Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sun & Blue Water Fun

Yesterday was such a wonderful summer day!  We had our 4 year old Caleb overnight on Sunday night and decided to take him to Kahneeta for the day on Monday.  5 year old Hayden spent the night with Kristi's parents - but we asked if we could take Hayden with us, so she dropped him off at 10:30 am yesterday.  First off we took the boys out to lunch and then pointed the car East and headed on a 2 hour drive to Kahneeta.  This wonderful pool is on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation in Central Oregon.  It's amazing the difference of the landscape from the Western side of Mt. Hood to the Eastern side.  Here is the pool as you come out of the changing rooms.  Dayle and the boys are in the pool already, he's got a pink float and a hat on and 2 little guys with him.
I took a few photos with my Lumix camera before I got in the pool, too.  Here is the 2 slides that the bigger kids can use, and the little slide on the left is what our 2 guys used.  There is grandpa with them again.
One of my favorite parts of the pool are the 3 bears in the middle that hold Salmon which are spouting water into the pool.  The pool is a double Olympic sized hot springs mineral pool!  It's warm as it's constantly being freshened by the hot springs there.
I took my Fuji waterproof camera and got a few shots before the battery died.  I couldn't find the charger for it! :-)  There is Dayle to the left of the bears and Caleb swimming in the yellow and Hayden has two arm floaties on.
Dayle and the boys and the Bears.
Grandpa took a few shots of me and the boys in the middle section of the pool.  The shallow end is a little hard for adults as you have to keep your legs bent to be in that side.
We arrived at the pool at 3 pm so we stayed in for 3 hours and got out at 6 pm.  I thought it would be best that we not be in the water at the high point of the sun - we all got a bit brown but no one got a bad sunburn, just some pink.  We got this float the other day and it worked out perfect!  We used it as a home base - and I floated on it for a while, it was so comfy!  
We got more photos on our way home, on the way there we were zooming to get into the pool.  This is the Warm Springs River that runs alongside the pool area.  Notice the dry landscape?  This place is a desert canyon.
The red rocks of the canyon.
Heading away from the village pool, there is this amazing rock cliff filled with caves.
Here is a mesa and the red rock as we wove our way up out of the canyon.
Here is an old church in the little tiny town of Simnasho, an old Indian village at the top of the canyon ascent.
As we drove along the desert towards home, still on the reservation, we saw several herds of wild horses and many young foals.  
I have a lifelong love of pinto and paint ponies and horses - look at this adorable, long legged cutie!
Then we arrived at Hwy 26 that goes over Mt. Hood and headed West.  Soon enough we began to see amazing views of the mountain as we zoomed along.  I pulled over and we got this shot.  The terrain began to change to green and tall forests.
I have to tell you that these photos do not do justice to the amazing and huge vision of this mountain in person.  This is the last shot we got and we were very close!
We decided to have dinner at the Tollgate Inn in Sandy.  The boys were tired and so were we.  Isn't this a cute place?  
It's morning now and I'm blogging and Dayle just made pancakes from scratch for all of us for breakfast.  The boys are outside swinging now.  Another perfect, sunny, warm, beautiful day!  Thanks for visiting!!  I wish for you a fun summer day.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I had no idea it was so desert-like near where you live. I really want to visit your area someday. The day looks really wonderful; the pool must have been really fun. I wish we had a place like that where I live. We'll have to make do with the standard city pools. You and Dayle are wonderful grandparents, always helping these little ones make such happy and lasting memories of their childhoods.

  2. Mrs. Teresa, how interesting of a place you live in. You have lush greenery on one side and desert on the other! Your photos of the Mountain are spectacular!! I love the cool colors! Looks like you all had a wonderful time at the pool. I hope to visit your region one day.


  3. What a fab day Teresa.....what lucky boys they are to have you and Dayle to take them to that amazing pool. The photos of the scenery on the way home are wonderful too, thanks for the virtual ride. I did smile at the photo of the diner...that to me is just so American...brilliant. Enjoy the sunshine, we are having a heat wave here too ;0) Jane x

  4. What a wonderful time you gave to your grandsons Teresa!!!! You are such lovely grandparents. The photos are stunning. Love and hugs Anne x

  5. Teresa, Love all the fun stuff you are doing this summer!! That pool looks so inviting. We are thinking of building one I can't go another summer without one.. its just too Hot.. love your photos of the mountains looks beautiful.. Xoxo Marisa

  6. Beautiful blooms in previous post Teresa! And I loved seeing you have such a fun day with the boys in the pool. What a fun pool that is too!! It was interesting to see how different the landscape is, only two hours away from where you live. I prefer the lovely pines, and mountain like atmosphere myself!!

