Friday, May 23, 2014

Farm Flowers, New Carpet and The Falls

Hi there!  I hope flowers are growing in your garden!  We've had unseasonably nice weather this month and my "Scentimental" rose is in bloom earlier than ever!  It's a beautiful rose with a wonderful heavy aroma.  Love it!

The yellow behind the rose above is this Honeysuckle which is in it's second bloom!

The pink rose bud Azalea is even more perfect than ever!

My purple Clematis is doing the best ever, too!

And my 4th of July rose is simply covered with blooms!

And my dinner plate sized white Clematis is blooming, too.

The carpet is in!  It's so nice and fresh and soft and perfect!  

Going up to the second floor - I have 3 embossed prints, you can't really see how neat they are from this photo, but the landscape around 3 Oregon landmarks are embossed and Multnomah Falls Lodge and the Benson Bridge at Multnomah Falls is in gold and silver.

The bedroom is carpeted!  Now Dayle has to put a second coat of white semi-gloss enamel on the closet doors and re-install them.  Then we can put a modicum of furniture back in it.  More photos to follow.

This is a nook that we never know what to do with - we had a roll-top desk there, but we hauled it out and are going to sell it, as it never got used.  It might be a good place for lego building?

Upstairs there is a remodeled bathroom, the 2 guest rooms, this nook, and an attic that needs cleared out.  Then our upstairs will be in good condition.. yay!  I appreciate Kristi getting the ball rolling on this project by clearing out the room and painting, Travis for fixing a hole in the wall and painting, Dayle's tenacity for getting it finished and me for making sure we got carpet selected and ordered.  :-)  (But we need a new AC unit.)

Kristi ran in to get my camera and brought it back with this photo on it - a baby wild hare.  Can you say "cute"?

Yesterday I volunteered at Multnomah Falls with my friend Shirley.  I left her in charge of the Visitor Center while I hiked up to the viewing platform to get some photos.  This was a wild rose that caught my eye as I walked along.

This little beauty was also on the side of the walk, but for the life of me I can't recall it's name.  Is it Cranesbill?

I'm happy to announce that the historic Benson Bridge at Multnomah Falls is repaired and is once again open to the public - on May 19th at 3:30 in the afternoon.  It was damaged by a falling rock in January of this year so was approx. 3 months.  

It looks brand new, but it's still the same bridge, but it was pressure washed and re-sealed and the deck hold fixed and 3 posts replaced that were knocked out in the rockfall.

All is well in the realm.

People love the bridge.. Shirley took a turn for checking things out and hiked up to the bridge.  It's fun to see the water pass below you and then fall again.

On my way back to the center I snapped a shot of the common invasive weed.. the Butter Cup.. I still think the flowers are sweet.

These wild Iris were flourishing in the beds in front of the lodge.

I adore Iris in any shape or form.

I pulled out in the viewpoint just East of the Corbett Exit and got a pleasant photo of the Columbia River Gorge.. with Rooster Rock and Vista House on the right.

A bit closer of the rock and the "million dollar outhouse".  A less than flattering nickname for Vista House.  And it only cost $100,000 back in 1917.

I'm off to swim in a bit.  I only got a few comments on my last post, am I getting boring?  :-)  I hope you have a nice weekend.  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your flowers in your garden are beautiful. I love the rose.
    It looks fantastic standing on the bridge with that waterfall. The hare is so Ahhhhhhh!

  2. No you're NOT boring. I don't know if I commented or not, but my blog reading has been "hit and miss" the past few weeks.

    I love your new carpet and room. The sunshiny paint makes me smile to look at it. As usual your flowers are breathtaking. I have no flowers anywhere yet.

    Enjoy your weekend. Mom and I just visited the cemetery and went to Dad Queen's and Dennis' sisters grave along with my parents' graves. They are buried within a few blocks of each other at Forest Lawn. I don't get to go very often so I try to take flowers when I'm here.

  3. What stunning roses Teresa, they're sensational. Your home is looking lovely with the new carpet. That unused nook would definitely be perfect for Lego building, I know it's exactly the kind of thing small boys love! I hope you guys have a really good weekend. CJ xx

  4. Wow, you've got so much going on! I love the rose and clematis as they actually look painted. The falls are stunning, the house looks fab and I love that in all that magnificence you've added a fabulously simple buttercup and as for teeny bunny....he is as cute as they come.

  5. I love seeing the Scentimental and 4th of July roses on your blog each year. Wish I could smell that first one. None of my roses have much of a smell right now. I do have three that haven't bloomed yet since we just planted them. The carpet looks great and your new room is really coming together. We have no carpet anymore because it's just not reasonable with five dogs running around the house, but I miss feeling it on my feet. I have small rugs all over the house so my feet aren't always on bare wood floors. They're always cold. Very nice pictures of the Falls and Gorge!! No, you are not boring. As for me, I feel like I always say the same thing when I comment so sometimes I skip it, but I'm ALWAYS here reading your posts. I know it doesn't matter what I say, really, so I should just say hi at least. Hope y'all have a nice holiday weekend.

