Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ristorante and a Manor House

Dayle and I decided to go out for dinner the other evening and it was actually HIS idea to go to this little Italian place in Troutdale.  Ristorante Pompello.  I noticed the evening sun on the water tower and snapped this shot with my iPhone.  I know it's fuzzy but I like the image.

I had never tried their Gnocchi - so I ordered the Gnocchi & Scampi in a Cajun cream sauce - I asked for asparagus rather than the triple peppers.  It was good!

They have a cute little alfresco dining area out front.

Last evening I attended a community meeting - the US Postal Service has been trying to shut down our little post office in Bridal Veil, OR for years.  This meeting was called because it is threatened again.  It's known as the smallest Post Office in the country and brides send their wedding invitations from all over the world to be hand cancelled with "Bridal Veil, Oregon".

The meeting was held outside in the shade at the convent owned by the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist in Bridal Veil, Oregon.

There is a HUGE maple tree on the property - estimated to be approx. 200 years old.  

This building was built in 1916.  By the time the nuns found the building, it was in seriously bad condition with a leaking roof - all the wood floors were buckled up.  They bought it, rolled up their sleeves and got to work fixing it up - now it's just beautiful.  They started pulling up layers and layers of old linoleum and found a black and white marble checkerboard floor!

I wished this fountain was spouting water, wouldn't that be pretty?

Behind the nunnery is Coopey Falls and the creek gurgles by the house on it's way to the Columbia River.  

The good news is that the USPO will keep the post office open, but will cut the hours from 8 to 4 a day.  Bad news for the postmaster as she will lose all her benefits.  :-(  The sun was shining through the maple leaves as I left the meeting.

Evening falls on the nunnery.. 

Here is the carriage house which served the house in horse and buggy days.

The old iron gates and rock wall at the entrance are beautiful.

I enjoyed my drive home along the Historic Columbia River Highway, I pulled  out just above Vista House and snapped my beloved building from a different angle.

From the same spot I tried to capture the silver reflection of the river, that is Portland, Oregon in the distance.

My 2 granddaughters in Ohio were doing some primping and my daughter Amy sent me the photos.  Oh my.. Jenna is growing up!  See the clip on earrings and cute little hair bow?  I think she looks adorable!

And Miss Paige insisted that her mama buy her a "maxi" skirt.  Isn't she just a doll?  She's the dress up diva of the family.  

Today I'm heading to the pool.. they are working on the gym and it was closed on Monday and will be on Friday.  I'll be getting my exercise swimming in Waldo Lake as of next week!  :-)  I hope you're getting the most out of summer.. it's running by quickly!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. How fantastic to get invites stamped Bridal Veil..I'm so glad to hear that the PO was saved but sad the the post mistress loses out Teresa. Cuts are everywhere the world over. Your darling granddaughter's are growing up so fast, they look beautiful. It must be so hard not seeing them, I cannot imagine only seeing Daisy a few times a year even though it is a 3 hour round drive ;0( Hugs xx

  2. Bridal Veil is a lovely name, and that is good your post office will remain, altho with reduced hours. The convent and the ancient tree are gorgeous.

  3. Yes, summer really is whizzing many beautiful places in your area, I especially loved the photo of the fountain as it reminded me so much of the ones at the Alhambra in Granada.


  4. Mmm, that looks like a delicious meal. What a shame about that Post Office having it's hours cut. Love that maxi skirt, how quickly the little people grow. My littlest boy likes to dress up quite a bit. CJ xx

  5. What a pretty and grand old house! Love the little carriage house and that big tree! Your granddaughters are adorable. I know you miss them terribly. Glad you get to talk and see pictures regularly.

  6. What a beautiful place for a convent! I love the sun shining through the leaves on the buildings and your photos of the Vista House. favorites are the ones of Paige and Jenna, your precious girls. Oh, and I really like gnocchi. I always order the chicken gnocchi at Olive Garden. Yum! I know you're going to have a great time at the lake next week, but first we get to have dinner together. Yippee!