  7. Looks like a good time and such beautiful scenery. That inn is cute. Was it as cute inside as it was on the outside? Have a wonderful week!

  8. Oh how I wish it was summer here Teresa - I write this at 9am and its very very cold. That pools looks wonderful - bet the boys had a ball !! I think you must live in one of the most beautiful parts of your country - always love your pics and that pool is awesome. Love that pic of where you stopped for dinner on the way home - very pretty and the lights add so much atmosphere. Just beautiful !! xoxox

  9. "What a contrast of scenery" was my first thought when I saw the landscape from one place to the other. That did look like a fun swimming spot and you got some nice photos, the water so pretty blue, my favorite color. I think you are both wonderful and beautiful grandparents, making memories for those small children. Makes me want to be your grandchild too, lol. Have a good week.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  10. What a fun way to spend a hot day with all the kids...swimming! Me and Garrett did the same thing today, it was so nice! Beautiful photos as always. The little restaurant looks like you pulled it out of a magazine....too cute!
    Hugs, Shari ♥

  11. Thanks for the introduction to Kahneeta, yet another wonderful location in Oregon that I have yet to explore in person, Teresa! I love the bears and the fish in the middle of the pool and am so glad you and yours had such a good time :-)
    You got to see so many other wonderful sights as well...beautiful horses and the weathered church as well as the dramatically varied terrain and a visit to the Tollgate Inn is always good :-) Thanks for posting!

  12. Sounds like a fabulous day!

  13. My fun summer day is visiting here lol, winter at my house but sunny ☺
    What a fabulous time you all had and love all of the pictures. Cute boys
    and I do really like that church!!
    xo wendy in oz

  14. So much to see and do in this post. First of all, the Tollgate Inn is so cute. maybe a lunch there in the future? The area that the springs are in looks very similar to Eastern Washington, just before you reach the Spokane area which is evergreens and mountains. The photos look like a movie set!
    And the springs! Oh I'm sure the boys had a wonderful time. We've been to several hot springs in S. Dakota and in Canada but never this one. We'll have to check it out someday. Thanks for taking us along with you. Have fun with your boys.

  15. That pool looks soooooo refreshing but I think I like your side of the mountain better!! I'm not a fan of dessert terrain. :-)

  16. What a fabulous day! The scenery there is amazing and so diverse. You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. Sounds like a perfect morning, too. Lucky boys! Best wishes, Tammy

  17. Hi Teresa,What wonderful grandparents you are!!!!And such fun to be with!!!Your grandsons will always remember days like that!!!Have a happy day!!!!

  18. You showed us such various scenery from sunny days in swimming pool to snow peaks! Isn't it nice to be able to see it all same day! :) Have a wonderful day ahead, Teresa! Enjoy your time with family :)

  19. OK that's it...I'm moving to Oregon! What an interesting state to have such diversity. I love the pic of the Church :) And the pool is sooooo inviting looking...
    Smiles, DianeM

  20. Good morning Teresa...Such a wonderful day with your boys! The pool looks amazing (we need it here right now...it's so warm!) and the photos on your ride home are stunning...I always love to look at your pics...the change of scenery along the way is amazing!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Susan x

  21. This brought back great memories as used to go to Kah-Nee-Ta a lot when I was young--ah, the days of Indian fry bread, sunburns, teepees and horses:) Looks, from your photos, that there has been some changes--but that pool looks as inviting as ever :)
    Absolutely LOVED the historic church--got to get myself over there and add to my collection of historic church photos!
    Glad you all had a wonderful time!
    PS: Did you find your flowers yet?

  22. Loved your bright blue splashy summer pics today! It looks such fun there! I loved seeing the scenery on your drive home too.....such a lovely little old church, and the inn is such a beautiful building. Thanks for sharing. Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  23. LOVE that old church. What a cool shot!


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