Monday, November 24, 2014

Crochet Mitts and Craft Show

Hello!  How is your November treating you?  We are cruising through at high speed.. :-)  I've been wanting to crochet a pair of fingerless mitts but hadn't seen a pattern that excited me.. until.. Sue at Mrs. Micawber's blog decided to design a pair and have a CAL (crochet-a-long).  I joined right in.  Here is my one finished "Limpet Mitt".  I love how it turned out!  (I planned on painting my fingernails a matching red.. but didn't get around to it.. )  :-)

The pretty swirly "Limpets" turned out pretty.

On Saturday our DIL went to a craft show with her sister, Caleb went with them.  They got him a cute crocheted Batman hat and a handmade Batman cape which he was so excited about.  Hayden had gone instead with his uncle so he didn't get one.  When they returned home, he was sad about that, so Dayle and I hopped in the car and headed to Clackamas to find the craft fair and hope there was a hat and cape like his brother's.  Success.. we found both.  It was fun to look around at all the crafts and craftspeople.

The cute girl who made all the hats modeled a girl Viking hat complete wit golden braids.  If it had fit me I would have gotten it!  She is roaring like a Viking maiden for me in this shot.  LOL!  Did I tell you that my brother got a DNA test and it said we're 37% Scandinavian.. and we had NO idea!  I can tell you that I'm pretty happy to be a descendant of the Viking people!  :-)

A look back as we left with our bounty.

On the way in we passed the Kettle Corn lady and you would NOT believe how this smelled.  Needless to say we bought a bag of sweet and salty HOT popcorn right out of the big copper kettle.

Now both the boys have hats and capes - happy guys!

Kristi made a fun wreath that I thought you would all enjoy - she is doing a secret Santa exchange and this will be shipped to South Carolina.  

I have another mitt to crochet and my shawl lace edging to do.  Then I plan on making a matching hat.  I need to hurry as I want to wear this during the holidays.  Are you making things?  What?  I'm off to swim with Gracie.   ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. You had a busy weekend, Teresa! Your mitt is so pretty. Kristi's wreath, is lovely, too :) See you soon! xx PS Now who are those masked young men :)

  2. What great mitts you are making Teresa. It has finally turned chilly here. You are so sweet getting the extra Batman mask...happy boys now ;0) Enjoy the week x

  3. Looks like a fun craft market :)
    I love the wreath, are they actual balls of wool, or a length wrapped round a bauble ?

  4. Looks like a fun craft show! How neat that your brother got a DNA test! I think family history is fascinating. Nice job on the fingerless mitts!

  5. Lucky boys, they're superheroes now. Fancy being 37% Scandinavian, we are practically neighbours now! I love the fingerless mitt. I'm working up to knitting some, just need to find some time. In the meantime I'm making a scarf. In fact I'm almost always making a scarf. Can't seem to stop. Hope you enjoyed your swim. CJ xx

  6. What a great market and the boys look good in their hats xoxoxo

  7. Look at those two superheroes! Very cute. When I was in San Francisco last summer, they were selling a lot of hats (Minions, Ninja Turtles, etc.) in Chinatown. I couldn't believe how many there were for sale, and knowing that anything crochet is made by hand, they must have legions of people making them over there. I'm glad to see that people are making them here too. Your mitt looks really good, I love the red. I hope you had a nice swim. Have a good week, Teresa.

  8. Your mitt turned out great Teresa! You and Dayle are such wonderful grandparents. Jumping up at a moments notice to get a matching hat and cape. The boys look like wonderful caped crusaders! I enjoy crafts shows but haven't been to one yet this year. I think they will be passing me by this season. Have fun with Gracie. I'm SO jealous, even if I can't swim. I could watch and then we could all go for tea!

  9. I love craft shows! All that creativity.
    Your DIL's wreath needs a couple of small (miniature) knitting needles inserted in one of the balls of yarn. Fun Secret Santa gift.

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  11. Well how fun! the one thing that caught my eye were the garden plates! and cups. HOW darling!! I want some
    Your mitts, are as usual, fantastic!

  12. Love your mitt and the wreath is beautiful. I'm making lots of Christmas decorations and some gifts too. I haven't (nor has the husband) had a DNA test done but it is highly likely we are of Viking descent. When we holidayed in Norway a couple of years ago everyone thought we looked like Vikings!

  13. Oh - I've made quite a lot of your little hearts! They are beautiful. I crocheted some King Cole Cosmos yarn along with the cotton to make them really sparkly.

  14. Hi lovely Teresa...I'm catching up today and ooh, your mitts are so pretty!...They would make such a lovely Xmas gift in this lovely shade of red.
    It was lovely to read too that you found the book on Amazon which mentions your dear dad who was clearly very special indeed and it will always be treasured I'm sure.
    So sad to read about your friend John and my heart goes out to him and his family (those silver hooks are very special indeed x)
    Hope your having a good week,
    Susan x
    P.S Your boys look fab and I love Kristi's wreath x

  15. I love craft shows and this one looks a beauty. Those mitts of yours look beautiful - bet they'll get a lot of use. I think fingerless mitts are a great idea. Enjoy the rest of your week. xox

  16. Hello Mrs. Teresa. How wonderful it must have been to go to a craft show. I would love to visit one or even make things to sell.
    Oh and your grandsons look adorable!!

  17. I don'e even know where to begin. Love the mitt, I have one top done and I want to start on the other one today if I get the time, the pattern is fun and I am learning a lot. Love the happy boys in their caps and capes, it is fun to be a superhero. Kristi's wreath is perfect.
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  18. Oh loving the mittens and the colour is great! It looks like a little shell pattern to me, very pretty x

    How amazing that you have Scandinavian roots! I wonder how far back in your family tree you'd have to go... Yikes!


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