  7. Linoleum on marble!!! So glad the nuns rescued the marble. Also glad BVPO is saved again but sad for the loss of benefits for employees. Your little girlies are growing delightfully :) Thanks for all the great photos and interesting stories! xx

  8. That convent is such a beautiful place. Sorry to hear about the PO. Our small one has had its hours cut as well. I am sure they will try to close it again soon....*sigh*

  9. Oh those girls have grown so much and are beautiful Teresa. Lovely pictures and yum to the gnocchi.
    Today here is sunny with gorgeous blue sky with incredible strong winds, with warning for rain and hail by this to love oz crazy weather, where I live can have 4 season's in 1 day

  10. We had a similar incidence here with the post office and them wanting to close it down. There was enough of a stink about it. We have a one traffic light little village. One bank, one small grocery, a gas station, a couple of bars and a restaurant. There is another gas station at the grocery and the little hardware store went out of business, also the bank that use to be in the grocery closed that branch. the place rolls up it's sidewalks at 5pm and the grocery stays open till 9pm. They just built a General Dollar Store which surprised me. Not much goes on around here, for the most part there is little excitement. The fire department is all volunteers. They have 2 cops, one during the day and one at night. Good luck finding either one of them if you call. The nuns did an amazing job on restoring the old buildings. They are beautiful. Yes, your little grand daughters are darling and growing up. I know when you don't see them as often as you would like that when you do it seems like they have grown another inch.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  11. The post office backed down on it's plan to close offices - mainly because Oregon is a vote-by-mail state. You can't vote by mail if they close offices. You can thank our Oregon senators and representatives for winning that round.
    Now - doesn't matter how profitable (or operating at a loss), these tinier offices are; across the board, and irregardless of community meetings, they are being dumped down to 4 hours/day.
    The post office is making a profit, which is against congressional mandate (Have to run at zero loss/zero profit). Some congressmen, seeing a cash cow, decided the PO needed to prepay retirement benefits for workers not even hired. This money goes into the general fund where it is used for 'stuff'.
    If you remember the Savings & Loan debacle back in the 70's, this is where certain congressmen and PO mgmt are headed.
    Sorry, got my panties in a twist.

    I've never been to that convent. I'll have to put it on my to-do list.

    BTW, our PO sends brides and their letters often to Bridal Veil to get hand-cancelled.
    The first so many invitations are free, a larger amount can be done for a nominal fee.

  12. Delightful looking meal, my mouth was watering. Good news about the post office, as you say a shame for the postmaster. Such a beautiful place and your granddaughters are beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  13. Loved the story about the Bridal Veil post office - how romantic for couples to send their invitations from there. Its a very beautiful building and as usual, your photos are lovely. I wonder if that fountain ever goes on or not? Your girls are certainly growing up quickly - I know how you must miss not being with them more often. xox

  14. Oh such a lovely post today, filled with so many lovely photos. Always love seeing the happy faces of your sweet little grandchildren. Such a shame about the lady losing all her benefits. I so love the's very pretty. Oh and Vista House is always so lovely. Enjoy your swim sweet friend. ((hugs)).

  15. That's so interesting about the post office. My husband was born and raised in Loveland, CO and people have done the same thing with wedding invitations and valentines so they can get the Loveland postmark. Your dinner looks good but it's probably too spicy for me! I love shrimp and gnocchi, though. I can eat a lot of both. :)

  16. Gorgeous post pictures. You are capturing the light very well!!!
    Kids are darling!!

  17. Beautiful photos as ever. Your granddaughters are lovely - you must be very proud of them :) xxx

  18. Nice photos....glad the post office will still remain open. We were out and about at a senior picnic for lunch today on private property. A lake, lots of food and dear people from church. There was a zip line that went across the pond. Phil went twice, I took photos to prove it! Glad you had good meal and beautiful place for the meeting at the convent. I always enjoy your updates! My granddaughter loves clothes as well and she's only 6! Take care!

  19. Lovely post Teresa. Your meal looked/sounded very yummy. So pleased post office saved- lovely name. Story very interesting. Your granddaughters are growing fast - just likeine. Love all grandchildren so much. It hurts at times. Mainly enjoying summer - some family issues at moment :-( very upsetting. Hope it will all get resolved. X


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