Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Art of the Handwritten Note

Hello my friends!  I hope all is well and happy with you and yours!  I finished my Christmas card making last evening and they are ready to be mailed tomorrow, after I buy some holiday stamps!  I've been making my cards for.. well.. when I say how many it makes me feel old.. but forever.  I've done different covers of the card over the years, one time doing a Sumi ink watercolor on each one!  For the last several years I've used a photo of our farmhouse lit for Christmas, or our tree by the fire.  This year I used a tree/hearth photo but converted it to a watercolor using the app "Waterlogue".  

I have a big artist's clipboard which I use so I can do my projects in my easy chair.  I'm all about comfort!  :-)  The boys borrow this on a regular basis so now it's decorated with markers.  :-)  I can thank my freshman year shorthand teacher for introducing me to fountain pens.. I adore them and have used them my whole life.  

I wish I could send a card to each and every one of you.. but since that would be difficult, consider this your card, ok?  I usually print my own cards, cut them and fold them, but our printer gave up the ghost and I had these done at a printer - who cut and folded them - I may never go back to doing my own printing.

This is what I write in each card.. the message changes, but the candy cane exclamation point is in each one.  :-)  Consider your name at the top of your card.  :-)

Here are my two favorite fountain pens.. I do have a few more.. but you knew that, didn't you? LOL!  The top one is a Parker Duofold Pearl and Black Centennial and the bottom one is my sterling silver Yard-o-Led Victorian.  I have the pencil and ball point pen to match both of them.  I'm a collector.. don't judge.  :-)

I also do a newsletter to include in the card to family and friends.  I hand address each envelope with as much flourish as possible.. and hand draw two holly leaves and berries on each one.  In this newsletter is a photo of my 3 blog friends, Betsy, Gracie and Taci from our Christmas luncheon that I hosted here last year.  This year Taci has offered to host and Betsy is flying in, renting a car and hotel room so she can join us!  I wish we could have a big bloggers holiday luncheon and invite you all!

Dayle and Travis set up our tree last evening and Kristi and Travis brought all our boxes of decorations down.. now it's up to me to set everything up!  It might take a while.  LOL!  Kristi found this collar and put it on Buddy -- his new nickname is.. wait for it.. Buddy HOLLY!

One of my 3 colors of Christmas Cacti in bloom.. this one is from a slip from my Aunt Helyn in Annapolis, MD when I visited several years ago.  It's white, with a pale pink center and an amazing fuchsia colored stamen.  Isn't it pretty?

Do you send Christmas cards?  How do you go about it?  We are having a cloud-free day, it's windy and freezing cold outside, but cozy and warm inside.  I hope you are having a superb day.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I laughed out loud about Buddy Holly! I was eating a candy cane and almost swallowed a piece, but the good laugh was worth it. :) I love your cards, they came out great with the photo. I always enjoy reading about your pens and ink; I've mentioned that my husband shares your interest, so it's something I've started paying attention to as well. I hope you're having a nice Sunday, stay warm.

  2. I admire you are so organized and early with your beautiful cards. I like your beautiful pens too. I send cards each year to perhaps 40 people, family and friends, and I include blog friends in that number of course.

  3. Oh that poor dog, the indignity of it all, I'm laughing at his dear little face. I'm a huge fan of fountain pens too, although funnily enough I don't have one any more, mine were left behind somewhere. Your writing is lovely, and I really like the idea of having your own photo put on your cards. We very rarely do this in England, but it's a tradition I wish people would adopt, it makes the cards so much more personal. CJ xx

  4. Love the cards Teresa! I've done our carspds and have mailed them, (maybe you already recieved yours?!). Mine aren't nearly as personalized as yours though. I also do a newsletter for family. Wow! We girls made your newsletter! Fun! Mandy's new touch is right by Annapolis. I couldn't tell where Edgewater and Annapolis ended and began. Poor Buddy. I love his new name. See you soon.

  5. your Christmas cards that you are sending out is beautiful I dont send them out every year but I should. I hope your Thanksgiving was an good one. an your dog is the cutiest.

  6. LOL Buddy Holly so cute and oh my such gorgeous cards you do Teresa.....put me to shame lol
    A great big Merry xmas back at you xoxoxo

  7. I usually do a Christmas photo collage card, or at least I have since the children came along. I have mine printed and envelopes ready to be addressed. I am picking up stamps tomorrow! LOVE the look of your writing with the fountain pens.

  8. Lovely Christmas cards. This year I did mine through Shutterfly with family photos in a foldable card. Love them. I need to address them, real soon. This week. Need stamps for sure! Take care.

  9. Hello Teresa. I am home from visiting my mum. I have made a lot of my cards but have a few special ones to make but am running out of time. Yours are gorgeous. Hugs Anne x

  10. Your cards are beautiful! Poor Buddy! But it is funny! I love the color of your Christmas cactus! Any hints on growing then. Last year it got one bloom. I saw one this year so far. I will have to look for more buds. It is in it's origanial pot. I think they like to be root bound? Or should I repot it? I do send out cards. I write out the ones to my side of the family and Jeff does his. Mine has more writing,,,,lol.