  6. Hello Teresa - you are never boring. I must admit that I sometimes feel as though I am talking to myself :-) I also stopped visiting some blogs as I was always commenting but it was never reciprocated. Ah well.
    Beautiful blooms around you. The falls are looking splendid. I'm glad the bridge is restored. Your carpet looks very fine. I love new carpet! The farmhouse is looking very smart. we are waiting for the hall, stairs and landing to be decorated and also the outside. However the man who does it ( we have used him before - he is the husband of the lady who was my teaching assistant) we know he is good so are willing to wait. Have a lovely weekend . Hugs Anne x

  7. Sweet Teresa, So much great, beautiful and fresh new space! What a fabulous update and additional space. It looks really so nice. Also love the bright yellow, so cheery! I love the honeysuckle, buttercup, and wild roses, can't get enough of the old fashion flowers. OF course the bunny too!
    Happy Memorial Day weekend, xoRobin

  8. I love the smell of new carpet. Your upstairs looks lovely and really spacious. Good to see that the bridge is back in action. Have you ever taken a photo looking out from the bridge? Just wondering how far the people up there can see. :)

  9. Absolutely not boring. Love to look at all your beautiful pictures of the falls and your lovely home. Just wish I lived some place just like it! I always look forward to your new posts but verrrry seldom comment.....couldn't be my laziness showing its ugly side!

  10. Not boring, at all! Love your posts and photos, Teresa. I usually read from and often am hasty and don't go to your site to post a comment. But I should more often. Your stairs and room look fresh and brand new. We need a new carpet in the living/dining room but dread having to empty the china hutch and move the furniture.

  11. Never boring, Teresa! I'm glad the bridge is repaired! The flowers, falls, river, and carpet views are all lovely. I have printed off a copy of your washcloth pattern [last post] and am getting off the computer so I can try it out :) xx

  12. the Benson bridge looks nice again! I saw it when it was being worked on. I have posted it this week. Loving flowers and I like your carpet. Yes, a Lego room would be fun as long as the Legos don't fall overboard and down on somebody's head below! Have a great weekend!

  13. Oh my goodness those are gorgeous blooms that sentimental rose is just amazing! not too long ago I saw one in a nursery and didn't buy it went back and they were sold out. :( Hopefully soon I can get one. the honeysuckle is beautiful.
    so glad your bridge is repaired and for the record NO YOU ARE NOT BORING!!!! its always a pleasure to visit your blog.. I personally only have time to comment late, late at night or while she naps. I have to wait till the baby is sleeping.

  14. LOL. I think people are just outside more at this time of the year :) Love your new carpet--really, really nice! And the flowers and gorge photos are beautiful as usual. SO good to see the bridge/falls looking NORMAL again!
    Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend!

  15. Never boring and must say I always look forward to reading your posts as it brightens my day/evening quite often ☺ How wonderful all the carpet/paint rooms look and yes some leggo building in that area would be great xoxo

  16. Hey Teresa, your posts are never boring. I always admire your beautiful photos of flowers and can only imagine how lovely your part of the world must be. Does Dayle spend a lot of time taking care of your garden or do you do it? The way you're always busy doing interesting stuff, I wouldn't think you'd have much time to spend in the garden. It was nice to have a mini tour of your home - the new carpet looks good and I bet you can hardly wait to get back into your bedroom when its all done. Today's photos of the falls are spectacular - they are so incredibly beautiful falls. Have a nice day. xox

  17. Beautiful photos and flowers Teresa. Your decorating looks great and I agree there is nothing better than new carpet. You are never boring but a lot of the time I read your posts on the way to somewhere on my phone. It's far to small to type out a comment on...I need my tablet or desk top to do that on! People are always out there reading even if they don't get time to is soooo busy that blogging comments are often not top of the priority list. Your stats will show how much your blog is loved ;0) Today is a bank holiday weekend, bliss, time for reading all my blog list and leaving comments. Have a great weekend x

  18. Your garden must be looking fabulous, all those lovely blooms!
    I think you are right about that area of your house, it's lego building heaven. Just as long as the little ones don't throw lego through the bars at those passing below, but I'm sure your grandchildren are far too lovely to do a thing like that!

  19. First of all you are never boring, I think it is the time of year that many people are out in their gardens, and those that live down under are finally experiencing Fall so they are outside too. I love each photo Teresa, as I have said a million times you are blessed to live in such a gorgeous area.
    Sending you a big hug,

  20. I always enjoy seeing the falls and your beautiful flowers. The room looks great as do the stairs! That looks like a nice type of carpeting. Maybe the nook could be a quiet reading corner for the boys? You could put a soft chair and a bookcase in there just for them.

  21. Gorgeous flower pictures, really scrumptious rose especially like raspberry ripple ice cream! How lovely to see the bridge over the falls is mended so nicely....your pictures of it are wonderful. Love your new carpet, your house is looking so smart. And it was a treat to see the sweet baby hare up close!
    Wishing you a happy weekend, dear Teresa.
    Helen xox

  22. The flowers are so lovely...all your photos are so lovely...and that sweet little baby bunny...just too sweet. The upstairs looks awesome. I can't wait to see how you decorate it.

    Wishing you a most lovely weekend sweet friend.

  23. Beautiful flowers as always! We had buttercups in our yard. Thay sure are invasive! We thought they were gone and found a few small patches again this spring.
    I can't imagine how beautiful it is there. That bridge looks like it would be a perfect place to enjoy nature! Waterfalls above and below!

  24. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  25. What a fabulous explosion of colour in your garden Teresa, I especially love the roses. Congrats on your new carpet and décor, I am sure the little ones would appreciate a nook to build lego in ;)

    The falls look so beautiful, almost like a scene from a Lord of the Rings movie.

    Have a lovely long weekend!


  26. Hi Teresa: Your blog posts are never boring and I'm one of those blog followers that should take more time in posting comments. Your photos and stories are very enchanting and I visit your blog often. Thank you for sharing your life in Portland with all of us.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  27. Hi Teresa!
    I loved each and every flower in your garden, they are simply gorgeous and of course they can feel your love and care :)
    Your upper part of the house is going to be awesome! I like the bright yellow and the carpet match the walls so well.


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