Monday, December 9, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

Hi there, welcome!  I braved the frigid weather today to drive the 26 miles to the Eastmoreland Golf Club to attend the Portland Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution meeting.  We brought an unwrapped toy for children of incarcerated parents.  We also brought canned and boxed food for the Oregon Food Bank for those in need.  Then we each brought something for a silent auction and we will donate the funds to the DAR Project Patriot is the official Daughters of the American Revolution committee that supports America’s service personnel in current conflicts abroad.  I was the winner in the auction of 4 really neat items - a Snow Baby box, a Dept. 56 coal wagon, an orange and cinnamon scented oil diffuser and a really cool L'Occitane basket filled with lavender sachet, 4 bottles of shower gel and a neat bar of soap. :-)

We were served a sumptuous buffet luncheon of salad, rolls, teriyaki chicken, roasted salmon, mashed potatoes, roasted winter veggies and a big juicy prime rib!  It was all delish!

I looked out the window and was charmed to see several Canada Geese on the golf course!  

I do love these big birds, but they sure do make a mess wherever they hang out.  If you know what I mean.  :-)

It was so fun today as one of our newest members brought her little girl and wants her to join too!  Our youngest member, I dare say. :-)

I thought I'd show you my "haul" from the silent auction.  On the left is a scented oil diffuser, cinnamon orange aroma.  I can't wait to set it up!

I scored with this L'Occitane gift basket with 4 bottles of shower gel in yummy scents (I can use these in my swim bag!), plus a bar of cool soap, a lavender sachet and a bag of verbena sachet.  

I got this authentic Snow Baby "box".

This is my Dept 56 item - "Delivering Coal for the Hearth".  It's a retired piece and will look nice next to my North Pole Village on the piano.  I'll show that to you soon.

I met Dayle at a auto repair shop as he had to drop off the truck as we need new U-joints, alignment and adjust the emergency brakes.  Then I brought him home with me - when we went over the Stark Street Bridge, I quickly snapped a photo of the icicles that form each time it gets to be freezing weather.

We arrived home and I snapped a photo of our poor frozen pond and waterfalls.  The boys are worried about the fish.  Poor fish!  But it's amazing how they live through this.  I'm sure they are hiding in a hole.  Every year we're happy to see that they made it.

My sister asked me to send her some old photos of Dayle and I going to the prom - he was one and a half years older than me so I got to go to his Jr. and Sr. proms and he got to go to mine, so we got to go to 4 proms.  :-)  This is the first one we went to together, Dayle's Junior Prom, my mother made the dress of pink satin underneath and pink sheer fabric over the top.  Gosh we were young!

This is my sophomore year and Dayle's senior year.  ::sigh::  My mom made this dress for me too.

I'm having a girls holiday lunch here tomorrow.  That is if the weather cooperates and doesn't snow or give us freezing rain.  Wish me luck that the roads are clear.  They are predicting "freezing drizzle".  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  We'll see.  

I hope you are having a good time during this busy and fun season.  

 *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hi Teresa! You did have quite a "haul" didn't you and the lunch sounds wonderful. Loved the prom pictures. Golly, you and Dayle are young there and your Mom was a fabulous seamstress. Talent must run in the family. Mandy told me that freezing rain and maybe an inch of snow are predicted for you guys over there. Be careful tomorrow.

  2. Beautiful Teresa!!!! Love the photos!!! You and your husband both look so lovely for the prom and your mom did an outstanding job on your dresses. Keep warm dear friend!!! :)

  3. look like Raquel Welch!!! Va va VOOM!!!! What a knock out!!! How fun to see you and Dayle at your Proms!!! Greg and I didn't date until after I got out of high school. And we married only a few short months later. I loved seeing these photos of the two of you. And the frozen waterfalls pretty!
    XO Kris

  4. I love these photos! How wonderful. You were (and are) such a pretty girl. What a nice haul from the auction, you are one lucky lady.

  5. Oh yes, freezing drizzle, we in Ohio know it well. It is more like a sleet, and I sure don't want to be out driving in that. Oh how pretty you are in your prom dresses. Look at that hair do! I can remember those times. I had one photo of me in a prom dress and it was at my girlfriend's house, just her and me, no dates were allowed. She passed away 10 years ago, I don't know what ever became of that photo. I should try and track it down. You sure won some nice gifts, lucky!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  6. Awesome prom photos!! Love them:)
    Our koi are doing OK. They're moving slower as they always do at this time of the year, but they seem to be OK despite the weather.
    Wishing you safe travels tomorrow.
    Advent Blessings,

  7. Both the giving and the receiving at the DAR meeting sounded like worthwhile fun! We were both blessed with mom's who were excellent seamstresses! I loved seeing your prom pictures, and I was shocked to see your frozen pond and waterfall! My kids went out on the front pond today...long enough to snap some pictures of the adventure :) Hope you are able to have a lovely luncheon tomorrow!
    Gracie xx

  8. Gosh again such wonderful pictures and such fun with the giving and receiving. Don't like the sound of frozen drizzle!!! Here it is switching from cold/rain to ridiculous heat, crazy oz weather.

  9. LOVE the prom photos.. they are really lovely! the dresses are beautiful and you both look so happy~
    frozen pond is just amazing.
    xo Marissa.

  10. Such wonderful pictures Teresa... And I love your prom pictures you were ( and still are) such a great couple !

  11. I forgot to say what an amazing seamstress your mom was ... You really take after her with your amazing talents :) beautiful dresses :)

  12. Hi Teresa. What a lovely way to spend your day. giving and in your case winning so great things.
    The weather here in Cornwall is still quite warm for December. I am dreading the cod . I love your prom pictures. Your mum was great at making your dresses.Hope the weather is good to you.

  13. Lovely photos of you and Dayle. Congratulations on your auction win - great haul and I especially like the little coal wagon - so very you !!!! I've never seen icicles like those in your photo - also never seen ponds ice up like that - I do hope your fish survive another year. What would the temperature be ?? Mind you, we use celsius here so I'll have to convert. We sometimes get to about 6 below zero but I'm thinking what you get might be colder. Enjoy your lunch tomorrow. xoxox

  14. Lovely stories Teresa. Now I know where your talent comes from. Those dresses are beautiful, just as your are! Be careful driving in that freezing drizzle!!

  15. Teresa these photos are so much fun ~ and heartwarming to see love everlasting !
    Your mom did a wonderful job with the dresses , you were the belle of the ball ,beautiful !

  16. You did very well at the silent auction, such treats! Loved the icy shots.....makes me realise just how cold it must be there! And your prom pictures are wonderful......lovely that you are together now with all that history behind you to look back on, very sweet.
    Helen x

  17. Twas fun to see the pictures of you and Dayle so young. What pretty dresses you got to wear! Now I'm worried about the fish too! Hard to see how they could live through something like that.

  18. Hello Teresa such lovely photos of you and Dayle and your beautiful dresses. Hugs Anne x

  19. You two are just so adorable, I love these pictures. The history you have together is pretty amazing. Have fun with you luncheon, is this with Shirley and your sister's?

  20. Good afternoon Teresa...Congratulations on your lovely win!....(love the little Snow Baby!)...Ooh, it does look so cold at the moment in your corner of the world and it's amazing how fish survive under the ice, isn't it?
    Gorgeous pics of you and Dayle...very glamorous too...I love your green dress look beautiful!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Susan x

  21. The photo of your waterfall/ponds is amazing, beautiful!...I can't believe the fish can live through that either. That's amazing! It's fun to see your old prom photos too. :-)

  22. Oh Teresa, those photos of the two of you are so evocative, so many years together through so many things. Thank you for sharing them with us.


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