Friday, August 1, 2014

Nunnery Interior and Coopey Falls

Hello my friends!  When I posted some photos of the historic Jacobson Manor which is owned and operated by the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist I didn't have any interior photos to show you from that day.  But I did some searching in my iPhoto file and found some that I took when the Portland Women's Forum visited in May of 2009.  So, would you like to see the inside?  Come on then!

Sorry for the fuzzy photo.. but this is the large living area as you enter the villa.  Ordinarily the stacking chairs would not be there, but they were expecting us.

This is the beautiful stone fireplace at the end of the room.

We had our lunch catered and enjoyed the wonderful large dining room with the Spring leaves and flowers outside the windows.

The view from each window is magical here.

I did a bit of ghosting about the villa soaking it in and this is the view from the kitchen window - Coopey Falls!

This is the conservatory - where you see the black and white marble tile that impressed me so much - it was covered with many many layers of linoleum when the Sisters bought the villa.  They cleaned it all up with some help from the neighbors.

This is a quiet office tucked in the corner of the building.

This is a special room at the far end of the house - it is used as the chapel for the nuns.  As they sit in the chairs they all have a view of the garden.

This is the other end of the room where the Mother Superior speaks to the nuns.

The group enjoying lunch and visiting.

The conservatory from the other end.

Don't you wish you had huge glass paned cabinets for your glassware?  And pink walls.. do you LOVE this?  The kitchen.

Mother Superior gave us a wonderful talk about how they got the villa and all the work it took to bring it back to life and about their life and work there.  

This is the view of their brick terrace - Coopey creek passes by.. how cool is this?

We then hiked up to see Coopey Falls up close and personal.. This is the view of the back of the house as we gained elevation on our hike.

And here we are.. what a pretty waterfall!

The creek cascading down towards the Columbia River.

I tried to capture the falls and the creek cascade together.

Nearing the villa and terrace, the trees are in bloom and the creek bubbles right by.

As I passed quietly through the house to leave I was charmed by the solitary nun cleaning up after the lunch - there is no dishwasher here.  It looks like she is peeling potatoes for dinner for the nuns.  

The front yard in May.. just beautiful.

I will leave you with this peaceful scene of a leaded window with a glass angel hanging in front.. a pretty plant and the sun shining on the floor.  

Wouldn't you love to live here?  I would.  We've been preparing for our camping trip.  Dayle has washed and waxed the entire 30 foot trailer.  He's washed my boat and waxed it.  He got a solar panel as we'll be "off the grid" while camping - no electricity or water hookups.  I've been making lists and packing my clothes and yarns.. :-)  I hope the weather is good while we're at the lake!

Do you have any fun plans for August?

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. It is indeed such a tranquil home Teresa, I love those black and white's great they uncovered them. Happy packing and enjoy your trip x

  2. What an amazing place, would love to visit.

    Your holiday plans seem to be going well!


  3. Have the most wonderful holiday Teresa and thank you for our trip to such a fascinating place.

  4. What a lovely spot! Thank you for visiting me and for your sweet comments about my new grandbaby....I am in love! Hope you are having a great summer.

  5. This is really a beautiful place. I wouldn't mind living here! August means back to work for me. School starts on Wednesday. Enjoy your trip!

  6. That is so beautiful! It looks so peaceful.

  7. What a beautiful place to live, I love the fact that people choose to live like this as a community and admire their commitment.
    Hope you have a great camping trip. X

  8. What a beautiful, peaceful looking place. The mind boggles though with the number of wine glasses in the cupboards compared to the number of chairs for the nuns !! Hmmm :) Loved the conservatory - I'd like something like that at the back of my house. Wouldn't be that hard to have done either except for the dollars involved!! Enjoy your trip away. xox

  9. A truly beautiful place, both inside and out.

  10. Gorgeous views.
    Thanks for the tour.

  11. Such a beautiful place inside and out. That waterfall was gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Oh I love the Convent… Nuns are impressive women. I was raised in school by them grade 1 to college. Your images are HOLY.
    Now for camping,….i love your blog and their pink kitchen

  13. I would adore having a kitchen exactly like that. I much prefer washing dishes than using the dishwasher. The entire convent is beautiful and a place I would love to live in. Especially that beautiful view.
    How fun to be getting ready for camping. I'm packing for my trip to see YOU! Well, at least for a meal at Tad's. :-). Maybe we can fit. Second visit in while I'm there. See you soon!

  14. It is beautiful. I could live there. Every window has a pretty sight to see. It looks so comfortable, they did a great job of restoring it. I use to work for the Sisters of St. Francis and they are wonderful women to work for. They are hard working and they value their employees. My goodness, I bet Dayle is pooped from all that washing and waxing. I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy yourselves.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  15. What a wonderful building. So good to think that it's being properly looked after by the nuns.

  16. It looks like a very peaceful and homey place to live. I have always enjoyed spending time with nuns, I have found that they are usually very kind people with a lot of interesting stories to share!

  17. Lovely place to be...thanks for sharing. Plans for Aug include a BBQ cook off where I'm the event photographer, then next day we go to Phil's work picnic and the son with grandkids are gonna be there......go to the dentist again... have 2 days off work, so am gonna organize my office space and goof off a bit too. Have a good time on your camping trip...sounds like fun!

  18. It is beautiful Teresa . I know I would love living there. Have a lovely trip. I envy you. Hugs Anne x
    PS Not sure you read my email - but all is sorted and we are so happy. Xxx


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