Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ladies Lunch, Antiques and a Chocolatier

Hello my friends!  How are you doing?  Thanks for stopping in to visit!  I had such a good day!  I met my sisters Roberta and Denise and friend Shirley for lunch at "Gramma's Corner" in Milwaukie, OR, near my sister Roberta's house.  Everything is home-cooked and delicious.  We enjoyed our meal and chatted away and shared photos and generally had a good lunch together.  Roberta said there were two good antique shops right next door, so that was the next stop.  The first one was amazing with lots of great things and good prices and also lots of discounts!  I found this vintage enameled strainer at a fair price and had to have it as I've wanted one for years and this color is the one I love.  AND it's very useable!  

Another vintage item that I needed is this juicer or reamer made of "Vaseline" glass which glows.  

Another find was this framed print that was $10 and I got it for $7.00!  I'd been looking for one like this for years.  My Grandma had one and it hung on my Aunt Eva's wall after Grandma passed away.  I totally coveted it.  So, finally I found one with bright colors and a reasonable price and it's now hanging next to my antique oak china cabinet.  ::happy sigh::

My friend Shirley found a butter dish that she'd been looking for for years, and it was a good price AND it was 50% off!  She was over the moon!  She also got the sugar, creamer and salt & pepper.  They were for her husband's anniversary gift.. ahem.. :-)

I got a kick out of these little Cupie Dolls.

This crocheted doily caught my eye.. just $5!

We then crossed the street to this other antique mall and in the back is an old soda fountain.. I remember these so well from my childhood in McMinnville, Oregon.

Of course I had to sit on this stool.. once occupied by my favorite US President - John F. Kennedy.

And look at those four cute "vintage" ladies.

I told the "soda jerk" lady that I was going to put a photo of my chocolate coke soda on my blog so she made it just so.. but by the time I got my iPhone ready for a photo some foam was sliding down the side.  It was good!

After the two antique shops we were getting tired out and then.. I spied... a shop across the street... and it said.. "CHOCOLATIER'.. so I peeked in the window and said.. We HAVE to go in there!  What a fun place!

There was every kind of candy imaginable!

I got 2 bags of popcorn for the family and then I asked the salesgirl which chocolates she recommended and she said.. "salted caramel and mint meltaway".. of which I ordered one (or two) of each.  For research!  To see if it's any good!  Don't judge!  :-)

Near the entrance, a nice big shop!

I want to take the boys here!

I think I need a tall glass jar full of pretty candy.

The popcorn I brought home for the family.. Dayle loves popcorn!

These are mine.. don't tell Dayle or the kids.. :-)

Dayle filled the goldfinch feeder.... here is a cute little guy having lunch.

My waterproof camera is ready to go to Waldo Lake.  We leave in 2 weeks.  :-)

So.. tomorrow our older son and his family are coming over to ride some quads here and we're going to celebrate Gabe's birthday and BBQ some hot dogs and I'm going to make a macaroni salad and baked beans.. more summer food.  I'm not tired of it yet! :-)  

What is your favorite summer food?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. No fair having so much fun! (smile)

    Love all the lovely treasures. Oh, and the chocolate shop! I bet it had a heavenly fragrance. (just a few for research, tee hee) I'm with Dayle - popcorn is tasty.

    You girls have a great time together. It's fun reading about your adventures.

  2. Oooo that Vaseline glass juicer :) Is gorgeous. :-)
    looks like a great day.

  3. Oh that looks like fun and the treasures you found are beautiful. The chocolate shop., oh my goodness, the chocolate shop. That looks absolutely amazing. Salted chocolate. Yum! The soda fountain looks like fun too. How in the world do you find all of these fun places Teresa?

  4. Oh my goodness ... That was an exciting lunch and outing... I love all of treasure findings and the candy store is just adorable... I might take my kids there this summer :)
    Hope gable has a wonderful birthday :)

  5. Nostalgia...the soda fountain and pretty glass and enamel ware :) I especially like the print you found! How did I miss all of these places when I lived in Milwaukie! Have fun tomorrow.....and in answer to your question...watermelon! xx

  6. Hi, long time no chat, sorry, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now though. My Mum had one of those green juicers I remember it well. Lol
    Looks like a great outing...exciting shops, I need to get out more lol
    Hugs x

  7. What a wonderful day out, your vintage finds were delightful. I particularly liked the juicer such a lovely colour and the chocolate was a delight definitely my kind of shop. Have a good week.

