :-) x Anne

  8. I just love looking at the pics you post! It must be so nice to spend so much time with your grandsons. I have fond memories of spending time with my grandparents!

  9. Glad you were able to catch your breath before your little one arrives. You are going to need a big rest after these next few days.
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  10. Hello Teresa, A very Happy Anniversary to you and your DH.. The photo of your Sunflower is stunning as is all the rest of your glorious garden... Hugs Judy

  11. Kahneeta! Oh, you make me so homesick!

    Your flowers are lovely.

  12. Happy Happy and it looks like summer is there. Have I told you just how great your deck looks. All your flowers are wonderful too. Gotta run, I'm making French Onion soup in my Blue Dutchie for the first time. Fingers crossed for me.

  13. Your gardens are beautiful! I've seen Lantana here but with the heat now, nothing survives except the bougainvillea and other hardy plants. Hope you are having a great week. Tammy

  14. I just love visiting your yard this time of year ;) It's so colorful!


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