  11. Hello my friend! I wanted to comment on your Thanksgiving post. I tried to from my ipad, but was having trouble. Your dishes are so divine! I remember when you got them, and oh how I loved them!!!! Some day, I must get some too. I am afraid to admit, we ate off of paper plates this year! The shame!!!!
    Your meal sounded so good! It is how I usually cook as well, but we have tried some places for ordering our meal out on Thanksgiving these past few years. I am glad we did. So good!!!! And ever so relaxing.
    Now, onto this post. I love to receive a hand written note too. I save all of them.
    I put my Fall away today, but haven not taken the Christmas boxes down yet. Next weekend I think.
    Tonight we are enjoying a roaring fire, with a light rain falling outside. It is delightful!
    xo Kris

  12. What a lovely and thoughtful way to personalise cards Teresa. I just love your fountain pens, wish I had great handwriting like you!

    And I have to say I am in total awe of Buddy Holly!!


  13. Well now I know for sure that Blogger does not always update my blogroll. I opened my blog and started visiting the new posts listed on my blogroll this evening and while I was visiting someone else your post showed up on their blogroll, not mine! Humph! Your post inspired me to want to make the effort to send out cards once more :) I have definitely been in a slump since Louis died five years ago. I love the way the watercolor app makes your photo look! I still have not tried the app, but I think it is neat. I love fountain pens, too, but just have one that is in poor shape...and my goose quill :) Thanks for another positive and pretty post, Teresa. I feel very chuffed that you have included me in it, but I best be careful lest my pride causes me to fall again. [I think your Buddy Holly is adorable and he caused me to LOL,
    too :)] Love to you and yours xx

  14. Your card for this year is lovely, what a great idea to use the watercolour app like that! You have beautiful handwriting, Teresa, and I love the candy cane exclamation point! Buddy's collar is so cute, I have never seen one like it.....and Buddy funny :) :)
    Wishing you a wonderful week, I will think of you putting up your decorations while I put up mine across the pond! Helen xox

  15. Thank you so much dear friend for my very,very beautiful Christmas Card. I love that I am sharing it with so many other lovely friends in Blogland!!!
    And Buddy holly too :) !!!

  16. Nothing is more fun than making your own cards. I did that for years but have to confess that the last few Christmases I've sent out boughten cards. (Crafter hangs head in shame.) Mr. M shares your love of fountain pens. What a very gorgeous pen that silver one is!

    Poor Buddy. He don't get no respect. But he does look awfully cute. :D

  17. I love your card to ME!! Its beautiful. So pups.
    I am going to just send to people who are single or having a tough time this year. I do photo cards about every other year now that the kids are grown. :)

  18. Hello Teresa!

    Oh, I've often caught a glimpse of your name and wonderful messages on blogs in the past. I was more than delighted to find one on my blog this morning! Hurrah!

    There's so much to say here, all of which will deserve exclamation points! Buddy is adorable in his Christmas collar! We have a dog too, who turned three yesterday on the first day of Advent! He's a Cavalier King Charles' Spaniel and he's adorable too! :-)

    Your fountain pens are amazing, Teresa! I love them too and would be curious to know where you purchased them from!

    Best of all, however, your hand designed cards. For many years I too made my own and then...well, let us say that in France people don't send out many cards. It's a poor excuse but my English side kind of got lazy. Your post has incited enthusiasm and maybe, just maybe, I will start again!

    Happy December Teresa and thank you for popping over!


  19. Buddy Holly is adorable! Love that name...too cute! Oh your cards are so pretty. I love using the fountain pens, too! I discovered them in high school ( I am a big paper, pen junkie!). Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. ((hugs)) :)

  20. Love your cards, pens and Buddy Holly - that's hilarious! I just buy cards to send. Tried last year to get photograph printed that my husband took of a robin. It didn't turn out very well so went back to buying. I still hope to make my own some time. Occasionally I make cards for very special people with a crocheted snowflake.

  21. Your cards are lovely Teresa. I have mine ordered, to arrive this weekend so I will have to get busy with them as soon as they get here. Buddy looks adorable, Max does not like to wear things, he gets very upset. Wish we could all join you are Taci's house. It will be so fun to see her new home.

  22. I love the Buddy Holly thing...hee-hee-hee! He looks cute in that collar. Very cool pens too. I don't send out cards least very rarely and only to a few people. Love your cards and your flourished handwriting!

  23. I have to say every year since I met you î get inspired by your Christmas cards. Both last and this year I did plan to write my Christmas cards but time slips away. I have always done and love it ....the process of writing it, remembering that person and the great moments we had together and I do love receiving them ... So I was just thrilled when I saw my name on the card you are showing and now I'm filled with anticipation .... Merry Christmas season to you my dear friend 🎄🎅


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