  8. What a great day!!! So manyy great finds and chocolate to end it all! Then to go home and have more fun with the family.

  9. Hi Teresa! I am always admiring your family photos... so lovely things! The candy shop is brilliant! I wish so much to visit it, but afraid I could never leave it :)
    Have a blesses day! Hugs!

  10. oh thanks a lot for sharing this ! I love your post and the pictures ! I love so much vintage stuffs and places !! Love reading your adventures ! Thanks again ! Take care and have a nice day !

  11. You girls certainly had a fun filled day didn't you? I'm totally envious of course. I remember my mother had one of those strainer things (colander?) and also a juicer but I think her juicer was just plain old glass. How amazing to have all those wonderful shops near each other. All you needed was a yarn shop to really make your day. Happy birthday to Gabe - have a great barbie. xox

  12. Wow, what a great day out, and such lovely things you found! I love the chocolate shop, I cant stop humming the tune from Willy Wonka "Candy Man", I can just imagine that scene from the film being made in this shop. My daughter would LOVE it, we have nothing like it here in the UK, and we don't have soda fountains either, which look equally fab. Must travel to the US one day!


  13. I want the pink glass sugar creamer domed dish set!!! Gorgeous.
    I love a fountain and to sit at the counter.!
    My favorite summer food? SO Many I can't pick just One:

    sweet corn on the cob
    Mister Misty at the Dairy Queen
    grilled hot dogs

  14. A perfect "sister day"! I have two sisters also, and we've done that sort of day a lot. We all love looking at antique shops, and we all have a "thing" for dishes. So many dishes, so little space. When I saw that picture of your four chocolates, I could smell them. Chocolate smells goooooood. I think the last place you need to take those boys is that candy shop!!! LOL! They'd be like bulls in a china shop, and then all hyped up on sugar later. Ha.

  15. Favorite Summer food: BBQ Baby Back Ribs

    I will have to stop at the Chocolatier - Enchante next time up McLoughlin.
    Beautiful photos as usual.

  16. The green juicer is such a prize, as are all of the items, but like it the best. I envy your chocolate coke float. Believe me, a trip to Oregon is in my plans for the future.

  17. What a fun day and great finds! :-D

  18. Love the speckle enamel ware. I have a canister set in blue and white and a colander in red and white. Those pieces are not antiques, but I have 2 pie pans in blue and white and a bowl that are. They hang on my kitchen wall for decoration. The Kewpies are darling. I have some packed away, about a dozen maybe. The ones in your picture I don't have. How cute. I have a doll too, also packed away. Never had a chocolate Coke, but have had Cherry coke at a fountain lunch. We were so lucky to have been born at the time to remember when those counters and stools were all around, usually in the five and dime stores. The Kresge Store (now K-Mart) use to have one way back when I was a teenager. That candy store, well, what a temptation going in and coming out. It would be hard to not want to buy something chocolate, caramel or sinfully delicious. You are so lucky to have sisters. I was an only girl and my last shopping trip was alone. I stopped at a Cracker Barrel and ate alone too. Sometimes I don't mind doing that though.
    Have a great weekend,
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  19. Such a great day out....lots of lovely antique finds and I really loved seeing the soda fountain and the candy store! Favourite summer food.....BBQ in the garden and then lots of strawberries, raspberries and cherries!
    Happy week, Teresa!
    Helen xox

  20. What a lovely day you had visiting, and exploring these wonderful shops. I love that you are so close to your sister's and of course your adopted sister Shirley. Have a wonderful time celebrating the big birthday.

  21. Sounds like a fun trip. I wouldn't have passed up the candy shop either. :-) Enjoy the birthday party and time with your family. My favorite summer foods are picnic fare; burgers, mets, brats, macaroni salad, baked beans and watermelon! :-)

  22. Oh I always love tagging along with you on your adventures. Always so much fun. You always find the coolest things. :) Wishing you a lovely day sweet friend. ((hugs))

  23. Love the diner!!! It looks just like in the movies!!!! Surely it is not possible to walk out of that candy shop empty handed!!!! And your choccies look delicious!!!! Have a happy weekend!!!
    AMarie xxx

  24. Wow, what lovely things you found! I'd love to go and have a soda in a place like that. I adore all thins vintage american!


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