Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Beauty Around Us

You know what amazes me?  That you can just take a walk around your yard and find wonderful amazing things... you just need to open you eyes and look.  Yesterday I needed some fresh air so I took the boys out in the evening sunshine to swing while I walked about to see what I could see.. and I saw wonderful things.  Our apple tree - I have no idea what variety these are.  But they are green with a pretty blush or pretty pinky red where the sun hits them.

The tree is big and these apples are on the very top.. our sky is most always this pale blue - other people have bright blue skies, but I've been told if there is a lot of moisture in our sky so it's light.  

Look at my little grandsons swinging high in the late afternoon, such darlings.

I saw the moon, a three quarter sized one.. and the golden light on the tree covered with red and orange leaves.. a very autumnal scene.

So I zoomed in on my old friend the moon... it amazes me that my little Lumix can zoom in like this and I can see the craters on this wonderful orb in the sky.

Our huge pin oak tree is turning.. it's not all the way yet, but working on it.  I produces the most gorgeous red leaves.  Sometimes the leaves turn and it's stormy and windy and we don't get to enjoy them.  But this week is supposed to be sunny and mild so we might have a good year for enjoying the colors.

Autumn reds and greens.

And from my driveway I zoomed over to the flower field across the road and got this shot of the golden light and shadows reminding me of a impressionist painting.

A lovely sunny day looms ahead of us today.  Our son has a week off between the end of his time as a pressman at a big newspaper and beginning his new job in the engineering dept. at a big cookie and cracker factory.  So, we're enjoying having him with us this week.  I hope you're having a great week wherever you are in this great big world! 
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Lovely autumnal photos with beautiful colours. And I'm a bit envious of those apples, as we had such a poor harvest this year. Do you make apple sauce?

    Thank you for your comments in my blog. I appreciate you 'speaking your mind' a while back, and that you did so with respect (not everyone has) and that you did so with full name and blog link. I respect that, and stand to be corrected ;-)

  2. What gorgeous autumn photos Teresa, the colours at this time of the year are so beautiful x

  3. You are so right, Teresa. Beauty abounds if we just open our eyes to it! I've always said that those who are photographers see life from a different perspective! Now that modern technology provides the tool to almost everyone, I'm hoping more people begin to see the beauty around them in a more intimate fashion! It's there for the taking if one just stops to absorb it! Your photos are always soooo spectacular! Xoxo, Annette

  4. Such a beautiful post Teresa! I loved the walk and seeing all your gorgeous photos makes me want to go for a walk myself!
    Hugs, Shari

  5. Beautiful photos and colours Teresa. Lovely to see the boys swinging away there. Great that you have a week with your son before he starts his new job. Hope you are now a lot better. Hugs Anne x

  6. Lovely photos, Theresa. You live in such a pretty place. I'm sure the boys are making so many wonderful memories at your house, especially at this time of year.

  7. such beautiful autumn colors . . . sigh

    Hope you're feeling better.

  8. A beautiful post full of autumn beauty Teresa. Do you know what amazes me? We have the same camera! Your pictures are always so full of beauty and amazing color. Mine are just so, so!!! That tells me that it really DOES matter who is taking the photos!
    Your grandboys look like they are having a wonderful time on the new swingset. That was a great idea that you and Dayle had. So glad Travis has his new job and you have time to just be together as a family for awhile.
    Enjoy our beautiful northwest fall weather.

    1. Betsy, I work on each of my photos that I post. I use iPhoto to crop them, enhance the colors and make them as pretty as I can. Next time we have lunch together, bring your iPad and I'll show you some things. :-)

  9. So happy to see your post this afternoon, I was feeling kinda bummed and like I was the only one in blogland posting, wah, wah, wah. I perked right up when I saw you had posted. Isn't it funny how you can affect someone's mood or make them smile just by posting a little something? You're a gem, my dear! Just knowing you're around and living life makes me feel better. Whatever! Why am I all mushy? LOL.

  10. You have captured much that is beautiful around you in your photos, Teresa! The swing set was definitely a great investment :) and the photo of the field across the street reminds me of a Monet painting, too. Wonderful! Let's get together now that you are getting out again!
    Gracie xx

  11. Your camera zoomed in so close to the moon I was looking for someone waving back at you, lol. That really is impressive, that shot of the moon. All your photos are glorious, isn't fall a beautiful time of year? Oh don't let those apples at the top of your tree keep you from enjoying them. It is so, the best apples are always out of reach, but I solved that problem, I went to the Rural King and purchased a fruit picker, like the ones they use in the orange groves and apple orchards. They had 2 kinds, I bought the pricier one ($24.99) cause it was made out of heavy aluminum and looked sturdier. It also telescopes longer so you can reach what is at the top of the tree. Now girl, you guys go out and pick ya some apples....I see apple jelly, apple butter, apple pie filling and applesauce going on in your kitchen...just let Dayle know he is in charge so you can do some more crocheting, lol. Have a good week. The kidos look like they are totally enjoying that play set.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  12. Love those beautiful autumn leaves!
    Blessings, Aimee

  13. What beautiful photos!!!!
    xo Kris

  14. What a wonderful sentimental post my dear Teresa. Great autumn pictures and I just love the picture of the moon... Your camera is wonderful. I'm glad you are enjoying your time with your son and his family... Precious memories you are making. Beautiful apples. Have a great rest of he week my fiend :)

  15. That's one powerful zoom you've got there. Awesome shot of the moon!

  16. Teresa, I'm one of those silent blog followers and don't post comments as often as I should. Please know, your posts are much appreciated. The stories, photos, and recipes you share with all of us are amazing and inspiring. While I enjoy living on the East Coast, you often make me want to move to OR.

  17. Lovely to see a little more of your world x

  18. Beautiful pictures Teresa, I love the little ones swinging while you were walking around, I bet you enjoyed hearing them laughing, music to the ears isn't it?

  19. Oh Teresa your photos are just fabulous!! I can't believe the moon picture. That is one powerful camera!!
    Those apples look so delicious, I love a pretty apple and those look yummy. I wonder what kind they are? Maybe pink lady?! (probably not, but they look kinda like them)
    I enjoy a wallk around my yard too, so much to see if you look!
    Take care, xoRobin

  20. A beautiful Autumn post Teresa!!! I love the apples, leaves and everything...

  21. Hello Teresa, YOU live in the most beautiful place.. Thanks for sharing all your wonderous Autumn colors and your lovely grandsons.. Hugs Judy

  22. I have been in bed for nearly 2 weeks. Today is rainy but the sound is relaxing at least. Colors have barely changed here so your pics made me smile and think of being home (back north).

  23. Wow! Your photos are stunning! I am in love with the last one. Thanks you so much for sharing...our days have been beautiful as well. Happy weekend my friend. xo


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